How to Write a Bill of Sale

today I'm going to show you how to make

a bill of sale depending on where you

live and what type of personal property

you are selling so let's begin a bill of

sale is basically a document that acts

as a record of a sales transaction it

contains information about the personal

property being sold the buyer and seller

signed by both parties there's typically

two copies one for the buyer and one for

the seller so it's recommended that you

make a bill of sale whenever you sell

any large or expensive personal property

from cars motorcycles to boats or

personal watercraft

RVs trailers livestock ATVs tractors and

even aircrafts and any other large or

expensive personal property so what

informations on the little sale should

always check with your DMV but here's

some information that you'll find on any

bill of sale in depending on the place

you live or type of personal property or

selling here are some other fields you

might want to include

so how do you get a bill of sale you

could write one yourself

you could have an attorney write one for

you you can download one for your

specific state or type of property or

you can download a mobile app and create

a bill of sale directly from your phone

visit the website below to download a

free pdf build a sale template that you

can use for whatever your sell thanks

for watching