please watch this before you write your college essay

hello guys so I have made a ton of

videos on college essay so I don't want

to rehash just things that I said

previously and stuff that I'm gonna

touch on in this video I definitely said

previously but basically those videos

were super long and I wanted to make a

shorter video that just consolidates the

two most important pieces of advice that

I have for writing essays because as I'm

sure a lot of you know I essays and I

was editing right now and I just see

some of the same things over and over

and I just don't want some of my viewers

or anybody honestly who's going through

that as a writing process to make the

same mistakes just because they don't

know what it looks like so I'm fortunate

enough to have the opportunity to read a

lot of college essay so there's a bunch

of things that I maybe didn't know we're

ineffective when I was writing my essay

but now I know they're ineffective

because there's so many people use them

so anyway the first thing is and I can't

underscore this enough do not make vague

references to some like life change that

you had or something so many students

that send me essays they make references

to like some realization that they had

some perspective that changed without

really going into details like how that

perspective changed how they maintain

that perspective and the compelling part

of any story where you talk about

changing your perspective or changing a

feeling or taking a new direction with

your life or whatever the compelling

part of that story is how you did it and

that's the part that reveals stuff about

you and I feel like I read so many

essays where students are just like oh I

realized that I don't have to worry

about what other people think about me

because this event happened at the

beginning and that this event happened

at the end without really articulating

what the internal change was and how the

event affected them how they processed

it and how they continue to maintain

that belief despite the challenges that

they have in the future so when you

write your essay don't assume that the

admissions officer is going to give you

the benefit of the doubt and like

understand where you're coming from just

because you're telling your story like

you have to know that like in the eyes

of an admissions officer

you can't like your story can't possibly

be that special just because they've

seen so many other essays that tell

similar stories so you can't leave any

room for them to MIT to like give you

the benefit of the doubt or like try to

extrapolate based on what you're saying

and like for them to you know feel that

oh you must have a good story here

if you don't very clearly articulate

your story because they can't make any

extrapolations about anybody's story

they can't assume that your story that

your life is cool just based on what you

wrote because they read so much of what

students write and if they did it for

you they would have to do it for

everyone which they can't do and then

the second biggest point that I have is

that a lot of students write their

essays like they're really trying to

write like an author or something they

write in a really sort of theatrical way

and kind of tend to overdramatize

what's happening in their essays and

even though it is okay to focus in on a

small moment and it's really important

to illustrate what you're doing if

you're like giving context that isn't

relevant or you're like going into a

super a lot of detail about like what

the meal that you ate was that isn't

really relevant to the point of your


or when people try to use make these

like really dramatic statements or just

use any kind of like theatrics in their

essay it comes across really poorly most

of the time and it's just kind of

annoying to read and it makes me like

zone out and an essay because it when

you write things like that it loses the

personal ability they the opportunity

that you have to sound like you're being

personable with the reader so what I

would highly highly encourage everybody

who's writing a college essay to do is

think of it like there's a person on the

other side of this I think reading it

and that person is just like any of

person that I would be talking to and

you're sharing really personal

information with them so treat it like

as if you were telling this story to

somebody that is close to you to some

adult that you trust or to a close

friend and that doesn't mean that you're

not going to tell it like it's a story

it just means that you're not going to

write as if you're writing like action

novel or like teen drama or something so

a lot of people what I'm just trying to

say is they lose the connection that

they have with the reader to trying to

sound like they're better at writing but

this essay is not about sounding like

you're a good writer it's about telling

conveying some of who you are through

your essay and you really don't have to

convey all of who you are that would be

impossible in an essay you really just

have to give the reader a snapshot of

your personality something that is

important and special about you and once

you've done that you've accomplished

what your job is yeah anyway so I just

want to give us advice while I was

editing to anybody who's gonna write

their college essays to anybody who

might want to submit an essay to me best

of luck to everybody who is going on the

college process this year thanks so much

for your support guys and I hope you

have a good good rest of your day