How To Write On The Inside Of The Card With A Cricut Machine by Lisa's World

hi guys Lisa here thanks for joining me

I recently bought myself a cricket and

before I did I went on YouTube and I

started watching videos to see what all

it would do and figure out which machine

I wanted and a lot of the videos I kept

seeing people asking how do you make the

card right on the inside so I'm going to

show you what I figured out to do it

works for me and it works for the

majority of the cards that you would

want to make so let me show you how I do

that so we're at the canvas and I've

already designed my card I've got my

score line in there I've got the card

itself and I've got the outside says hi

the inside will say bye I've gotta check

them both they are on right instead of

cut and I'm gonna tell the machine to

hide by that's gonna be my inside text

and I don't need it right now

so we're gonna just select all and put

it over where I want it and I usually go

to the the corner of my card in the

one-by-one section right there just in

case my card gets off for some reason

it's easy for me to go back and find

where I'm at alright since this is not a

video on how to make the card I'm just

gonna go ahead and tell the Machine to

print it and then I'll show you what I

do to get it to print on the inside okay

is removed the card itself from the mat

I'm gonna leave the God there because

that's kind of what I think of kind of

like a registration launch I guess okay

so the card was in that position we're

simply gonna turn it over and place it

right back in this

same spot it just came out of if it's a

little bit off it's okay it doesn't make

a difference if it's just a little bit

nobody can tell it okay back on the mat

and now we're gonna go back to the board

okay so we're back at the canvas I'm

gonna take the word high off well first

I have to detach everything and we are

going to hide that I'm not gonna get rid

of it just now just in case I make a

mistake and there's the word bye and

we're gonna pop it where we want it on

the inside of the card let me bring that

to the front for you

there we go okay so let's go back over

to the machine oh one thing is the score

line we have already put the score line

in there we don't need it so we're just

gonna X out of that all right and go and

at this point you could actually go in

and take the B blade out just in case

you are worried about getting distracted

I'll leave it in but I have gotten

distracted and ended up messing up my

card and having to redo it

and at this point I'm gonna pause it and

I'm just gonna unload my mouth so you

can go in and design the whole front and

do the back later it just depends on

what kind of card you're making but

there it is hi invite okay guys I hope

that helps and if anybody knows any

other ways of doing it please let me

know share that with me it would be nice

to be able to have a couple of different

ways of doing it without having to

insert the additional piece of paper

alright thanks guys men until next time

be blessed