My Wedding Quilt - Plans

hi everyone welcome back to my blog this

is Susie from thread quarters thanks so

much for joining me again today today

I'm gonna be chatting about my wedding

quilt or long-term plans for one so if

you want to hear more about that then

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welcome back to the blog and I've been

away for a little while I've been doing

a little bit of sewing and I had a

little trip to Paris if you've been

following me on instagram you'll know

all about that and and I do have plans

for vlogs on fabric shopping in Paris

also on a little bit of a capsule

wardrobe that I whipped up before I went

to Paris so I want to share my outfits

for that as well so that would be

another vlog so there's will be coming

up but before I get to those I had this

vlog plan so I wanted to go ahead and

get it up and and it's something very

different from what I have blogged about

before it's quilting and I know that I

have quite a few viewers who are very

good at quilting so i thought i am i

would pick your brains a little bit and

try and get your advice because i am not

a quilter i am i'm also i I have so much

admiration for people who can quilt and

all the beautiful quilts that I see out

there my mom actually has made some

stunning quilts so in her day so if

that's something you're interested in

then let me know and I could do a vlog

on all her quilts go over to a house

someday and show you them because there

they are beautiful I am NOT however a

quilter and I have dabbled a little bit

I have made like a little baby quilt for

a friend's baby that was good fun I did

like a half square triangle made into

Chevron's little quilt like that that

was cute I did enjoy that um but um and

just then quilted on the machine it was

also on the machine um and then I

started piecing together a quilt for my

boy before he was born and that's not

finished and he is now three and a half

so that just shows

you my approach to quilting

unfortunately and as you'll see you'll

see from what this is about

um yeah when my husband and I got

married and five and a half years ago

yes I have half years ago I am asked

that everyone who was invited as part of

the invitation I said and please could

you gift us a fat quarter of fabric

because I'd like to make a wedding quilt

too and as a like a a memory basically

and I didn't give them any guidance as

to color or style or anything like that

and I mean no nearly everyone that came

to our wedding did and bring some fabric

because I know it was a very strange


most people don't know anything about

quilting or quilting fabric so it was a

bit odd I could give them some advice

and I linked to online shops and you

know explained it a bit in the

invitation because I knew it would be a

bit alien for people we did end up with

a very random mix of fabrics and now

looking back I'm thinking oh maybe I

should have said all blue or something

like that and but anyway it'll hopefully

be part of its charm so this is my

selection of about just over 50 fabrics

and they are so so random

as you can see five and a half years

later they're still fat quarters so I

need your help I need I need advice as

to what I can turn it into I don't want

anything too complicated I will show you

actually I have I did decide on a quilt

pattern and I started sewing it by hand

actually and because I thought it would

be something nice to do on my lap

while I'm watching TV because they don't

knit and sewing you know you have to do

it by yourself machine obviously and I'm

away from my family and otherwise if it

was in the same room as my family would

be too noisy they wouldn't enjoy that so

I thought that would be something quite


turns out I would still be sewing it

when I turn 80 if I did that I have done

a couple of the square so I'll show you

them the patterns that I had picked it's

cold spot you can't see it there very

well hmm I'll put I'll do a close up

shop for you and and I did think that

would be really cute I would make it

bigger because I have so many flippin

fabrics and and I did do a few of them

as I said by hand the other thing is I'm

not very precise with sewing well I mean

I can be but you know there you go so I

did do some and I did think it would be

quite cute and I do really like that

pattern but I've decided really I think

it's too it's too fiddly I need

something a little bit simpler I would

like to throw it on the machine

I would like to get it done actually one

of my husband's friends every time I see

him which isn't very often but it's like

maybe once or twice a year cuz he lives

over in England I live in Northern

Ireland um he asked me every single time

he sees me so how's that how's that

quilt going it's pretty sure that I will

never make it and it's starting to annoy

me a little bit so I would really like

to get it made and done and say oh well

actually I finished it thanks very much

and shut him up so yeah I want to do it

on the machine I think rather than my

hand I mean that would be lovely but no

let's speed more realistic and I think a

quilt very partially done by hand is not

as good as a quilt completed and done

and I can have it on my bed or something

and down on the machine I want it done


does I know this is for most quilters

season quilters that is simple

so it's simpler than that and I have a

few ideas that I have pin and I'll put

some of the photos up on the screen for

you of some of the ideas that I've come

across I'm just going to look down at my

iPad while I'm remembering them but I'll

pop up pictures here so you can see what

I'm looking at one of the ideas that I

thought would be really cute is maybe

and each fabric could be in the shape of

a heart because it's a wedding quilt and

and I found like this one here that I

thought looked quite good or this one

here and the other I mean obviously

there is a wedding-ring quilt pattern

it's too advanced for me like I would

still be here again till I was eight or

nine to get enough done and to a

standard that I'd be happy with and so

I'm not going to be doing that one

although you know that would be like

your traditional one that would work

perfectly with having this pile of

fabrics and or you know something really

scrappy like maybe this is like a

scrappy one because all the fabrics are

so it I'm cohesive that I feel that

scrappy would work better so if you have

other ideas of scrappy quilts that would

be good and I do like the idea of

including white into it and I don't have

to use the full fat quarter of every

piece of fabric I just want to have one

you know even one piece of it per fat

quarter used that's fine it doesn't I

don't have to use it all up because

obviously the quilt would be enormous as

I said I'm trying to keep it really

simple just something with triangles

maybe maybe that one would be good I

also do like this one that's just

squares but set on the diagonal I do

think that one's really nice and simple

ish and what do you guys think yeah so

are some of the ideas I have really I

just I'm struggling to start and I

once I start and just get in the flow I

think it probably would come together

really quickly but I think I just don't

know which pattern to go away

and I'll just show you some of the

different fabrics

the fun thing was because I didn't give

anyone any guidance as to what type of

fabric to gift us we've had a real range

of things and people have interpreted in

different ways so for example and some

people have tried to pick a fabric that

represented either myself or my husband

you know depending on whether they were

like my friend or his friend coming to

the wedding

so like if it was representing me

there's a fabric here with cats on it

and there's fabric with spools of thread

because they know I love to sew or ever

if there were my husband's friend

it was a like sailing related fabric or

one of my friends from the work that I

was currently working at when I when I

was getting married and I did a lot of

international travel so there's a fabric

in here that um has like if like world

sleep like travel scenes and that kind

of thing and it's very cute actually and

there's another one it's campervans cuz

I used to be really into camper vans so

I love that they did that or that so

they took a different slant and they

actually have given us fabric that

represents themselves so for example my

aunt and uncle I have not an uncle that

live in Spain and they're they're fabric

look they say reminded them of like

Spanish fans so I thought that was

really nice someone else has actually

given us like some interior fabric that

is in their own home and which is a

lovely idea and it does mean that it's a

different weight from quilting cotton

but it doesn't matter and then this one

actually I really think this is so

lovely it's just a tiny little square of

red fabric so not a fat quarter

and it's like a tweet and rather than a

cop the quilted cotton and it says this

fabric has been over the Atlantic twice

as it was in our chests that my

great-great-grandmother had taken from

Northern Ireland years ago

I hope the red symbolizes the love and

passion that will be in your life


which is just so lovely as I say it's

just a tiny wee piece so what I'm gonna

do with this is I'm gonna try and

appease like a heart shape out of it and

applique a that on to maybe the back of

the quilt and just like in the corner or

something like that I thought that would

be very nice now you see I've pinned

this to that fabric cause it as you know

as I've said our wedding was five and a

half years ago so um

thankfully when I first got all these

fabrics in I cut tiny little corners out

of all of them and I pinned the fabric

to a name so I could remember exactly

who the fabric came from so so I'm so

glad that I did that so the other thing

I want to be able to do in the quilt

somehow is to identify once the quilts

made up who each of the fabrics came

from one of my ideas that I have is on

the back I'd like it to be mainly like a

plain color probably white or something

something like that but piece it so that

I have like I don't know I want to say a

ladder I don't know little squares all

joined together in a big long line down

the back of the quilt of each of the

fabrics and then it'll be white beside

it and maybe with a fabric pen write

their names beside each of them I mean I

could say I could I would embroider the

the names on it but let's be realistic

I'm not going to do that I'm my

embroidery skills are not good enough

and it would be too messy even my


merci to be honest and so a vegan think

of a different way please don't ask me

to go and get in touch with them all to

get them to sign a piece of fabric

because that's not going to be possible

I know that's what a lot of people do

with wedding quilts and I decided not to

do that because again everyone has very

different handwriting and again it would

be quite messy so I've seen them and

it's not it's not for me but I do really

like that sentiment it's very very nice

um so that's the solution I have at the

moment for having like a key if you want

to call it on the back of the quilt as

to who gave which fabric um but again

maybe you guys have another idea for

that so yeah so also I have a new camera

so I'm hoping that this video is a lot

crisper and like maybe HD wou might mean

you see my wrinkles a bit more but um it

also I do have a little screen right

above the the lens so I more than likely

have been looking into that rather than

into the lens during this video so I

really do apologize I need to practice

and get used to not looking at myself

and so yeah as I say I'm sorry about

that if that's what I have been doing

I'll know when I edit this if I have

been so um yeah but hopefully it means

that I will have a slightly better

quality and videos for you in the future

so anyway thank you so much for watching

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