Lettering Techniques - Thank-You Plaque Decorated Sugar Cookies on Kookievision

welcome to another episode of cookie

vision in this video I'm going to be

making some thank-you plaques so I've

got a plaque shape here and I'm

outlining the outside with this lavender

color and this is actually purple with a

little bit of brown to kind of tone it

down a little bit so it's actually quite

close to like a mole of color so I'm

outlining the outside and I've got a

piping consistency here with a number

two tip and I'm going around the outside

and I'm going to fill in the space that

I just piped with a flooding consistency

of the same color in a squeeze bottle




and I'll just use my scribe tool to even

everything out and get rid of any air



now I'm going to let this dry overnight

you'll need to let it sit for about six

to eight hours to dry but I like to do

my flooding one day and then my details

are next so I've got a chocolate brown

dye that I've mixed with a touch of

vodka and I've got it on a brush and I'm

just flicking it at the cookies

this part is totally optional but I like

to add it just to give it a bit of a

vintage look and I want this splatter to

dry for at least five minutes or so

until it's completely dried and next

I've got an image projected onto my

cookie I don't have a coffee cake or

anything like that I do just have a

cheapy projector we'll have to do a

video on that at some point it's a small

project for under $100 so that's always

good if you're on a budget because I

know that the copy' cakes are kind of

unattainable if they're if you're AB on

a budget so I've got a piping

consistency gold color here and this is

a number one tip and I'm just following

the lines and I'm using more pressure

and moving a bit more slower for the

thicker parts of the blood of the

lettering and then using less pressure

and moving more fast for the thinner

parts and there's definitely a lot of

ways you could do this you could use a

stencil or you could even do it freehand

you could also use your scribe tool to

kind of scratch into the cookie

beforehand and kind of give you a guide

and yeah there's a lot of ways to do it

and I just wanted to do it with my

projector since I do have one just

wanted to make some use out of it and

obviously you could use any font that

you want I kind of used a combination of

cursive with capital letters and you'll

want to let this dry for at least an

hour before you paint over it

but in the meantime I'm going to do a

little bit of a fern leaf I'm just

giving myself a quick guide here just

kind of scraped it along the cookie just

to give myself a guide a nice curved

line and I'm using a piping consistency

green here with a number two

it basically piping little tear drops

along this curved line and pulling

inwards and creating this fern leaf

shape next I've got some stiff

consistency like paint girl icing here

and this is fitted with a star tip and I

want to make sure it's nice and stiff so

that it holds that nice shape and that

texture and I've also got a sugar pearl

to finish it off and I've also got

something interesting here this is

called a dust pump and you basically put

some might like luster dust or anything

like that in there I actually used a

sparkle dust by Roxie and rich which is

a Canadian brand and I've got some stiff

consistency white royal icing there as

well and just kind of finished it off

with a few tiny little white flowers and

that was a star tip as well next I've

got some gold luster dust that I've

mixed with a touch of vodka and I've got

a liner brush here and I'm just going

over top of these letters I don't have a

preference actually in gold luster dust

I've used quite a few and I like them

all I think I did use a combination of a

darker gold by rainbow dust and this is

was this was a liquid form of metallic

paint or metallic food paint and I mixed

it with a bit of super gold roll cam

powder and I think that one is actually

made in Africa and I don't know if it's

regulated by the FDA but it is accepted

for use mean obviously in Africa and the

UK Canada and since I'm from Canada I

can use it here but yeah definitely make

sure you look on your labels when it

comes to luster dust and see what's

regulated in your country because there

are different regulations when it comes

to gold luster dust sand luster dust sin

general a lot of them aren't edible but

I always make sure that my edible are my

luster dust all my cookies are always

100% edible because these cookies are

made for eating

and I definitely don't want to put

something on a cookie that somebody

can't eat so that's really important to

me and this step does take quite a bit

of time you could always just leave it

the gold color that is but I really do

like this added extra Sparkle and I also

got a piping consistency white royal

icing here fitted with a number one tip

and I'm just basically to tie it all

together I'm just going around the edge

of border and creating a border just to

kind of pull it all together and make it

look as nice as possible


so these are the finished thank you

plaques obviously you can make them say

whatever you like and make them at any

color that you like so thanks for

watching guys be sure to like me on

Facebook and an Instagram bye