Sample wording for wedding thank you cards - How to write a great thank you card

hey it's LeAnn with go big with LeAnn

and I'm sure you're looking for some

sample wording for wedding thank-you

cards and then I'm gonna also offer you

a simple template to follow so it makes

it easier because I know after the big

day you're stressed out you have a lot

of things to do but it's really

important to get those thank-you cards

out it seems like thank-you cards are

kind of a lost art so just real quick

we'll keep it simple but if you follow

these these just simple little

guidelines you'll have awesome thank-you

cards people will really appreciate the

time that you took and it won't take you

forever so we're gonna give you some

sampling wording and the format that

you're gonna follow so the first thing

you need to do is obviously you need to

have a list of who you need to send a

thank-you card to hopefully you did a

good job of keeping track of that

otherwise the who might take you a long

time to get that organized what it


of course you're gonna greet address the

person how you would normally address

them make sure you include all the names

if it's you know husband and wife and if

you normally call them by their first

names call them by the first names aunt

uncle scram or grandpa's just address

them as you would if you were in person

with them and then step two of the what

you're gonna express your thanks you'll

begin with the words thank you number

three and I'm gonna give you some

samples so I just want to kind of give

you the details of what's in the

thank-you note number three here to add

some details you know tell them how you

plan to use the gift display they give

how you're gonna use the cash things

like that and then of course number four

you're gonna sign off and just make it

appropriate and sincerely is always a

safe standby but if it's relatives and

things you might want to be a little

more personal like with love or you know

whatever you're a little your favorite

sign off on your signature line on your

emails whatever just be yourself that's

the important thing is they don't you

know be a weird if you say something

that is like not in your vocabulary at

all and then a lot of people want to

know what the time frame is well of

course as soon as possible is the best

but within thirty days for sure I went

to a wedding at the end of May gave a

gift haven't heard anything so I know

they were moving out of state but that's

okay but just like I said the sooner you


I'm done the better you're gonna feel

and the more time that passes between

the wedding and you do in a thank you

cards the less likely likely you're

gonna do them so let's go into some

samples real quick so a thank you card

for a close friend or relative here's

just an example I'm gonna put it up on

the screen you might have to enlarge

your screen to actually read it but this

is a sample from a thank you card from a

close friend or relative dear aunt and

uncle Joe thank you so much for the

gorgeous tablecloth it was beautiful and

we were both incredibly touched that you

gave us the family heirloom

it was wonderful as always to see you at

the wedding I especially loved doing the

chicken dance with Uncle Joe I can't

wait to catch up with you on your news

and tell you all about our honeymoon and

newly married life with love Christian

and Clayton so even if it's just the

wife doing the thank-yous make sure you

include both names the husband and the

wife both your names and this thank-you

card has a little more detail than what

I'd suggest step top but this just goes

into you know you really want to make

the person feel like you remember to who

they were what they did and that's just

extra going the extra mile you could

also even include a picture of the gift

that they gave you if it was a nice vase

or something take a picture of it put it

in the envelope just

extra-mile just depends on your time and

and your budget just buy some

inexpensive thank-you cards or you can

write them I highly suggest that they be

handwritten or you can just buy some

nice stationery fold them up put them in

a nice envelope and whatever your style

is how about a thank-you card for cash

or gift so dear Steve and grace Clayton

I wanna thank you greatly for the check

you summons for the wedding gift we're

saving it to buy a new bedroom set and

your gift will help us reach our goal we

can't wait to finally get rid of our

college furniture so just make it fun

and just let me know how you're gonna

spend the money even if I know this is

gonna sound even if you have to kind of

make it up because you're not sure it's

not like you're gonna put their money in

a pile maybe you are but just let them

know something that you did with it and

sign sign your name how about this is

the tough one a thank you card when you

don't like the gift you still need a

sign to thank you card

just keep it as nice as possible dear

mrs. Jones thank you for the wedding

present of the velvet painting of the

elephants in the jungle is a very unique

gift you're always thoughtful and

generous it was so nice of you to join

us at the wedding and Christian and I

Kristin and I hope to see you again soon

with love so these are just some sample

words obviously make them personal to

your personality just talk how you would

maybe not how you'd normally talk spruce

it up just a little bit but hopefully

this was helpful on how to write out

your wedding thank-you cards and some

sample wording to go along with us so I

hope you have a fabulous day

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