How to pleat ribbon for funeral wreaths

in this video I want to show you how to

plead the rhythm I know some of the

students we had on the class today they

were struggling with this is this

something maybe we practice at home you

will need some flowers reveling the

flowers ribbon is waterproof so it's

ideal for using with the sympathy


and this pleased ribbon can be used to

trim the edge of your funeral basis you

will also need a good stapler we'll see

in a few minutes Harold is st. Louis

start at the edge of the ribbon and make

a small little piece for yourself when

you make this plea try not to flatten

that down as and don't crease the ribbon

then use the stapler and keep the staple

as close to the edge the second please

must come in to meet the fold so you're

basically you're making the place in the

opposite direction so you're bringing

your ribbon in to make a little fold

again don't pleat it or don't crease it

immense a and then put a staple in it so

this is how you get this little doorway

and then underneath I'll show you where

it looks like a box so this is where it

gets its name box pleating the next

place goes the opposite direction it's

been folded on your knees but what's

actually happening is its meetin the

fold from the previous one again using

the stapler keep the staple near the

edge but again don't crease the rhythm

keep that fold nice the next place comes

in to meet that and again you're making

what I call the little doorway using

your stable secure it and I'll show you

underneath or again you're getting the

box so it's identical on both sides each

time you make pleat it must come in to

meet this fold I'm showing you what the

green ribbon this time because I think

they'll show up clearer for you so you

bring your pleat in to meet the previous

fold and you secure it with a staple and

you get what I call it a doorway

now as the fold is now underneath the

next piece goes underneath again secure

with a stable and I'll just turn it

upside down you can see the little

doorway to see underneath now as it

pleases on top or for

on top you come in to meet that fault

secure a little stable the fold is now

underneath so you go underneath to meet

us secure its stable and this is how you

do your box pleating which is identical

on both sides you know this time I'm

going to show you how to use the two

colors together so I have our ma screen

and a rivalry and you place one on top

of the other it makes no difference

which color is on top because when you

go to use it you can choose yourself

which color you want to face up so again

start near the edge and make a little

fold for yourself and secure it with a

staple wherever the fold is the next

feed comes in to meet the fold secure

with a staple I'll just show you

underneath you can see the fold is now

underneath so our next piece goes

underneath to meet that fold now my fold

is on top so you go on top to meet that


now the fold is underneath so you go

underneath to meet the fold so it ends

up that it looks identical see on both

sides so you continue going and Alan

Freed can take three to four meters so

there's a lot of ribbon too please

continue amazing on you how to

requirement I'm just going to stop here

when you go to pin this on your wreath

you can decide would you like the must

be knocking off how would you like the

ivory color locking up or I'll show you

trick that we do one of the colors tear

a pin straight off and then you have

your must be with your ivory trim make

sure to watch our other blocks thank you

for watching