How To Choose The Perfect Headstone Saying or Epitaph


what makes the perfect epitaph beautiful

words that touch the hearts of family

members now and forever and to help them

remember the deceased in a special way

this video shows you how to personalize

your cemetery monuments with the perfect

epitaph inscription families often find

inspiration for the perfect DEP attack

in a good Bible verse a touching poem or

prayer a personal quote an endearing

nickname a worthy attribute a

personality trait a song lyric a popular

saying and a beautiful thought the

perfect epitaph is specific to the

family member you're creating it for a

saying for a mother a headstone

inscription for a father

an epitaph for both parents an

endearment phrase for a wife a headstone

verse for a husband an inscription for a

couple beautiful words for a daughter an

epitaph for a son a headstone

inscription for a military veteran or a

first responder the perfect epitaph can

be words that express the passions of

the deceased such as a hobby or interest


love a family

religion lifetime achievements

their appreciation for their culture

social organisations and groups the

perfect epitaph should be to the point

that's why most epitaphs are short then

again some very good epitaphs are long

and some headstones are perfect with no

epitaph at all the perfect epitaph is

not just beautiful words it is a

beautiful design that complements the

headstone theme and does not overwhelm

it you can find hundreds of examples of

epitaphs on the Rome monument website

just go to Rome monuments calm open the

memorial options tab and click on

example epitaph inscriptions there you

can browse through different types of

epitaphs for different family members at

rome monument are certified master

carvers use old world skills and stone

working artistry to create unique

personalized headstones and monuments

with epitaphs that are an integral part

of the design concept we are experts at

lettering and engraving in a decorative

fashion in a language any font each one

different each one personalized for you

and you alone when ordering a

personalized monument most customers

take advantage of Rome's prearranged

cemetery monument plan and design a

monument pre-need while they are still

living this gives you exactly what you

want and relieves your family of undue

stress and financial responsibility if

you or your family are having a

difficult time deciding what epitaph or

wording to have inscribed on your loved

ones memorial you can call Rome Monument

and talk to one of our designers we'll

be happy to help you out you can also

arrange for a free design consultation

at Rome monuments all the inscriptions

and artwork on the front of the monument

are yours at no extra cost our passion

is personalizing monuments offering you

unlimited possibilities for your eternal

resting place and making it more

meaningful to your family and for future

generations since 1934 Rome Monument has

showcased old-world skills and stone

working artistry to create totally

unique custom headstones and monuments

and because we cut out the middleman by

making the monuments in our own facility

your cost may be even less than what

other monument companies cemeteries and

funeral homes charge Carol's family came

to Rome Monument after Carol passed away

for a truly unique and special memorial

they met with a designer talked about

Carol's interests and passions and in

particular about her love of elephants

they showed us a photo of Carol's

favorite porcelain elephant that rested

on her bookshelf and were thrilled when

we told them we could make a granite

sculpture of it resting on top of an

upright memorial just as it rested on

her bookshelf from the photo we made a

sketch then a detailed CAD drawing for

the family's approval the family

selected the granite the color the style

and a truly original and exciting design

then our stone artisans went to work

carving the 3d sculpture out of

high-grade granite and engraving Carol's

personal information on the upright slab

Carol's family now has a very special

Monument that is unlike any other

monument in any other cemetery because

cemeteries are filled with headstones

and monuments that all look just the


in fact many are just the same the same

shape size granite color and artwork

because most monument companies

cemeteries and funeral homes only offer

you choices from a catalogue with

limited options to order a personalized

cemetery monument from home anywhere in

the United States and to find out about

custom headstone prices click on Design

Gallery on our website to get ideas

find a monument you like click on the

order from home button fill out the

order from home form with customization

instructions we'll contact you by phone

or email to discuss customization and we

can meet with you for a free design

consultation we create a CAD drawing of

the design for your approval then we

start hand crafting the monument and

make delivery and installation

arrangements with you or the cemetery

when completed we deliver the monument

to your home or install it in the

cemetery Rome also sells monuments at

showrooms in Pittsburgh and western

Pennsylvania contact rome monument for

more information or to purchase your

fully personalized cemetery monument