name/letter friendship bracelet tutorial! (advanced)

hi everyone welcome back to my channel

so today I'm doing another tutorial on

the letter or name bracelets literally

everyone zoo hunting knows so I'm here

to deliver the tutorial for you all here

is what they look like these bracelets

are kind of difficult to explain it's

mostly just like visuals so try and stay

with me I'm gonna try to do my best but

yeah I'm very sorry if you can hear the

noise outside we're giving our backyard

redone and they're breaking concrete

breaking concrete yay so these bracelets

are a different type of pattern than the

other way that said I showed you in the

past these are called alpha patterns

they are a bit different the way you set

them up and actually do the bracelet I

find these phases to be a lot easier to

do I like the look of one two patterns

better but the Alpha patterns are much

much easier to do so you can kind of do

however many strings you want for this I

would not go any lower than seven but

depending on how big you want to make

your bracelet it kind of just depends so

it's seven strings wide so we're need to

cut three strings that are very long

because we fold them in half to get six

strings and then one shorter string to

make seven final strings you feel okay

but you're gonna need two colors for

this so your letter color and then your

background color I'm going to use pink

and blue today so the pink is gonna be

my letters so I'm just going to take

this cut three strings that are a

wingspans length so once you have three

strings of your letter color cut just

fold that in half

and now we have six strings and they're

gonna take your same color again and

you're gonna cut one more string

starting at the top with the loop and

just measure it down to the end so now

we have seven three strings all

super-long fold it in half and then one

just solo by itself and honestly for the

background color I just use this entire

thing and just start making my bracelet

just holding this fat thing of string

cuz you need a lot of string so instead

of just like cutting a piece and having

to like add more it's just easier to

just use this entire thing um so for

this I thought I would just show you

quickly how to do this little loop in

the beginning I did post this on my

tech-talk but I thought I would do it

again on a youtube video so the folded

in half like this and the loops at the

top this string here is the solo string

that I just cut by itself and I kind of

use a little extra and fold it over the

loop like this so that it's like in the

loop and doesn't like fall right out I

kind of just mark out how big I want the

little loop to be to fit a button

through it so like about that big and I

just taped one side of it down like that

and then I also have my outside color

that I'm just gonna tape down and I'm

gonna leave a little tail because I

actually stitched the tail back through

the bracelet which I'll show you later

but and then to just make the little

loop all you're gonna do is just take

your one string and then you're group of

strings and then just start making

forward and then backward knots over and

over again

alright then just grab your little

button that you're gonna use and I kind

of just fold it like this and just make

sure your button can fit through it and

you're good to go no we can start our

bracelets so you can just tape it down I

leave a link a little bit of room I

don't put it like this cuz obviously a

brace it's not gonna be this thin so I

leave a little space so my bracelet has

a room to actually be a bracelet and

just tape that down and now you can go

ahead and start making our bracelets

before you do any letters you're gonna

kind of want to have just some like

empty space here unless your letters are

gonna take up your entire bracelet it's

kind of hard to like judge exactly how

much space you're gonna need so it kind

of just comes with practice you could

just start right away doing your letters

if you really want it to but I would

just leave a little space do at least a

couple rows so to do just the normal

rows across you're gonna start with just

one of your threads here

and just taking your normal background

thread and just do two forward knots

and move on to your next one


move on to your next dream forward

and your next trade before we're not

for these little tails here I just kind

of line them up with one of the threads

I'm gonna stitch over and then just do

my forward knots over top of that string

as well as the normal string that I'm

doing it with so it gets like stitched

back into the bracelet and then I just

do it this for like a few rows and then

I will just cut off the little excess

and then finally our last string another

forward knot

once you've done one row you're just

gonna do backward dots to go back to the

other side now so taking my first string

now doing a backward knot second string

third-string another backward knot

and just do backward ah so you reached

the end


once you reach the other side you're

just gonna start doing forward knots to

get to the other side and that's

literally all you do all right

normally would do more than this but I'm

getting bored so um it doesn't matter

what side you start on just do a

backward knot if you're starting on this

side or forward knots if you're starting

on this side it doesn't really matter

I'm not sure on this side though because

it just makes more sense cuz you read

left to right anyways we want the

letters to look like this so the tops of

the letters should be on this side of

the bracelet and the bottoms of the

letters should be on this side of the

bracelet so I'm gonna start by making a

K because I'm just gonna do my name um

so I like to leave a space on the bottom

in the top of each letter of the

background color so I'm going to take my

first string and do a forward knot here

I'm gonna just take my bracelet down if

you're busy that's getting really loose

I would tape it down as you go because

it kind of holds it down you can kind of

have more control over your knots and

stuff a really easy trick if you don't

know how to do the letters is to just

use graph paper so if you just do 1 2 3

4 5 6 7 boxes

like this you can do any letter so this

is basically the top of the bracelet and

this is the bottom right there okay and

we want our letters to look like that

right so you can basically just color in

the squares so I'm doing a K so I'm

gonna color in these squares and this

will tell you how to do your knots it's

kind of an ugly k let me do a different

one so I just drew out my K there it is

I kind of just drew up my K so this is

how it's supposed to look but the

pattern on the bracelet it will look

like this cuz we want them to be

sideways you can do them right side out

but I just like them sideways so this

first row of all white squares here

tells us that it's just gonna be all

blue and that's this top row right here

then this second row is gonna have two

blues on the end and then five pink

knots so I'm gonna use my pink string

this time and I'm gonna do a backward

knot over top of my blue string so that

the knot is pink this time and I need

five pink boxes so I'm gonna do four

more of these


all right so now we have a row of pink

to start decay and then our last box is

just gonna be a blue so I'm just gonna

do a forward knot with the blue string

all right so that row is done just gonna

cross it off so we know we already did

it okay next row now we're starting on

in this side of the bracelet so so we

have three white squares first so that

means we're gonna have three blue knots

first so I'm gonna do 3 backward knots

then we have one pink knot in the middle

so I'm gonna do a forward knot with the

pink string over top of the blue string

and then we have three more white

squares which means three more blue


all right there's the second row done

cross that off alright so next for our

third row we're starting on this side of

the bracelet so we have two white boxes

first so we run into two blue forward


then we have a pink blue pink blue blue

so I'm gonna do a pink nut

and it's blue

then it's pink

and then it's blue twice

we can cross off that


and then for our fifth row we're

starting on this side of the bracelet so

we're gonna do one blue knot

then we have a pink knot

then we have three blue knots

finally we have a pink knot and then a

blue not after that

and we hover for

water it's okay so I like to leave one

uh like row in between each letter and

then like two or three rows in between

each word you can do whatever you want

obviously it's your bracelet but that's

just what I like to do so after I did

the K I'm going to just do a full row of



and there you have it a letter

so I'm gonna do one more letter and

hopefully that will be enough to show

you my next letter is I


claimer if you want to make your own

letter patterns then make sure that the

width of all your boxes for all your

letters is seven boxes wide on the graph

paper or however many strings you have

you have six do six boxes if you have

ten use ten boxes I did seven so I have

seven boxes so that your letter actually

will fit on your bracelet just in case

that wasn't clear starting at the top

here because remember we're doing our

letters sideways there's just a row of

blue and I already did that and we're

starting on this side of the bracelet so

I'm gonna start with one blue dot

then a pink three blues another pink and

then the blue

now for the three blues


oops I did one tiny blues if you do the

roll not you can just kind of go back

and pull your knot out I've had you this

so many times all right then a pink

and then finally the last blue

and I go ahead and cross off all the

roads that I've done so I don't get

confused now we're on this side of the

bracelet someone started with a blue

then we have five pinks in a row


and then just end it off with another


all right then now we're on this side of

the bracelet so I'm going to start with

a blue then a pink three blues a pink

and then another blue


all right I'm gonna just finish this

letter off with doing one full row of



and there you have it okay and I and

yeah just keep making your letters I

guess if you look up alpha friendship

bracelet letters you will find this

image here and these letters are what I

use when making my bracelets you can see

my reflection that's honestly so

embarrassing I prefer to mention this in

the video but that google image of those

letters they are all six squares tall so

if you wanted to use this you'd have to

shave off a square or add another string

to your bracelets which is kind of

confusing I should not have even said

that I'm really sorry but and so yeah

it's honestly easier to just make your

own letters but if you need help like on

how to actually do the letter then you

can just look at those for reference

yeah after you've done all your letters

you're just gonna keep doing more just

plain rows like you did in the beginning

until it's long enough to fit around

your wrist alright I went ahead and

finished my bracelet um

the chevron bracelets heart bracelets

all those other ones I showed you those

ones tend to like stretch a little bit

so you don't have to make them quite the

length of your wrist because they will

stretch over time but these ones really

don't stretch that much you want it to

fit pretty exact over your wrist because

they don't stretch especially if you

need a little loop in the beginning and

add the button now I'm going to show you

how to add the button really quickly I'm

going to cut off quite a bit of the

extra but I'm gonna leave some as well

then I'm just gonna take one of my outer

strings and thread it through the holes

of the button here

and the ones the button is threaded

through just gonna take it and pull it

up to the top and then grab all my

strings and make a forward knot or two

and pull really hard so you keep the

button secure

I usually do two or three knots and cut

off the extra and there you have it name

bracelet with a button closure on it

alright I hope you guys enjoyed this

tutorial and I hope you enjoy making all

your fun name bracelets I love you all

thank you for watching I'll see you guys

later bye