hey everyone it's bethany and in this

tutorial we are going to be talking

about cricket joy cards and how we can

take our card open it up and write

inside so a lot of you had some

questions about how we actually write a

cute little sentiment inside using the

cricket joy pen and i think this is a

really fun tutorial because if you're

like me I love fonts and I think it's a

really great way to have your pen do all

of the writing for you you can create a

really pretty fun and it'll just make a

really pretty polished mesh message

inside so if you missed my previous

tutorial we did cricket Joy cards from

start to finish and I'll link it right

up here we need a couple cards and it

featured some cutting and some use of

the actual pen tool as well and it was a

really really fun little tutorial so go

ahead and watch that but we'll also be

making a joy card from start to finish

in this tutorial too because I do want

to show you how you can make a complete

card from start to finish with the

sentiment inside because you're actually

going to start with the sentiment so

there's going to be a specific order

that you're going to want to do this in

now I do also want to say that there are

probably many ways that you can do this

but this is the way that I found works

for me so I'm just going to share it

works best for me feel free to tweak the

process to make it work for you if you

find a better way then that's amazing

but I'm just sharing what I like to do

so for this tutorial and for this craft

what you're gonna need is the cricut joy

and then the cricut card mat so this is

a wonderful little mat that's used just

for card-making you're also going to

need their little insert cards you can

also pre make these if you want but the

little pack comes with all of the cards

already pre folded and they're all ready

to go they also come with envelopes and

they come with the little inserts that

go behind the little design to pop

through the little windows so for this

one I pulled out the nice blush color

and I actually pre-cut my own little

insert because if you watched my last

tutorial with the Cricut joy cards I

like to skip the pre-made inserts and go

opt for a fun little pattern with

scrapbook paper it does tell you the

exact measurements of the inserts so

they are four inches by five point two

five inches so you can just cut down a

little insert

sighs and do that okay so you're also

going to need a scraper tool and the

cricket joy pen a spatula tool comes in

handy and a weeding tool will come in

handy as well and so what we're gonna do

first is we are going to measure the

card so it actually tells you the

measurement on the box so the cards are

at 4.25 by 5.5 but just so you know

exactly what I'm measuring I'm measuring

just so it's visual for you guys

so 4.25 by 5.5 so what we're going to do

first is we are not going to cut the

design-- first we are actually going to

open up the card first and we are going

to write inside before we do our design

so what you'll do is just open the card

up fold it the other way and then you're

going to place your card inside the

little card mat so now the card mat has

a top layer and a bottom layer it's like

a little sleeve right here so what

you'll do is you'll slide this bottom

layer underneath and then you'll place

the top right on top just like that oh

goodness I forgot to read I was going to

say that lost it

stick mighty quickly make sure you take

off your little protective sheet and

keep it with you because once you're

done using your mat you'll put it right

back on top so it just protects that

stickiness and maintains it so goodness

I was guy I panicked a little bit I

thought there is no way I'd lost that

stickiness that quickly okay so I'm

folding it over and now I have the

inside of the card face up okay so now

what we're gonna do is we're going to

hop into Cricut design space and we are

going to write out our little sentiment

for inside of the card then we'll come

back and I'll show you how you can get

that right written and then what we'll

do is we will work on design and outside

of the card all right so let's hop into

Cricut design space okay so what we're

gonna do first in Cricut design spaces

we're gonna go over to the shapes box

and we're gonna add a square and what

we'll do is we'll just pull it over and

we're gonna click unlock so we are going

to use the measurements that we measured

for our cards

the measurements of the card were 4.25

55.5 we'll just type those in and then

we'll go ahead and just make this a

white color so we can write on top of it

and really see it so now what we're

gonna do is this is just resembling the

inside of our card so I'll just kind of

help us with sizing our writing that way

we can get everything just sized

appropriately and so it'll look really

nice once we get it inside the card so

now what we're going to do is we are

going to go to the text box and we are

going to start adding our text so one

thing that's really a good idea is when

you go up to your fonts what you're

gonna want to do is you're gonna want to

click the filter button and then you're

going to be clear these for you you're

gonna want to click writing so this will

just help narrow down the fonts that are

a good candidate for the writing with

the pen so if you're not sure which

fonts to use when you're using your pen

in your Cricut joy these are good

candidates so it just helps if you add

that filter so now I can search fonts

because I know the one that I will be

using and it's called be mine and now

what I'll do is I'll just start writing

my text out okay so this is the full

sentiment that I was gonna put in mine

especially when we're all being safe at

home right now it's just I'm feeling

like I'm really missing my friends at

times so I'm just really excited for

seeing them and being able to just enjoy

a simple coffee together once everything

calms down so what I'm gonna do now is

I'm gonna go up to alignment and I'm

gonna say Center that way it just

centers everything down the middle it's

just very visually pleasing so I'm just

gonna size this down a little bit and

then I'm just gonna come on I'm gonna

drag it over to my card okay so that

sizing actually looks really nice so now

the only thing I need to do is I need to

Society so what I'm gonna do is I'm

gonna go over to text again and I'll

type my name and I'm also going to add a

little heart so let me put my name on

here and then instead of saying love I'm

just gonna have a little heart and I'll

go over here to the shapes I'm gonna add

a heart and then what I'm going to do is

I'm going to go over to line type and

I'm going to say

Drock so now it's going to draw that

heart instead so I'm just gonna size

this down and drag it over and I think

that looks really silly I might make

that just a little smaller and then put

it over just a little bit okay so that

is what I'm gonna put inside of my card

so now what we're gonna do is we are

going to we're gonna attach all of these

together so that they cut or I'm sorry

I'm so used to cutting but it's gonna be

drawing so we're gonna attach everything

together so they draw in this order and

everything will be spaced just like this

so we'll go over here and after we've

clicked our heart our sentiment and then

our signature we will just say attach

okay so now those are all attached and

now what we can do is we can hide this

little rectangle so you don't want to

delete it because what you want to do is

you're gonna want to save this project I

just saved mine and named it joy card

inside because then every time you come

in here your card is already pre-made

and all you have to do is just change

out your sentiment so don't delete it

just hide it but you'll want to hide it

because you don't need to cut out

rectangle or anything so you don't need

this anymore

this was just for sizing purposes but

definitely keep it so now what we're

gonna do is we're gonna go over here and

make sure the joy is selected and we're

gonna click and make it now what we're

gonna do is we are going to tell it we

are going to do on the card mat so we'll

click that one and say done and now what

you're gonna do is you are just gonna

kind of Center your little sentiment

inside the card so now remember your

card does not go down this entire way

the card stops about 3/4 of an inch from

the bottom so it stops about right here

and you guys will see when you put your

card on your card mat so just time to

look at your card mat while you're doing

this um so you'll just drag it down but

you're not gonna completely Center it

come on so I'm just gonna drag it down

just a little bit and I'll probably stay

right about there okay so I'm going to

Center that again knowing my card is

gonna stop right about here

so I'm just gonna Center that the best

that I can based on that kind of visual

and then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna

verify that we're doing an on the card

mat and then what we'll do is we'll

click continue and now it's just gonna

look hit our joy via bluetooth so we'll

wait for it to do that and then we can

get to drawing so now we'll just browse

our materials let me see if I can click

into popular it should be right there

we're just doing the insert card

cardstock and then what we're gonna do

is we are going to load our pin into the

little clamp so that it can right so

we'll go ahead and switch cameras and we

will go ahead and load everything in and

we'll start writing then once we're done

writing we can start decorating the card

and doing the cut on the front okay so

now what we're gonna do is we're just

gonna open up the joy and remember we do

have the card inside out so we have the

inside facing up and we'll just go ahead

and autoload it so that's gonna pull in

and make sure that mat is all aligned

and then once it's ready what we're

gonna do is we are going to go ahead and

take out the blade and just set that to

the side and then you can insert the pen

so I just like to keep the cap right on

top so I don't lose it and then you

simply drop the pen in and close the

clamp it's that easy so now what we can

do is click go on our device and now

it's going to write out our little

sentiment so this is really fun to watch

I really like watching it do the writing

looks like it's gonna start with my name

at the bottom it's always funny to see

what the joy or any cutting machine

really um what they start with when it

comes to writing so it's giddy oh it

looks really cute I like that font so

again that font was called be mine I

just stumbled upon that actually when

writing this out and kind of preparing

this and I've never used this font

before and it's really pretty ok so now

it's telling me it wants me to load a

different pen for the heart but I'm just

gonna go ahead and click go cuz I intend

it to be the same color so I'm just

gonna allow it to cut the heart out of

the same pen but that would be a really

cute idea of you changed out the color

of your pen for

a different one so the text in design

space it must have been that my heart

text color was just a little bit

different that's why I probably what's

making me want to switch my pens so now

it's all done so I can click unload and

now we have it written inside the card

so one thing I did note is that remember

when we were allocating for a little bit

of Miss space here what we did a great

job because now we have pretty even

space up above but we didn't really

allocate for this little space on the

side so you'll just want to nudge that

over just a little bit I mean that's

only a quarter of an inch so why

honestly this looks beautiful to me and

I'm gonna keep it and even send it out

just as is it's a hair to the right but

you know what it's beautiful it's gonna

work out fine but I wanted to mention it

just so you know because we did just you

know make sure that we allocated for a

little spacing here so we just need to

allocate for a little spacing on the

side as well so now I'm just using my

little slice tool just to kind of grab

my card okay now what I'm gonna do is

I'm just gonna pull that out and then

I'm going to just fold it in so now the

inside of our card is written on and

it's so cute quite honestly I feel like

I have pretty good handwriting

especially because I used to teach so

I'm very used to like writing as best as

I can but can anyone write this

beautifully I mean I've even taken

handwriting little courses you know

those little font books and thank

goodness this is beautiful I don't know

that even with a ton of practice I could

be that perfect so I love the idea of

being able to choose font and be able

just to let the Cricut do all of that

hard work for us so what I'm gonna do is

I'm just gonna fold it this way now and

now we're gonna create the outside of

our card so the reason why you want to

do the inside first is because the

outside does a lot of intricate cutting

and I don't want you to do all that

intricate cutting and then put it in

here and have the cut snag or anything

when you're placing it inside of the

card mat so I just think it's best

practice just to do the inside of your

card first that way you can just place

it in like this and then your little

sentiment will be inside and then you

lay it down just like you would to make

the card so now let's pop right back

into Cricut design space I'll show you

the card we're gonna do and we'll get

that all cut out okay so now we're back

in Cricut design space so again I'm

gonna save this project that way when I

need to make another card I have

everything all ready to go I already

have the square already and everything

so or I guess rectangle so now what I'm

gonna do is I'm just gonna go to my home

and I'm going to scroll down here and

I'm gonna go to creative cards and view

all now you want to make sure your joy

is selected that way this um option pops

up because these are joy um projects so

I'm just gonna scroll down and I'm

looking for one I think it's called

conversation hearts I saw it last time

and I loved it there it is so I'm just

gonna click on this and then I'm going

to say make it so everything is pre-made

and we are going to let's see we're

gonna save okay so the other project was

saved and now this is gonna be a new

project hopefully I did that right so

now what we're gonna do is it takes this

all the way to the make it screen it

bypasses the canvas because everything's

already pre done so now all we're gonna

have to do is just slip our card mat

into the Machine and get cutting so now

we'll just click continue and again

we're just going to select insert card

cardstock and then what we'll do is we

will replace the pen with the blade and

then we will get to cutting okay now so

what we'll do is just take this pen out

and put the cap right back on and then

we can just drop the blade right back in

and shut the clamp and now again we have

the top of the card all ready to go and

all insert it on the mat and we will

just let it auto load again it'll pull

it in and make sure everything is

aligned and

then it will start cutting so then

everything again is on your device so

you're going to click go on either your

phone or your iPad or your desktop so

once that is clicked then everything

will start cutting okay so now it's all

done and it's coming back out and then

we will just click unload and then it's

all finished so we'll just shut the joy

and this is where I like to use my

scraper tool again

so I guess well I guess it's more of a

spatula tool so I just kind of go and I

act as if I am peeling up cookies from a

cookie sheet and I'm sorry if that makes

you craving cookies but that is exactly

what it feels like so this just helps

prevent the card from curling or ripping

especially when your mat is so brand new

you want to be really careful because

that cardstock is really really um stuck

on there so we can do let's just slowly

slice those up and now you better

believe I'm gonna go make some chocolate

chip cookies after this video because

it's been cookies have been said so I

think it's just appropriate that we all

have some cookies what do you guys think

okay so now what we're gonna do is we're

simply going to slide this right out and

then you're left with the little pieces

right on your mat so now we can just set

that mat to the side and then we're

going to take our little insert again

you can use the inserts that come with

the joy the joy card pack but I like to

just create my own I think they're

really fun when you can add a little bit

of pattern behind so what you're gonna

do is you're gonna simply open up the

card and you're gonna face it whichever

way you want

sometimes if you have double sided paper

then that's even more fun mm-hmm because

then the inside is a little fun to you

and you're just gonna place them into

those four little slots make sure it's

all down cute and then you have your

little card that looks really really fun

and sweet so now that's exactly how

you would you know right inside of your

card and it's all done and it looks

beautiful again you might want to just

bump over it on this little text to the

left a little bit when you're in that

little preview screen in Cricut design

space but other than that I think that

looks really really pretty so the

takeaway is I would recommend doing the

inside first and then the outside that

way once this delicate beautiful outside

is done you're not having to place it

back inside the card mat and you're not

you know making sure you're not hurting

or I mean I guess tearing or anything

here card so that's how I would do it

again I know there's a lot of different

ways to do all of these things and

that's just the beautiful part about

crafting is there's so many different

routes to get to the finish line so if

you find a way that works better for you

then totally do it that way but this way

definitely works for me now when you're

cleaning your card mat one thing that I

do is I just lightly take my little

scraper tool and I just kind of scrape

the little pieces off it's really quick

and I just do it lightly just not to

disrupt the mat but it's just a nice

quick way and then you can just set this

over your trash can and then get it all

placed in there so that's a nice quick

way to do it alright guys if you're

having fun with Cricut join you still

have some questions I will pop up my

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