Communion/Confirmation Cake by Odlums

we have to be started balance perhaps

bunches of captain laden on Ireland am

now if you want a bit of a communion or

confirmation cake that you can make at

home yourself

that's as gorgeous as professionally

based exactly to cake then look no

further and cattle it's lovely madeira k

absolutely and it's a very simple recipe

it's the old and one method which means

he put all the ingredients into the and

mixing borders one ski race is the

families were to be under pressure

science income for me as I said before

with Madeira bonds our company or bombs

one mixture I always add some water

but in this cake here I add milk because

I wanted more texture in the cake

because this cake can also be used to

cut into shapes like if he wants to

makes a crucifix out of us for the

communion oh okay it's a much better cut

O'Connor but yeah alright for them what

do we need today no we're just putting

in here all together 175 grams or six

ounces of butter at room temperature

quite soft yep very important 175 grams

6 ounces of castor sugar are to that

we're going to add 3 eggs all in all in

it's really really simple and the trick

actually is to M capped it Marge at the

butter is room temperature okay so how

do I do this also for soft how much

vanilla essence did you just got a

capital a capital y and in there I'm

putting my 225 pounds of eight ounces of

our autumn self-raising flour he did not

stand out or did you know because we

using the oil in one or two mix them all

together and then about three

tablespoonfuls of milk now for the buns

you'd use water fertilizer result but




really free a thicker and even off


no I put the bearings in there Keira you

could add em lemon essence if you want

to there lemon flavoring and lemon zest

orange you could remove the tails for

for the flower not a tablespoon sort of

cocoa so you can very de leyva another

sort of a chocolate exactly yeah it's

very this is for the are a bit of a

vanilla essence age you can just give

separate eyes I put a Manhattan in as

well okay enough for the mixture looks

like Mars let's look at that for a

batter as we told us in channel lady

with yourself you love the look without

friends love her too yeah perfect

sort now but quite a soft consistency

very soft consistency now you could

grease based on dirt in our as I've done

here can I just simply as you see there

just use the liner for the base of the

temperatures in our Washington

absolutely beloved hippity stage capital

twice three times on the board or the

table why is particularly important if

you use the oil in one method which

means beating all the ingredients


that's what burst any air bubbles are

holds tell us me beaten into and you get

a better textured cake afterwards

hopefully caught in that mark doesn't

get a few holds every time you captured

be frank forty but it's Madeira cake

with right now this more that goes in at


yep centigrade see hundreds are in high

Sparrow marks I for about an hour taking

behind Kryptos yes it does look a little

like a wedding mixture exactly

now let's bake you leaves in the

tentacle cold then I was onto a wire

tray and into an airtight container then

when you want to decorate it as I've

done here I was a teen onto your tray

and I just brushed as with its lolly you

could use a mint to jam as well now far

in advance could you make this you have

a communion of saying the Saturday could

you make it move when you know the

course he'll problem and then decorated

the night before absolutely that's good

what I have here it's a blue one now

another point where did you get this

production-ready straw dicing

you can buy it blue or you can cholera

coloring but if you're doing that I

suggest you put a pair of you know

plastic gloves on you because you're a

person yet to do how to get discoloured

right actually now I just ease the icing

down around the cake very good

hey did you want me to get started and

since I'm here caption well I was hoping

to be able to type I think we might have

the icing of it right as I throw it high

high high high

okay well I'll take a second off they're

good but it's also just em now all I'm

doing now you see I'm actually I put the

rain this out to the edge of the cake

unlike the last one when I just bought

it for the lots of different ways you

can finish off the case

this is just a simple idea for people

who are not professionals and kind of

just want to make an attractive cake for

the communion of the confirmation right

the what am I doing here something you

do not write I've been told to fellas

lips big off I'm not sure what's what I

said about quite sure the point is its

housing is yes yes now we put that on

that can you open a pink one there three

over the pink one there's a blue one for

the boys now as you need mention either

dual rainbow one as well

mix your colors oh yes if you're very

gender-neutral kids and you too Kate you

want more this annoys your sense of

identity Chris hold on better place

ribbon those now we're already in

trouble like it is not fair to have the

nozzles or two there you go look so what

was what if I ask you just to do their

car it's Android icing and some dry -

okay okay into the bag and here we go

and now you can write the name or

something is it correct and the date but

we haven't got the top for the nozzles

oh oh one look straight and that's

general idea okay well don't worry that

okay let's the top forget to soft

mark okay Rick you give me what we ought

to do animated bags Innisfil I'm not

putting the cross no because I'd be

turned into a pillar of salt or

something so that's a bit about remark

you're probably going to hell the wait

is mark oh well is your so let's not

make it any worse

well they're smooth let's say so JC see

now is not going over so they take a

sponge sponge it would you serif up of

ice cream or cream or addition on its

own with butter paper did you murder I'm

not about the ocean now not mommy I put

it this way to make sugar but when you

put a bit of butter on this foyer that I

work out what y'all I thought who's in

the sugar that will turn me

so you're basically abuses the heart

disease it would come on a fat man go

straight to hell

that's looking good fearsome arteriogram

your guac quick a lot of classes always

not a soul mate you have to be started

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