Draw & write beautifully on your chalkboard wall! | Superholly

so you have a chalkboard wall but you

feel like you're not taking full

advantage of it here are a few tips that

will have you drawing writing and

decorating your wall beautifully in no


first choose an image this can be an

image from your computer or a drawing of

your own I'm going to use this drawing

that I made if you drew in pencil like I

did make the outline stand out by going

over it with a marker

next you're going to want to take a

picture of what you just did so that you

can import it into Photoshop under

adjustments select invert so that the

paper looks black and the ink looks

white I'm going to add an image from the

web since I want my world to look as

realistic as possible this one looks

just about perfect imported into

Photoshop and paste it into your

original drawing as a new layer under

blending options select lighten so that

you can still see the letters underneath

without losing any detail now you're

going to connect your computer to a

projector unless you have the space to

project from 30 feet away you're going

to want to maximize the width of your

computer do this by chopping your image

into horizontally so that you have a top

half and a bottom half here I start by

projecting my bottom half my boyfriend

had the brilliant idea of using a string

to make the circle flawless such a

genius so yes take advantage of tools to

help you draw with confidence next start

outlining the edges you'll notice my

projection cuts off on the left side

that's because I had to place the

projector on the floor next to the

kitchen island to get it to the right

size so I had to draw California and

Mexico my favorite places with no guide

hey a little freehand never hurt after

you outline start filling in

time to project the top half of my image

onto the wall make sure everything is in

the right place sometimes I do this by

propping the projector with several

magazines it takes a little finessing

but it's worth it as you can see the

Sharpie looks pretty thick and messy but

you can choose which part you want to

follow it's obviously pretty imperfect

but you can improve as you go along

see how I fix the word your to make the

whole thing fit together better

choose a style to fill in each word

play around with gradients and shadows

it makes it so fun if you want to just

smear the chalk use a non absorbent

paper towel if you mess up just erase

with a damp cloth and remember nothing's

set in stone perfect play and experiment

as you go