Decorating the Inside of the Kate Greenaway Junk Journal

hello this is Lindsay welcome back to my

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part of my paper crafting junk journal

journey I do lots of different paper

crafting tips tricks tutorials flip

through and today we are in the part 3

final part of our June junk journal

project with me every month we do a

project together that is junk journal

related and today today this month we

are doing a nine by six fabric covered

one-inch spine cross stitched journal

featuring some illustrations by kate


so we finished the cross stitch tutorial

yesterday and today we are going to be

adding embellishments I am so excited

about this part I have all my

embellishments here from the kit you

would have gotten the same or similar if

you purchase my kit if you have not

purchased one and you'd like one so you

can follow along then add this video and

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you can order this and I will get it out

to you all of the ones that have been

ordered up until this time have been

shipped out so yeah you should be

getting that soon if you have not

already got it umm here we go alright so

I'm just gonna start going through it

and talking about why I put it in there

and what I'm gonna do with it so here's

a piece of stationery some of you may

have gotten this some of you may have

gotten something similar a different

piece of stationery or on a small

coloring book page that was about this

size and my idea for this is super super

simple it is just additional additional

journaling space and all I am going to

do is fold it in thirds I know it takes

a degree a bachelor's degree to learn

how to do that now and I am just gonna

clip it to this front page so when you

get right into the journal um all I'm

gonna do is just grab a little paper

clip and I have this adorable little

blue clothespin and I'm just gonna clip

it on there that's all I'm gonna do

super simple that was my idea for that

you could do something else if you

wanted to then I have two sheets of

vintage wallpaper and I actually have 99

of these images

my shop you can get them digitally or

you can get them printed but I included

two pages in this kit and we're gonna

talk about a couple of different things

we can do with it the first one super

simple is making a pocket and I'm just

gonna choose an image that I like and

I'm just gonna make a little pocket out

of that there's lots of other things you

can do with it but I really want to make

pockets so I'm gonna do and I'm just

gonna flip through till I find a little

spot that I want to put it I am going to

ink it up with some distress ink this is

vintage photo but you could use any ink

you have I like the cheap brand from

Hobby Lobby just as well and then my

Elmer's Xtreme school glue this is my

new go-to glue and I am not using my hot

glue gun I was so excited to find it

it's only four dollars for this bottle

and then I'm just gonna glue down two of

the edges so we make a nice little

pocket tuck spot I guess it's more a

tuck spot pocket text spot doesn't

matter so we're gonna glue that down

right there and then I'm gonna looking

see I have a folder here with some

pieces AHA so we have some project life

cards in this kit and I'm going to

choose this one that says today the

weather is and I'm not doing any

additional sewing on any of this you can

see your sewing machine out I'm just

inking edges I think that that's a

really nice sentiment for not sentiment

but prompt is what I'm looking

journaling prompt and I'm just tucking

that right in there and there's other

journaling cards in here and I'm

probably going to put those throughout

as well I'm just gonna find some more of

these wallpapers that I like this is

just super simple I'm not going into

anything super advanced these are just

things that you can do easily and

quickly to make a functional journal I

love having tucks pots in the journals

that I actually use because when you get

that thank-you card from somebody or you


I don't know he's a cool piece of junk

mail that you'd like to use or something

like that and you want to quickly slap

it in your junk journal which is what I

like to do then it's nice to have these

little tuck spots where you can just

tuck it right in and you don't have to

get out of your glue you don't have to

find a paperclip and then I have another

little drunk journal card right here and

in this kit there's also some little

punched out doily hearts they're from a

Martha Stewart punch and I'm just going

out this little girl is so cute so I am

just going to ink the edges of that and

glue it onto this heart just to add junk

journaling does not have to be

complicated I love looking at the

beautiful junk journal books as much as

you do but it does not have to be

complicated to be pretty I think that

there's so much beauty and simplicity

there's so much peace and simplicity and

just little things like this and these

are amazing for writing journals because

there's nothing really hard to write

over or anything like that

so we're still just making these pockets

and and adding them places we are going

to find the middle of a signature and do

something I enjoy doing to a middle

signature let's see here let's find a

middle of a signature here we go okay so

sometimes it's hard to figure out what

you do in the middle of a signature

because it's the same paper and it

doesn't really ok so anywhere else in a

journal here you have two different

kinds of paper here you have two

different kinds of paper but this is the

same and especially if it's coffee dyed

like this yeah we might need to break

that up so one thing I like to do let's

just cut this here to make two triangles

we're gonna ink it up it's the simple

things in life it really is and if you

love your journal

bling just jazz it up add pieces of lace

buttons add stickers add you know lots

more thing

okay so this one was going to be the

wrong side so I'm gonna need to grab

another one so I can cut the opposite

okay all right so I'm gonna need to cut

it this way to make the pattern yeah

alright alright so that's gonna go on

this side I'm gonna grab my ink again

ink it up glue and I'm gonna put it on

the opposite page now we have these kind

of facing tuck spots I love this effect

for the middle of a signature love it

and I just think it adds so much so now

you can tuck in like a photo here and a

photo there and it is amazing or like

you can here's some like journaling

prompts that look really cute in the

middle I'm just gonna ink this up so I

think we have the idea of what we can do

with some of these wallpaper pieces I'm

not going to do all of them this video

would be forever because there's a lot

of them but those are some things you

can do another thing that well here's

more I just keep thinking of things it's

cut another one out y'all can turn me

off or fast-forward me if you're tired

of looking at wallpaper I heard one of

my subscribers say that they printed out

this on I think it was like a textured

textured paper and it felt and looked

like a real wallpaper so that is

definitely something that would be so

much fun to do really super simple I do

it all the time just ink around all the

edges find a page that needs something

and just clip it at the top tah-dah and

then when you're going through you pull

it out write your little note tuck it

right back up in there so perfect I just

I love that as a little little hack

alright let's look at some of the other

things we have

here what we can do we have one more

journal card and I'm going to show you

another super simple trick which you

probably already know but you know

whatever we're just gonna fold it in

half and we're gonna find a page that

needs some excitement we're going to

that was my funny bone clip it on now we

have it on both sides kind of like a tab

but the other thing you can do with this

is you can tuck things so I've got this

little and it will come in your kit as

well it's a sticky note it has some leaf

stitching on it there's actually three

sticky notes and you can what I usually

like to do is put a line of hot glue

here and then like hot glue it down the

other thing you can do is just slip it

in somewhere so you can move it around

wherever you want definitely that is a

great idea and like on this side we can

grab another one of these little doily

hearts ink it up slip it on super cute

alright let's see what else we have we

have these really exciting paper ribbons

and what I did differently for this kit

is I kind of started the prep for you I

sewed them so they're pre sewn if you

buy this kit there's nine of them and

three of them have eyelets and we're

gonna talk about that super exciting if

you pull out your eyelet ones we're

gonna deal with those first one two

three okay

I'm gonna find a page that's boring and

we're gonna glue it on glue adheres to

the cotton or the polyester or whatever

it is in this threads really well that's

usually where I like to put the glue and

I usually use hot glue so that we don't

have to wait around for it to dry

but this dries pretty quick so we should

be fine I'm pressing it down really well

and we have a little eyelet so if you

look in your baggie you're gonna find a

garment pin I'm gonna find a whole bunch

of little doodads to whatever they're

called so I have this really really

really cute little diamond

and I can't I don't know my shapes

people yes I do

triangle even my two-year-old knows that

and I'm gonna clip it onto my whatever

that's called you guys know what it's

called I don't need to tell you I can't

remember I was gonna say eyelid it's not

an eyelid garment pin it's been a long

day and the glues coming up okay see

that's the thing with hot glue people

ask how do you get so much done I use

hot glue I you suck it would have been

dried like a rock already we're just

gonna clip that on there and then we've

got this adorable little dangle when you

close the journal it's like journal

jewelry not cute so we've got that there

and we're gonna grab another one with an

eyelet go a little further and find

another boring page and we're gonna do

the same thing these paper ribbons add

so much to a journal because it's kind

of unexpected

I mean you I don't know something you

don't see every day like the fold I mean

I see it every day bees I use them every

day but I'm just gonna put that on there

and then I'm gonna get another garment

pin and I have this cute little blue

jingle bell and I'm just going to put

that on here there's so many things you

can hang off these garment pins so many

things and then I'm just gonna fit it

through this eyelet and we got another

little Dingle and we're gonna go to our

last paper ribbon find another boring

page clue it on

grab our final garment pin and we are

going to take this green button buttons

are really fun to put through these I

think they just add so much I mean who's

expected I mean okay if you watch a lot

of junk journal videos you're expecting

buttons and things but you know try

sometimes try to look at journals

through somebody else's eyes okay I just

wanna say this to encourage you guys I

know this is getting to be a long video

but I really want to encourage you guys

I hear so many of you and I'm talking to

myself as well I hear so many of you be

like my work isn't good enough and it's

not fancy enough and I don't have all

the supplies and stop and think about it

through a normal person's eyes it's not

a junk journaler like a an experienced

junk journal or who you know can fill

every page full of stuff think about it

through a normal person it's just think

about buying a normal book in the store

okay you're not expecting a bunt hanging

off the page what let's not forget the

Wonder the wonder of the junk journal

and the joy of a journal and let's let's

not forget the beauty and the little

things we don't have to have 50,000

things in our journal we can have one

button and who we can love it so I just

I just I don't know I just really feel

that's important to mention because when

we look at everybody else's work

everybody has a different style some

people you know some people go to one

garage sale and for two bucks strike it

rich and get you know a whole box full

of vintage stuff that'll last them a

year or more and then some people you

know they can't find anything and you

have to use what you have these are just

these paper ribbons they're cut off

strips another thing you can do paper

ribbons is you can put them like this

way like a banner I love that so and

sometimes I think that my plainer

journals I'm like oh man it's just not

that great and then I look at a flip

through of it of myself doing it or I

look at someone else who made one just

as simple and I'm like

just so beautiful and just don't ever

forget that simple ones are beautiful

just don't ever forget it doesn't mean

you can't do gorgeous and it doesn't

mean you can't do over the board if you

like it but you know I'm the joy and the

simple things so here I am just randomly

putting on these ribbons on the edges

just finding spots and gluing them on

now normally when I go through a drunk

journal and I probably need to do a

video like it sometime it's just gonna

take forever

I start at the beginning and I go

through each page and decide like this

when I put when I put this on if I was

done I would go to this page and I'd say

oh wow totally white blank page let's

add a pocket and I would pick up my

little pocket and I would glue on my

little pocket like so right there and

then I would say okay now we need

something to go in the pocket and I

would go oh wow we have this really cool

cars and I would ink it up or put it

through my sewing machine tuck it in and

say okay I like that we are good and

then I would flip the page and I'd say

well that looks ok and I flip the page

again and I'd say oh let's put a stamp

right there and I would stamp on the

page and then I would slip and say okay

I want to clip on some ephemera and

that's what I would do and that way the

way I reason I do that is I get the flow

of the journal it doesn't mean you can't

skip around and I've tried that before

but if I if I don't get the flow of the

journal in the way that it would

probably be used then I just feel it

doesn't come out quite as well I don't

know it's just the way my brain works I

know most people very very few people do

it that way at least on YouTube I don't

see people doing it that way but that's

how I do it alright so now that we've

added all of these ribbons we are going

to talk about some fabric tippin's and

the queen of fabric tippin's and my

opinion is a midi bloom Naza

but um you know there's lots of ways to

do it so we're gonna find a beautiful

page here and we're gonna find let's put

this really sheer fabric over this um

and then we are just going to you and

actually okay here's my biggest tip with

the tippin's tip with the tippin's you

need this exact I mean you don't need to

you can use hot glue but I found it

works the best and looks the most

beautiful if you have a zig zag stitch

and then the glue really grabs onto it

so I'm just gonna zigzag these and I'll

be right back okay super simple just a

zig zagging I don't know I'm sure you

can see that maybe alright so once we if

we put the glue right on the stitching

it just grabs better and it also kind of

hides it if any glue kind of seeps

through the stitching kind of draws your

attention away from that and normally I

would use hot glue which would already

be dry but yeah anyway so there we go

we're gonna add that and then we're

gonna just add a here's my three trims

and I'm gonna decide what trim I want

and then I'm gonna just don't overthink

it sometimes the beauty isn't just going

with your gut just gonna add that on I

think I'm just gonna trim a little bit

off so that it's not exactly these

scissors are dull not exactly the same

size and then I'm going to put a button

on let's see maybe just a pink little

button and I think I really need my hot

glue gun for this okay I put some hot

glue on that and I'm just gonna put that

oh great that's why I use hot glue it on

everything to see that glue isn't dry

yet okay so um there's our little tip in

and I've left the sewing strings down

here and the purpose of this is you flip

it up and you do some journaling or out

of picture this really sheer fabric okay

let's go show you this guys let's cut

out one of these wallpaper ephemera


to show you this cuz it's exciting to me

or ink the edges because as Nick the

book Smith said once I am compelled to

do so I've actually been kind of forcing

myself to do it less because not every

piece needs ink people really I'm saying

that to myself because sometimes I've

overdone it so I just have a glue stick

a dollar trade glue stick Here I am

adding that all over and I am going to

just Center it right here is a really

pretty center to the page and flip that

down and you can see through it and then

you can journal all around it I'm just

really happy with that I love how it

looks okay

so let's find a place for this fabric

right here this is flipping under a

little so I'm gonna trim it and there's

no right size as long as that fits on

the page you could cut it here and do

two smaller ones if you want it to

alright this poor blank page needs

something going on so we're just gonna

add some glue to the stitching I know

this is a long video and then we're

gonna and then I'm gonna grab let's see

I have this lace and I have this place I

like this one with it and then I have

this button all right I'm gonna get some

hot glue I think okay I'm just pressing

the hot glue down here and there's our

next flip oh dear it just kind of helps

keep the light going in the right


if possible and I just dropped it so no

fun alright alright I hope I hope we're

back in business

alright so there's that tipping and then

I have one more just gonna find another

spot that looks like it needs something

I mean a lot of these pages do but

there's some that are like really white

and you can layer this up as much as you

want if you have more stuff in your

stash and you can use these pieces from

the kit and cut them up I guess I'm

really gonna need to get some hot glue

and I have this cute little bird button

every one in the kit has a different

look like a bird button so I'm gonna use

that here because I just think that's

really cute but I definitely need my hot

glue I think I'm gonna have to take my

extra hot glue gun and have it plugged

in over here because I'm always needing

it when I'm filming alright so there's

that flippin so cute and I think there's

a couple of colored paper clips that you

got that you can use to clip anything in

I'm just gonna clip in this last little

doily heart somewhere and maybe another

piece of this wallpaper alright so we

are coming to the end of this video I

hope you enjoyed this project I cannot

wait to share the next project with you

I hope that you will get ready to do

that one with me for July I just lost my

paper flip there it is

find a page in here somewhere

here we go so here it is you can see the

little dangles it looks amazing

I really think it's cute and I am going

to actually be sending this to somebody

as a thank you somebody sent me a box of

happy mail and this is just gonna be a

thank you for that I just think it's too

cute to not share it with somebody since

it's definitely gonna be a while till I

get a chance to use it so I'm going to

pass it along I hope you all have a

wonderful day and I'll see you in the

next video