Wire Name Necklace Tutorial: Debbie Pendant with a Heart

hey there Heather boy Dwyer here today

had a special request from Debbie to

make her name out of wire so I'm going

to use artistic copper wire 20 gauge

I cut a large piece it's about 15 inches

long it's going to depend on how big you

want to make the pendant and I'm going

to start with the top loop of the D so I

have my round pliers and I will just

make a little bit of a loop at the top

because you need something to put like

the jump ring in for a pendant so if we

do like a little loop at the top here

and then you want to make the body of

the D and you could either wrap it

around a pen or your large round pliers

so it also depends on how big you want

it and then if you need to adjust this

little loop at the top too you can

definitely adjust that if you need it

bigger or smaller so would just maybe

bring it in a little bit and then what I

decided the D is really tricky so what I

decided to do with the D was just to go

over here like just over there and then

bend it back and around and if you want

to help it out just use your round

pliers and careful not to Nick it and

then you just bring it back here so it's

kind of bent underneath to there and

then all I did to finish this end

because it's always tricky to know how

to finish the ends is I just brought

that around to make another kind of

little loop here but I'm just gonna clip

it there and I'm gonna clip it flush

this took me several attempts to get it

to look right because it's really tricky

to get it to look nice and for it to be

solid and to get all the little ends in

so then you can just bring that little

end in there and it just sits kind of

flush in there nice finish and then

you're going to go with the rest and do

the rest of the letters so we'll get

small round pliers again get the small

ones and we're gonna start with thee ye

here so we're gonna go up and just keep

it quite simple the D might have been a

little bit small but that's okay we're

do just going to get the idea so we're

gonna do like just a little basic e and

and then we're going to bring this

around here so it's going to start

looking like that the D and the e and

then we want to form the part of the B

right so we're going to bring this one

up here okay depends on how much

distance you want between the letters

and then take this it's almost going to

look like an L so you're going to bring

it down and it'll look a little bit like

an L same thing you can adjust it a bit

if you want okay so that looks a bit

like an L and then you're going to bring

this just across and then you want to

form this circle of the B so it looks

like an L and then we're going to take

our round larger round pliers and bring

it around and just adjust it so then you

have your B and then we want to do

another one that's the same so we're

going to bring it here and then bring

this on up of course it's always a

little bit tricky to get them the same

height you could measure it if you want

so we're going to bring it here bring

this down make sure it's about the same


and you can adjust it a bit too if you

can roll it a bit back and forth if you

want so that's the next one looks like

an L bring that across and get the

larger round pliers ik pick again bring

it here check it out it looks good

can't bring that in a little bit more

and then we need the eye a couple ways

to do the eyes I've seen eyes before

where they just like bring it up and

then they just fold it back down again

but I kind of like it when there's a

little bit of a loop like a little bit

of a dot so you just bring it that way

get your small round pliers bring it

around back okay so it looks like just a

little bit of a dot there and carefully

bring that back and then bring that down

so we have what looks like an eye and

then we need another E so we're gonna

bring this around here bring this one

down for the e okay I think that's try

to get it about the same size if you

have to make it a little bigger just

unroll it a bit bring it here and then

to put the like the finishing touches so

this is how the Debbie would look like

that you could put a jump ring in here

you could also put a jump ring in the B

but to make it nicely finished you could

you could bring it up and do a loop but

sometimes I like to do a little heart so

let's do a little heart on the end so

we're going to go down and up okay here

down and up and then do one of your

loops of the heart try to do it the same

height as the loop in the in the Debbie

and then you're going to be able to put

a jump ring in so there it's going to be

the same on both sides the same height

and then to finish the heart you can

just like do a little kind of a loopy

thing here make it kind of fancy bring

that in there and bring this one around

I probably should have brought the wire

to the front but that's okay we can just

do it this way bring this around here

okay so once you have the heart you just

want to bend this to the back and finish

it off nicely so you're going to bend

that around push it right down clip it

and then get your pliers and you can do

any name like this and if you finish it

up with a heart it's good because then

what you could do is you can put I'll

just hold it with these you can put a

jump ring here and a jump ring here to

put it on a necklace so thanks so much

for watching the video give it a big

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