Learn To Write: Postcards From Barney Bear (Fun Writing Assignments For Kids!)

hi class it's so good to see you I'm

glad that you're here today because as I

was getting my mail I thought of a great

idea for a writing assignment and I have

a book about it as well

it's called postcards for Bernie bear

we're gonna read it and then we're gonna

write our own postcards are you ready

let's get reading today's book is from

the learn to write series by creative

teaching press it is called postcards

from Barney bear it's written by

Roseanne Lanza Quilliam and it's

illustrated by Mary Phelan postcards

from Barney bear hi my name is Bernie

bear I like to travel everywhere from

the bottom of the ocean to the Hot

Desert Sun read my post cards one by one

greetings from the coral reef dear Mum

and Dad under the sea is a fun place

I saw fish crabs sea stars and clams I

like all the pretty colors I wish you

were here love Barney do you see that

the address for his mom and dad are on

the other side of the postcard so as mr.

mrs. bear 1 2 3 forest way Denville

Colorado 8 1 9 4 5 greetings from the


dear Ted I am in the rainforest there

are so many trees that I can't see the


I saw a slot a parrot and lots of

monkeys see you soon

Bernie this is written to Ted II bear on

53 Hidden Cove Drive greetings from the

desert dear grandpa hello from the

desert there are no trees here most of

the animals come out at night I found a

snake for you bye Barney can you see his

grandfather's address Oh at the very

bottom it says just kidding about the

snake but I did find a snakeskin dear

Annie I'm in Antarctica this is a very

cold place I saw emperor penguins they

are fun to watch I'm looking for a blue

whale or a killer whale your brother

Barney look her address is the same as

his parents now it's your turn to write

number one make blank postcards cut

poster paper into four by six rectangles

number two on one side of the postcard

draw a picture of place anywhere in the

world number three on the other side use

the postcard format to write a message

and an address add a stamp and send the

postcard to a friend or family member

I'm sure that there's someone in your

family who would love to get a postcard

from you let's read the last postcard it

says greetings from the mountains dear

Nick I took a trip to the mountains

I saw a river with lots of fish

see you Barney now we can't travel as

much as Barney can but we can still send

a postcard from our home to the home of

someone else that we love what did you

think of Barney's postcards didn't he do

a lovely job now it's your turn to write

a postcard you could write a thank-you


or just say I miss you card I know that

you're gonna do a great job because you

are a wonderful author have a great day

class bye-bye