DIY Baby Shower Card - Twins - gender neutral

hi everyone I am going to a baby shower

tomorrow so I'm gonna be making a card

for my friend she is expecting twins but

she's not letting anyone know the

genders so today I'll be making a

gender-neutral twin card which of course

can always be adapted for a gender

specific card or just one baby and not

twins so I actually got my inspiration

from this really cute little Easter card

so let me go ahead and show you the

materials I'm going to use today so the

first thing that you'll see is a whole

bunch of stickers the first asset that

you'll see here I'm going to use the two

little bears that I have left in this

set and this is a recollections sticker

set from Michaels the next one I'm going

to be using again it's another

recollection set they're just little one

these I'll also be using the clouds and

rain drops from this set and then

finally this martha stewart set that i

really love it has the dimensional

stickers I use this one in the birthday

card which I will link below I used the

old man that was here in the corner and

I'll be using the little ladybugs for

this card I will also be using a plain

white card and that came from a box of

cards it's actually the Christmas colors

and I picked this up from winners it was

only $7.99 for the set and I just used

the white one that was in the back so

all the colors in this set are red reds

and greens mostly and so I'll be using

the white card stock card and the white


I'm also be bringing in some color so

I'm gonna be using a blue and a green

card stock and that is from the DC WV

card stock pack the you see me use

before with a really nice variety of

right colors so this card that I'm using

as a standard card which measures five

and a half by four and three quarters or

sorry four and one quarter so I went

ahead and cut out a piece of the blue

cardstock in a five and one quarter by

four inch and that way it fits nicely on

the front of the card with a nice white

border around the edge now taking the

green cardstock I've marked it at the

five and a quarter mark and I'm going to

use this card as inspiration to draw on

some hills so I've gone ahead and cut

out three different hills and I'm gonna

go ahead and do a little bit of shading

especially on this one that's gonna be

in the center with my dual brush pens

from tombow in the dark green so along

the outside Hills I'm just going along

the edge just to create a little bit of

a darker color and give it a little bit

of definition on the outside and then on

the inner Hill I did some shading here

just in the center kind of marked off

where the two written intersect and made

it a little bit darker now it's not a

huge difference but it will make this a

shade from the other two Hills and make

it look more realistic and dimensional

and to adhere the hills I'm going to use

a bit of my new adhesive the multi matte

medium and I have a fine tip that I have

placed on there and if you're interested

in finding out more about this I have it

in my craft haul which I can also link

below now this adhesive is quite strong

so a little bit goes a long way so there

are the hills with a bit of shading in

the middle now you could also use

dimensional adhesive on this if you want

to have more of a 3d effect next I'm

going to take the two little bear

stickers and the clouds with raindrops

and place them on the card so there you

have the two little twin bears

and then I did the clouds of the

raindrops I decided to put the clouds

over top of an area where the little

twins were not standing and just a

little like cheeky kind of baby shower

thing so have it raining and I decided

to do a little bit more shading over

here because the clouds are over on this

side here now for the inside of the card

I had measured out a small piece of

twine to put across and I'm going to use

my multi medium matte again and now I'm

going to take some little onesie

stickers and I'm gonna put them along

the cord that I glued on there to make

it look like a little clothesline of

onesies hanging up to dry so there we

have the clothesline on the inside of

the little onesies and now I am going to

attach the front panel onto the card I'm

using some glue tape so the backs

covered in glue tape and we're going to

stick it on and there we have that front

panel attached I really like the white

border around there so I'm glad I left

that a little bit there if you don't

like the white border then just make it

the full size of the front panel of your

card I almost forgot about my little

ladybug so I'm going to go ahead and put

them on there's too large and too small

so I thought I was super cute for a mom

dad and the two little twins so there's

those little ladybugs I think they're

right gets a really nice pop of color to

the front of that card now on the inside

I've done a little template of the word

congrats in a really soft pencil and I'm

going to go ahead and go over top of

that with my brush tip black marker I'm

gonna use like a thicker stroke on the

down stroke so there is it gone over in

that black felt-tip marker pen now I

went I hadn't erased all of the pencil

lines but there was a little smudge on

the are so I'm gonna go ahead with a

white gel pen and just go over that spot

where that little smudge was now the

last thing I decided to change was where

those little ladybugs were I thought it

was a little distracting for the little

bears to have the two on this hill and I

found it kind of odd to have the

apparently be bugs apart from the little

baby ladybugs so I put them on that one

little hill on the side there so there

we have the finished card the front with

the two little bears and the inside with

all of the little onesies and the

congrats and then I'm going to write

them a little message hope you enjoyed

this card and have a great day