DIY Baby Shower Letter Blocks | Baby Name Reveal! | Baby Shower


hey friends so I wanted to shoot this

video to show you guys all the things I

did not all the things but things that I

did to prepare for the baby shower and

one of the main thing I did was make a

DIY letter block so at the baby shower

we had letter blocks to go around the

photo booth and then we had the photo

booth which I bought from Amazon and I

could link everything that I bought for

the baby shower down below and I'll show

you guys also a video of how the room

loved but it actually it turned out to

be an awesome event more than I can I

wear acts for or think family flew in

from out of town we had family and

friends from here a good amount of

people did not show up but also a good

amount of people just show up so we made

the best out of it out of those who did

show up but I'm gonna show you guys the

DIY of the letter box that I made and

I'll also put down below how much

everything was the centerpiece is my

authority sister maid she also hosted

the event which I'm so thankful for and

then yeah so let me show you guys how I

took the letter block




so we got all the letters cut up are you

ready for the name reveal incident and

it didn't fit it okay so these are the

letters that's gonna be on the box





a B Y spells baby obviously and what is

the baby's name


okay so we have B a B Y what is the name

of our little girl

why II see if you haven't guessed it by


it's baby Zoe so this is what's gonna be

on our boxes on our letter boxes and I

will show you guys how I put them on Mac

and my wonderful husband who's taking a

break with us dinner we're having for a

surprise he took a break from putting

together these boxes right here

this regards unless in the back but we

got three out of the eight boxes done

took together and then either later on

today or tomorrow I'm gonna start

wrapping them and I'll show you guys how

I do that what I forgot to mention is

that when I was tracing the stencils on

the gold paper I would take it I don't

know if you saw it in the video earlier

but I would take the gold paper flip it

over take a pencil flip this over so

that is facing backwards trace it out

with a pencil cut it out and then it

will come out like this

so I did that as you can see from all of

them see the back of it has nice

drawings now we are going to start

wrapping our boxes and so I purchased

the 14 by 14 by 14 small box from

Walmart Asia which was 72 cents so very

inexpensive I purchased for gift

wrapping paper from Dollar Tree $1 each

I also purchased this gold lining then

I'm going to put on here from Dollar

Tree so this is also a dollar and it's

about 9 feet long

ok and then I got the Elmer's craft bond

spray adhesive to stick the paper to the

box and this was $4.99 at Michaels and

so that's what we're gonna start doing

now so let's get started with wrapping

these 8 boxes

thanks for me


okay so I got one pink box done and I am

now going to measure the length of each

side cut them and then I'm gonna use my

hot glue gun and glue these down I'm

only showing y'all how I do one box and

then I'll show y'all the finished

product of how it came out at the baby

shower so stay tuned I also forgot to

mention that this right here is a

lifesaver like I quickly was able to

stick this to the side I didn't have to

keep breaking tape the only places I put

tape on is like right here

just last minute places that would need

to tape that's when I put it on so yeah

love this adhesive


and here is the finished product of the

first box so it was pretty easy just

measuring the sides putting it under

with the glue gun and then I use the

simple spray adhesive to put in back of

the letter the gold foil lettering and

then I just placed it on and boom we are

done with our first box very simple the

color theme for my baby shower is purple

gold and pink more so pink and purple on

pink and gold with purple accents so if

I decide to add any purple to this box

you guys will see it from my picture or

video in the baby shower if right now

this is how I plan to do them so we got

B then we got to do ABY and then slowly










so as you can see the letter blocks came

out amazing it was one of the stars when

you walk in the room just shining where

and then I also announce the name of

baby in this video so I hope you guys

like it we love it

Zoe violet so we means life violet is my

favorite color

well purple is my favorite color and

then my husband likes the name violence

because it's the name of a flower and he

wants to name all of our daughters with

a middle name of a flower chef's thought

was neat and cute and I'm excited so

yeah the games are really fun as you can

see the feeding game that then we did a

diaper changing game we did a book

raffle we did a diaper raffle and we

made gift baskets everything came

together and then we had nothing bundt

cakes as favors and then I put the

little stickers on top that I got from

Etsy and again I can link all that down

below for you guys if you want to look

into any of that stuff for your baby

shower as well but thank you guys for

watching and I will see you guys in my

next video