I spy quilt block tutorial and how to


okay so for every every quit block that

you're going to make you need two pieces

one is going to be the center and then

one is going to be the background you

just need to keep cut them and equally

so they're both the same size on the

piece of the background what we're going

to go into is draw a line user ruler and

draw a line from corner to corner on the

wrong side of the fabric and we're going

to repeat it for the other side we're

going to line this up draw our line on

the wrong side of the fabric from corner

to corner so now we've got a crisscross

and we're going to lay these right sides

facing and we are going to stitch all

the way around when you get to the

corner stop with your needle down and

then pivot to the next line

and at the end take a back stitch list

your needle and move us now we're ready

for the next step okay so now we have

our clip lock all sewn we've got it sewn

all the way around four sides which is

kind of weird but that's how it works so

what you're going to do is take your

block and you're going to pinch the

center and pull these apart we're going

to be snipping one side of the fabric

you don't want to grab the other side so

pull it apart and then kind of fold it

over to a crease and make a quick little

center cut stick your scissors in there

and then cut right along that drawn line

you're going to need scissors that are

sharp on the edge and let me see if

these work here much better so and then

just continue cutting two four corners

I've got two more pieces to do like I

need to sharpen my scissors I've got

some Nixon and the last one

and then what we're going to want to do

is open these up and iron them out okay

what you will notice is that after you

iron this out you're going to have these

little dog ears and you can go ahead and

cut those off if you like the root gives

a little bit less bulk and if you need

to square up these edges you can as well

they are bias so I would recommend not

pulling on those when you're making when

you're pressing it with the iron or when

you're piecing it so I'm going to just

sign us up and squared off another thing

for you to notice is that the point is

right along the edge that means that

when you sew this to another block that

point will be cut off so if I overlap

this 1/4 inch that point is going to cut

off so this is a really forgiving block

they won't line up perfectly as far as

the points go so it's a great block to

start with if you're not looking for

something set fussy you can have your

favorite ëyesí or conversation printing

ascender with a fun background or you

can reverse them for other other quote

block and that is how you make a high