What is a Postcard?

a postcard is intended for writing in

Berlin without an envelope it comes in

different shapes sizes and materials a

postcard can be purchased from any

bookstore souvenir shop and newspaper

staff typically the sender's of

postcards are tourists but nowadays

anyone can send a postcard the parts of

a postcard are easy to locate flip the

postcard phone upside down on the upper

right hand corner there is a box that is

perfectly stamped size that is where the

post dam goes a post tab or postage

stamp is a small piece of paper that is

purchased and displayed on an item of

mail as evidence of payment of postage

typically they are printed on special

custom-made paper show a national

designation and a denomination on the

front and have adhesive on the back the

postcard is usually split up into two

sides the left side is used for writing

messages doodles and whatever the sender

may want to scribble down the date of

writing should be placed at the upper

right hand corner of the side on the

right side of the postcard there are

lines where the sender can put the

address of the intended receiver

complete address is a requirement this

includes the house or apartment number

street name town city country and zip

code the name of the person the postcard

is being sent to must be placed before

the body of the message this should be

immediately below the date the Friday

just on the left hand side there are no

limits and no rules to what can be

written on the body of the message

lungs those important marks mentioned

are legible the signature of the sender

the place just below the last sentence

before sending a postcard a post app

must be purchased first the right amount

of postage must be ensured this will get

the postcard to its destination if

unsure on the amount of postage do not

hesitate to go to the nearest post

office they will respond to any inquiry

on postal matters if international

postage is required make sure that it's

also purchase to send the postcard find

the post box or a post office in the

area and post it