Graduation is EXPENSIVE! DIY Grad Announcements & Thank You Cards

Hey everyone! It's Heather Moxie and welcome back to my channel. If you're not

following me on Instagram or Twitter you might not know that I recently graduated

from college. And in this week's video I'm going to be showing you how DIY-ed my

graduation announcements and the thank you cards that I'll be sending out to

all of my family members. Of course there are several different ways that you can

do a project like this however, I found this method was really simple and really

inexpensive for the amount of all the items that I would need. So this project

initially got started when I was trying to order my announcements and thank you

cards through different websites. My favorite design was through a website

called Minted, but the total before shipping was going to be $80 and that

was just absolutely too much for me. And of course there are different websites

and different services that you can go to, but I wasn't falling in love with any

of the designs. None of them really spoke to me so I of course turned to Pinterest

and decided this has to be a DIY. On Pinterest I found a better idea of the

kind of announcement I wanted and what I wanted it to look like so I had my

cousin come down and she took photos of me. Thank you so much Danielle! And I went

ahead and used PicMonkey to put it all together. Now if you've seen some of my

other videos you know that I am obsessed with PicMonkey. It's really easy to use

and very helpful in several situations no matter what you're making. So I used

one of my favorite pictures from our little photo shoot and put my full name

at the top with my major and minor information at the bottom. This design

was going to be the front of my announcement. After I was happy with my

design I uploaded it to Vistaprint as a five and a half by four inch invitation.

I deleted all their pre-settings and just uploaded it as an image. And on the

back I added another one of my favorite photos of me sitting on the letters on

my campus with my college information and the year that I graduated. Once the

announcements were finished I added 50 of them to my basket and then moved back

over to PicMonkey to start designing my thank you cards. So for my thank-you

cards I just used a chalkboard background from PicMonkey and then added

this laurel wreath with a simple "thank you" design in the middle. The font that I

used here is called "Bromello" and probably recognize it. It's in almost

every single one of my videos now, I love this font! Don't forget to check out the

description box where I'll list everything that I used in this video

along with where you can find this font and a ton of other fonts to download

for free. Once you're done with your design you're just going to save it and

open the file in Vistaprint. I wanted to mail my thank you cards as postcards so

I used a Vistaprint postcard design. If you decide to do this as well just keep

in mind that this design doesn't come with those standard postcard lines that

you see. I actually had to add that image onto the back myself and also keep in

mind that however many you order it will come with that amount of envelopes. After

you add everything to your cart Vistaprint will ask you a set of

questions about different add-ons and things that you can do. I tend to stick with

a minimum level of add-ons to keep everything as inexpensive as possible.

After everything was finished and paid for I was able to get fifty graduation

announcements and fifty thank-you cards for a total of fifty dollars and

seventy-five cents. Compared to what I was going to spend in the beginning for

just announcements I'm so happy with how this came out and I love the design I

was able to come up with. So let me know what you guys think down below in the

comment section. Don't forget to check the description box for any information

that you may need along with where you can find coupons for Vistaprint which is

what I always use when I'm ordering from there. Don't forget to follow me on

Instagram and Twitter @HeatherMoxieDIY and subscribe to my channel if you

enjoyed this video and you'd like to see more. Thank you for watching and of

course I will see you guys in my next video. Bye!