BOYFRIEND Scrapbook DIY Tutorial: 3 easy spreads [Roxy James] #boyfriendscrapbook #scrapbooktutorial

hi everyone is Roxy and I'm going to

share with you three easy scrapbooks

spread ideas that you can try out so I'm

also an Instagram it's my only form of

social media so you can follow me there

for behind the scenes of my life and so

much more so I'm using my 8x8 inch

scrapbook and I love using this smaller

size this is the traditional huge

scrapbook size because I feel like if I

can just work with it so much easier and

create really cute spreads and if I use

a bigger scrapbook I feel like if I'm I

run out of ideas so this is what works

for me but you can do this for any

scrapbook so before I begin scrapbooking

I like to gather everything I'll be

using so I have some journal cards

glitter card stock stickers and some

foam hearts so for my first spread I

will be doing a very simple collage type

spread using three pictures if you want

to see how I edit all of my pictures and

make some really cute first scrapbook

you can check out the video that I have

linked in on the screen right here

so in this spread I'm sticking down

these three pictures using tape glue and

tape glue it for me is uh nacelle when

I'm scrapbooking let me tell you

sometimes when I'm starting a scrapbook

I have no idea what I'm doing but I kind

of play around with the pictures on the

position of the pictures before I

actually stick it down I'm happy with

this spread and this is how it looks

right now so in that little empty space

there I'm gonna stick this glittery red

journal card but before I stick it down

you can see that I'm kind of playing

around with how it looks until I'm happy

with it and that'll make it permanent

because I don't ever stick something and

then regret it I'll have to take it back

out so I stuck this journal card at an

angle here because I think it looks

really different and I have a journal

card where it can actually write down my

memories for that night so I always like

writing down something because I love

what you can look back on it and

remember the dates the time the occasion

and so much more I also have a really

in-depth scrapbook tutorial and what you

can put in a scrapbook so also link that

in for my scrapbook series if you want

to go and check it out and binge watch

and get some more ideas if you are now

into scrapbooking so I'm sticking my

written up journal card right here as

you can see and I'm gonna add some more

details like a felt hot so I'm playing

around with two sizes and I went with a

smaller heart because it just looked

better there and then I'm gonna add some

stickers to just really

and finish up this spread so I went with

this little ice cream stick up because

it was a birthday and that I also went

in with this one which says sweet love

and I'm gonna stick that in right and

the edge there and that is basically a

very simple and easy scrapbooking spread

layout that you can play around with and

try out so this is how it looks I love

it it's very minimal and I know

scrapbooking can be super overwhelming

but hopefully these ideas can kind of

guide you and help you start your own

scrapbook so for my next spread I'm

going in with three pictures again but

this time I'm gonna kind of laid out

differently into a diagonal overlapping

spread like this and I should mention

that I cut out a lot of the actual using

of the tape glue because it's just so

redundant so whenever you see me

sticking down something know that I

glued it before so I'm gonna take this

pink glittery cardstock and fold it

right down into the middle and then cut

it like you can see here so using

cardstock you can cut it down into so

many different pieces and styles and

shapes like I will show you I added a

journal card and then I'm sticking a

tiny strip of that pink glittery paper

and then I'm cutting the edges of this

paper just like you see here to form a

kind of flag and then I'm also gonna add

in a little foam heart

and a sticker and a coat okay I love

using these because I don't have the

best writing so I love using cool

stickers so as you can see here I'm

using a circular hole punch to create

big circles that look like confetti

throw up my spread and then I'm gonna

fill in my journal card with the full

story and right next to me is my phone

and I love using my Notes app to type up

everything before I actually write it

down because I really would not want to

make a mistake so I never just write

from my mind

directly into my spread I always type

it's up first and make sure it's spelled

correctly make sure it makes sense

before I actually transfer it into my

scrapbook okay so here I'm using a

really tiny hole punch and these are

creating mini circles as you can see

here this is just a normal hole punch

that you would punch file paper with but

I'm just sticking it into my spread and

I love how this looks I definitely think

I want to use this technique in a lot

more surprised because the confetti

effect is something that I'm really

obsessed with

so on to my food spread so this Fred is

my lazy scrapbook spread and this is

perfect if you have no idea what you

want to do but you still want a really

cute spread so you'll need scrapbook

paper and I'm just tearing out this

scrapbook page that I want and I choose

a scrapbook page that had a lot of

writing on it

so it adds so much more character to it

and then I stuck my picture and added a

little quote in the middle I also had

some gift tags that I never used and I'm

gonna add some character to my spread by

sticking it into my spread and adding a

little sticker on top of it I'm adding a

little white foam heart and then I have

a strip of flowery paper I have no idea

what you call it but it's basically a

sticker and I'm sticking it at the

bottom of my spread and that was it it

was so easy scrap of paper adds so much

to your spread if you have no idea where

to begin you can actually use that as

the base of your entire page and then

add a little sticker on a quote and some

pictures and it looks amazing so those

are my three really easy scrapbook ideas

that you can use to make a scrapbook for

anybody you really want to make a

scrapbook for so I hope that you enjoyed

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