How To Ship Packages Without A Printer! Tips To Save Money On Shipping, Super Quick & Easy!

right there it's not hard at all don't

panic when you get an order you are not

supposed to be panicking you are

supposed to be super excited you are

supposed to be working you are supposed

to be thank you Jesus so however you

celebrate if you choose to do about this

I talked about it too but


okay sis what's up what's poppin welcome

back to my channel new my name is

Mercedes and before we start today's

video yall already know I have to say

thank you so much for 2000 subscribers I

am like just thank you sis I'm not even

gonna hold y'all we're not gonna do a

long intro because at this point I'm

just obviously in here talking all day

long about how happy I am and how

appreciative I am so I just said it

there you go

there we have it and that the seat okay

I'm so excited

girl don't you just say you're gonna do

this for a long time okay anyways moving

on in tonight's video I know you can see

by the time it says I am going to ship

not gonna ship you i'ma show you how to

ship stuff without a printer okay

sometimes people forget that people

start out not knowing anything and

that's perfectly fine my channel I like

for people they know a lot tomorrow

something and for people that know

absolutely missing some are too is

nothing wrong with being a beginner it's

nothing wrong with not knowing how to do

something feel free to ask questions

unfortunately I know some people don't

wanna help but it's not that over here

so I'm going to show you from the

beginning how to ship things without a

printer okay because everybody does have

a printer everybody doesn't have a

computer everybody doesn't have a scale

and everybody doesn't have the means to

get those things starting out and also

some people just don't know how to use

those I used to be very afraid of the

scale because if you are all about a lot

of weight USPS um I don't know about

other places but they will definitely

ship your stuff back to your house so I

kind of used to be afraid of the scale

so I just want to show you how to ship

things without a printer and sometimes I

still do it if my printer you know one

time my printer was broken or if I had

like an assistant that I want to like

pay with the printer she can knock

things out within an hour without she

can knock it out in maybe two it was

like an extra hour that she can keep

some money and help pockets online okay

Buffy I'm not really into

and humans weight machines and stuff

like this so you know she got a family

to bring way let's go ahead and hop

right into the video I'm going to be

talking solely about USPS there are some

other ways that you can ship things I am

very aware of this however I feel like

USPS is most friendly with beginners and

even when it comes to shipping overseas

I'll talk a little bit more about that

when I get to that part because you're

gonna be shipping things overseas and

you don't need to be scared and yeah

claiming okay so the first thing you can

use to ship something is this it is a

Priority Mail Pat it flat break

envelopes these are great these are

gonna be your best friend in my opinion

if you have something that goes in here

because it's a flat great price ever

right now it is eight dollars to ship

something in this and as long as they

can't get in here and close you're good

so as I said whether you're a beginner

or whether you're a bear I'm going to

teach you so I know some people might be

like girl I know how to beat his butt

girl somebody might not know so just

hold on feel free to fast for a little

bit but if you don't know he does it so

let's say you put your item in here


there's a little strip right here you

can't really see you could my ring right

but you would take this strip off you're

gonna know exactly what I'm talking


take this strip off and then you're

leaving are you gonna fold it down and

boom you're good to go your item is now

in there now you're like okay well how

how do they know where it goes this is

what you call priority meals so at the

top of this form where's that from

you're going to write your information

so go ahead and write your business name

first and then underneath you write the

address so here's the thing about

naturist I don't like a more detailed

video about this when I talk about feel

boxes just give me some time please

thank you so much for you thanks Shane

but you don't want to put your home

right there see you really don't want to

do that because people are crazy and

people can find out where you live if

you put your home address so I highly

suggest getting a peel box for things of

this nature because it is just safest

for you not very expensive do it when

you can don't break the bank like I

always say but yes definitely do that

um you don't want to leave the address

blank I do know some people do that

however that's not the best thing to do

because if whoever you're shipping this

to doesn't pick up their package within

a certain time or they gave you the

wrong address and it needs to come back

to you how is it gonna come back to you

the post office isn't gonna do any

research that says oh okay

this business is located at they're not

gonna type in the database and say okay

let me ship it back to this business no

I don't know what they're gonna do but

they're not gonna give it back to you

and we don't need to be losing any coins

you all know by now I am highly against

losing coins we don't lose coins on this

channel okay we save points so that's

what you do now on the line where it

says to you want to simply write your

customers first and last name whatever

they provide it to you

and then you want to write their address

or their street address and then

oftentimes it'll be like apartment

number so let's say their apartment

number is 1 2 3 4 so put the their name

the address and then put 1 2 3 4 and

then put the city and stay in a zip code

wherever you can so so that's how you

would do that then this thing this label

is on like a little pillow thinking you

would simply peel this off and you put

it right here right there see it's not

hard at all don't panic

you know don't panic when you get an

order you are not supposed to be

panicking you are supposed to be super

excited you are supposed to be working

you are supposed to be thank you Jesus

so however you celebrate if you choose

to do about this I talk about it too but

celebrating not scared about how to do

something so that's the first one they

also have one of these if you want to

overnight something

believe the price is 25 80 so flat rate

overnight is a really really good thing

because this one right here is a

Priority Mail express but y'all know in

my boxes if you haven't seen my package

of video go check that out but my

biggest box that I showed y'all it fits

in here any fits in here right so i

overnighted something to missus it no i

overnighted something to california one

time it was $44

I was like excuse me but my customer

paid for it but stealing I wish I would

have known it was a $45 or I could have

got it in you know this one but the only

difference with the overnight is this

one will be blue instead of red and it

will say Priority Mail express this one

just said priority meal but I wish I

would have known that because I wouldn't

have charged my customer the amount of

money that I did and I wouldn't have

paid out I did only because so that's

very important to know the difference

now if you have boxes that won't fit in

these you can always ship it in just

about somebody asked me do I put my

boxes in something so for the most part

yes I always put my boxing something for

this simple thing if your box says hair

anything it might go missing we talked

about Swiper no swiping

last week so your package could

definitely go missing and that's not

something we want so just take that into

consideration when you have a box that

says hair on it everybody is an honest

person no matter where they work for me

and if I have any ladies from the post

office don't get a fantasy so I'm not

talking to you if y'all feel okay that

is that the next thing is when you're

shipping the Priority Mail express you

don't write directly on here you feel

out on of these okay you feel I want to

eat it's super simple I'm pretty sure

you'll understand how to do it but I

just want to show you what it looks like

ants its end of the day people have jobs

okay they can't complain

attitude are they won't but at the end

of the day whether they have attitude or

not if you have a question you need to

ask you

so period excuse me out keep tell me

such as which I don't care to have

attitude ask them because we want you to

do it right the first time

okay because if you don't do it right

your package can get lost or it can come

back to you and that just slows down

money and again we don't like slow money

and we don't like knowing you know this

portion and it's gonna say from I know

this lighting is super horrible I'm

really trying y'all but I'm sorry it's

just from on your side you'll see you

say it's from you right your information

what we just talked about and then it

says to you don't do anything else okay

let the post office person do everything

else because they write all the really

important stuff and whatnot so you just

do the prominence who and give them this

and then let them do what they have to

do their this is like two or three

things don't take this apart what you do

is you write on it and there's like one

of them chases so I lost this portion of

the video I'm so sorry but I'm just

gonna simply talk you for week so what I

was saying was that little piece of

paper it's kind of like a booklet don't

tear it apart what you need to do is you

need to write on top of it and like your

writing is gonna go through so if that

makes any sense just don't the main

thing is don't take it apart that is

super important and what you need to do

is you need to just fill out that paper

give it to the post office worker and

then they're going to do the rest for

you so sorry again that I was able to

show you out but there you go I just

thought I'd do it okay thing that I

definitely want to show y'all because

the first time I got an international

order I was literally like yay and being

like two seconds later I was like how do

I do it I had no idea how to do it I'm

talking about I was leaving me by oh my

god oh my god are you serious like what

do i do what do i do whatever an idea so

um I'm

to talk about how to ship something to

Canada because um that's gonna be the

easiest place in my opinion overseas to

ship something so um you're gonna go to

your post office and you're going to ask

them for a custom declaration and

dispatch note but just say a customs

form they're gonna know exactly what

you're talking about I really wish this

wasn't like this but there we go okay so

you're gonna ask them for a USPS customs

declaration I can't read upside down and

be smelling okay but you gotta ask them

for one of those and something wrong I'm

telling you about this because oh please

I'm telling you this because you're

gonna get one of these okay so you need

to be prepared don't be like me cuz I

was a prepared I had it open to where I

was accepting international orders and I

was my bumpit I'll deal with you any

kind don't do that

if you can plan it is best to go ahead

and plan so here you are I'm sure you

have to do it so you're gonna get this

form you're not opening up there are

multiple forms of the same exact page do

not just rip out one and use it for that

one it doesn't work like that you need

this hall a little booklet it's for one

international order so it's gonna have a

little forming and it's gonna look like

it's gonna ask you for their first name

last name your information their

information the value of whatever it is

that you're shipping to them what it is

and things like that and that's just

really for safety purposes so they can

know what are you trying to get into

their country they're trying to make

sure you're not El Chapo basically okay

okay sorry I'm actually gonna have to

run out go ahead and apologize and say

then my life is very hectic right now so

I really do try to come to YouTube you

know and I have time but I just have so

much going on that my videos aren't

gonna always be perfect they're not

always gonna be super long but I hope I

can understand when I am when I say I

truly am trying to like valuable content

to the platform so just stick with me

says I'm going to definitely do better

with my time management when it comes to

you - I'm gonna

one day to the side for it so I can

provide you with better content okay so

the last thing like I was saying with

this international forum you literally

just fill the page out the first date

only give it to the post office worker

and then they do all of the work for you

as long as you have the correct shipping

address you are good to go if you have

anything that you think is important

that I may be leaving out because

sometime when you get on camera it's

just a lot differently be like dang I

should to see it there if you think of

something that I didn't say simply put

it in the comments don't bash because I

had someone do that the other day and it

really rubbed me the wrong way because

I'm a very positive person so don't bash

anybody in my comments please like don't

do it sweetie this is not the place for

them okay so keep it cute but definitely

feel free to give your opinion this is

very open for anybody to say what they

feel but the moment that it gets

disrespectful you get blocked should

they have to go ahead and give that

little arm disclaimer because I know the

girls on YouTube likes to get a little

fresh sometimes and I'm fresher stuff so

thank you so much for watching thank you

again for 2000 subscribers I am so happy

and so thankful

um don't forget to follow me on

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see you guys on my next video