what's up rich people it's me haley and

i'm a financial pop star

if you want to learn to be rich you want

to learn how to be successful

but you're sort of an unconventional

learner like maybe

elon musk vibes welcome to my chanel

oh sorry i meant channel today i want to

talk about how to invest

your bap it's my money so boomers

turn this off and my gen z sweeties

listen up

because you have a major opportunity

here to build wealth honestly you all do

like even if you don't have

bot mitzvah money you still have your

youth which is

such a powerful tool in getting rich

because remember

it's time in the market not timing of

the market

so the younger you are the better as you

all know my financial journey has been


i'm not like my boyfriend warren buffett

who bought his first sock at age 11

okay show off or twitter founder jack

dorsey who like started coding when he

was 15.

i'm actually pretty sure my dad hid my

bat mitzvah money from me because he

knew that i would just use it to buy


frappuccinos and juicy couture pants but

just because that's my story

does not mean i cannot help you write

yours because obviously

if i could do it differently i would i

literally have a family friend teddy

who's now like a major vc

like forbes 30 under 30 vibes were

obsessed and he used his

bar mitzvah money to invest in apple

can you imagine if i had invested in

apple with my bar mitzvah money i would

be able to buy

so many frappuccinos so learn from my

mistakes and start young

here's how to invest your bat mitzvah



get baptized fun if you can and ask for

checks instead of gifts and then donate

a portion of it to a charity of your

choice because obviously you got to put

the mitzvah in bat mitzvah

great so now let's talk about how you're

going to start investing

because you're under 18 you can't start

a brokerage account or sign

up for like an online investing app you

can have

your parent or your guardian set up a

custodial account in

your name and no don't try to use your

fake id at the bank it doesn't work

that means that the adult will be the

one actually making the stock trading


but you can still be really involved in

the process and once you come of age

they can transfer the account to you

just make sure they're not like disney

channel parents and gonna like steal all

your money

figure out your risk tolerance if you

have low risk tolerance

consider putting your bat mitzvah money

in a safe investment

like bonds or a cd account

or a state 529 account while none of

these are going to offer huge returns


are safe and such a better option than

just having the money sitting in your

checking account because they will

show growth diversify your portfolio

this step is for all my medium risk


qt's let me see if this is you

you gotta diversify i'm talking etfs i'm

talking mutual funds

this is a one-stop shop you will just

buy one etf one mutual fund

and in that transaction you're going to

get a diverse

array of investments like basically just

don't go

all in on one stock unless obviously it

is 2004 and you are teddy and it is


you know there's so much pressure on

kids these days like you have to learn

mandarin you gotta study violin you're

you're on tick tock like you don't have

time you know so

i think it's a good option force your

parents to let you day trade

jk but if you have high risk tolerance

you might be a redhead and also

you might want to consider like

following the markets and buying

individual stocks

this obviously takes time it takes

devotion it takes

risk but you know what it's risky to

have red hair so this could be for you

anyways i've got to go sell my tiffany

charm bracelet on ebay so i have

liquidity to put in the market

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mitzvah and ask me to light a candle

and stay rich