Handlettered Confirmation Card

welcome to today's episode of Rachel

quinto creates today I will be making a

confirmation card for my nephew who was

going to be confirmed into the Catholic

Church in May so I'm using the color red

because red is one of the predominant

colors that the church uses for

confirmations so I wanted to do I wanted

it to be a nice vibrant red so I put it

down on some dry cardstock and I'm only

putting water when I need to when it's

really hard to kind of move that color

around and then once it dries i am going

to tear the edges in a controlled manner

you can see I keep my fingers pretty

close together as much as I can to make

sure that the tear doesn't get too out

of control so that I can keep you know

somewhat of an edge and keep things you

know relatively straight and i also want

that white to show through so that's the

reason I store it in that direction then

I'm going to take my fine tetas gold

liquid wat not liquid gold watercolor

and I'm going to gild the edges so it

kind of has that golden distressed look

on the edges and I'm moving really fast

I fast forwarded this to roughly around

four times faster just so that you know

it doesn't get too tedious watching me

ink the entire edge now once that's dry

I'll be able to write my quote and it's

a quote from st. Catherine of Siena and

i'm using my pen tell foodie touch sign

pen to write this out it is a quote that

says i don't know it says be who you

were created to be and and you will what

and you will set the world on fire i

believe is what it says I don't have a

card with me anymore I did give it to my

mom so she can have it so I'm just kind

of reading it as I watch this yeah so

yeah that's what it says be who you were

created to be and you will set the world

on fire hindsight I should have brought

the whole quote down just a tad bit

lower so that it would sent her off a

little bit better but it is what it is

and I didn't want to start all over

again and I still like the look so now

here I am I'm going to adhere it to the

card base I didn't put the the adhesive

all the way through to the edges because

there is a slight curl and warp to that

paper because of put so much water color

on it and I kind of like that look for

this for this card it gives it a little

bit of a dimension especially with the

torn edges so I i kept the adhesive

towards the middle so that it can have

that little bit of a raised look and

there is the finished card thanks for

watching and I hope you enjoyed that and

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thanks again bye