Happy Birthday On a Cake, Easy Perfect Cake Decorating with Flexabets®

okay so here we have a happy birthday

flex event and it is in the typewriter

font style also known as block letters I

always dust with cornstarch at the

little insurance to make the letters

come out easier but I only want a very

thin coating on the Flex event

I will lay appreciated piece of fondant

over the flex of N and when I press it

down with my fingers I should see the

outline of the letters appear instantly

if they do not then the fondant is too

thick and must be sheeted thinner

continue to press using a fondant

smoother and now watch when I press and

turn the fondant smoother the blades of

the flexible start cutting through

immediately again if you aren't getting

this clean cutting action as you see

here that is an indication that your

fondant is too thick and should be

sheeted thinner I'm going to pick up

this LexA bet in order to show you just

how the blades have cut through the

fondant completely and it should look

just like this

very clean with solid unbroken lines the

next step is to apply glue over the

lettered outline that you see here I

like to use a glue that is made from

three parts corn syrup and one part

water it is important that you cover the

surface completely with this

aggressively sticky edible glue okay now

if we have completed all the steps

correctly we should be able to grab the

excess fondant and pull it off the

flexible eaving the letters behind in

the flexible where we want them I'm

going to take this excess fondant and

put it aside for now and then using a

pick or scribing tool I'm removing the

Centers of certain letters in order to

complete the happy birthday phrase even

though there is edible glue in this

fondant I just work it in and use it

again it's a mistake to think that

edible glue ruins fondant now that I

have my flex event filled I'm going to

bring in a cake so that I can show you

how easy it is to transfer this happy

birthday phrase onto the cake using a

flexible in order to guarantee a

successful transfer of this phrase it's

very important to take the time to

stretch the flexible in order to loosen

the letters

notice how I am rubbing my fingers

behind the letters while I'm stretching

the flex event this is very effective it

makes the letters pop out a little

allowing some air to seep in behind the

letter if you include this step when

using the flexible you can be confident

that all these letters will transfer

effortlessly onto a cake you might think

when you turn the Flex about upside down

that the loosened letters will fall out

but I can assure you that this amazing

tool has been designed to hold on to the

letters while you decide where on the

cake you'd like to make the transfer I'm

going to apply the flex event a little

off-center in order to accommodate the

addition of a person's name later on now

you can see how I'm lightly pressing the

letters onto the cake in order to create

maximum contact between the glued

fondant letters and the surface of the

cake flexible work just as well on a

buttercream cake just make sure that it

has developed a crust or has been firmed

up in the refrigerator before making the

application so here's the fun part if

you followed my instruction you should

be able to grab an edge in a flexible

and remove it leaving a perfect

happy birthday inscription on your cake

just think what a lifesaver this can be

for those who find it difficult to hand

type inscriptions on a cake the flex

event will do this perfectly every time

but let's talk about a situation where

you need to apply happy birthday with

the word side by side this would be more

appropriate if you are making a sheet

cake I have a piece of fondant here that

is longer than it is wide in order to

demonstrate how to apply this phrase in

a line notice how I have filled only the

happy portion of the flexible and it is

this word that will be applied first

after stretching the flexible to ensure

that the letters are loosened I am going

to apply this word on the left edge of

the fondant and proceed as normal

rubbing to achieve maximum contact and

then the removal of the flexible

transferring one word only to this

surface of the fondant as you can see we

have changed the font style in this

segment to show how attractive our

swirly font can be now as you can see

I'm just repeating the same steps only

this time I have filled the birthday

portion of the flexible and I will

position it in line and to the right of

happy laying it on to the surface and

rubbing in order to ensure complete

attachment between the letters in the

flexible and the fondant that they have

been laid on - as you can see when I

peel the flexibility the word birthday

has been perfectly applied to complete a

very attractive

happy birthday phrase now I'm going to

take this example away in order to show

you that the happy birthday flex bets

are currently available in three

different font styles we have the

elegant calligraphy the delightful

swirly font and the bold typewriter

style that you can use to create any

name phrase or inscription that you can

think of