How To Carve Letters In A Plaque With Simple Hand Tools

as with any carving project one of the

key things really is having sharp tools

and I will drop the tools about every

five to ten minutes throughout the

process just constantly keeping the edge

honed I don't take them back to the

stones that often but that honing really

really helps this plaque is one you

could just pick up it just about any

resale store take the metal off of it

and you have a great surface for carving

in this particular one ended up being

black walnut and it's fantastic so it's

a good for what we need to do here for

adhering the patterns I've started using

double sided tape I don't know if it's

something I will continue doing but I

really like it I ran out of the glue I

had been using and this apparently works

very well so one thing to to try I like

to actually use a regular chisel and a

simple knife to do most of my carving I

like to keep the the tools basic and I

find that the corner of a chisel is

actually very useful for going around

curbs I'm cutting in basically a 45

degree cut back away from each of the

the letters even on the inside lines of

some of these tighter curves the the

chisel works into it very nicely I could

do the exact same thing with a knife but

I find I have far more control in this

particular work with the chisel than I

would with a knife the knife I tend to

want to overshoot what I am cutting so

this works very well eventually I might

get a V couch and do this a little bit

easier with that but right now this

works works very well so when I once

I've cut one half of the V with the

chisel I'll come back in with a knife

and sometimes I'll just use the chisel

to cut the other half of the V away from

the the lettering and the knife is

really good for then cleaning up all of

the the corners and marks that were made

and just making everything look nice and


now recently I was at a garage sale and


found a gouge with a round bottom with a

very tight circumference and so I

figured I'd give that a try

and so here I'm playing with it and I

find that rather than pushing hard

if you rock it back and forth you can

get a nice little action through there

but you still end up having a constant

pressure which you run the danger of

overshooting your mark and gouging out

something you don't want to so most of

the time I end up using a chisel mallet

to well give it light little taps in

order and these light taps actually give

you a lot of control they allow you to

be able to stop at any particular moment

and not go too far and you can do a lot

of very fine work with it

even to the point of going around the

tight circle of the dot above the eye I

was able to actually go all the way

around with this just tapping away seems

kind of slow in a video but in actual

work it's very fast and does something I

may be doing more of I think it's a good

chance I might need to get a few more

actual carving tools for the lettering I

put in boiled linseed oil into the

lettering and I'm kind of rubbing it

down in to try and get a full absorption

make those letters pop out a little more

because the surface was already finished

I did go over it all again with the

boiled linseed oil just to give it an

even shine but mostly I'm just trying to

get it down into the lettering each of

the four corners of the metal plate had

a screw and so I'm covering those up

with a little decorative button that I

got at a hobby store actually gives it a

nice look and I'm fairly happy with the


so what do you do when a relative gets

married well if your maker

you make them a gift and this is

actually really really quick the carving

in it ended up taking about an hour

maybe an hour and 20 minutes so really

not that much and it was a great time to

experiment with using the gouge or using

the knife I've used the knife in the

past you'll see a video over here that I

did for actually doing Celtic carving

and most of my tools I have carved with

a knife but I think I might switch over

to using the gouge more so you're

probably gonna end up seeing me use the

gouge a bit more soon I would like to

get a V out this is really kind of an

experimental thing for me and I'm still

learning carving and so I'm collecting a

few tools but this gouge that I was

using I actually got at a garage sale

for a buck cleaned it up and I can do

that with it now so little things like

this are great and people love them

especially when there are are

imperfections in it because

imperfections say this was hand done and

it really does mean more when there are

slight differences and you can tell that

it wasn't just spit out by our router or

somewhere so that's that I hope you like

this video this was a fun little project

for me it was an enjoyable time if you

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