8 tips to build an AWESOME WEDDING WEBSITE!

hi and welcome back to my channel hope

you're doing well today and today I'm

going to go through wedding websites the

reasons I think you should have one what

you've got a cover on them and

everything that they can do to help you

with your wedding planning process if we

have met before my name is Laura Beth

and I am a professional wedding planner

here in the UK and this is my little

wedding world but I get to chat you each

week and offer hints tips and secrets to

ensure that your wedding journey is

stress-free and enjoyable so let's get

on with all the talk about wedding

websites so I'm going to start with the

fact that I think where the web sites

are amazing to set up to help the whole

process and make everything that a

little bit easier gone are the days

where we have to send out loads of

messages and paper invites and bits of

paper to update details you can have all

this information in one place for a much

lower cost and it's so much easier to

access and update everyone has access to

the same information you don't have to

rely on a family member to pass it on to

someone else to someone else and

everything get changed you've got total

control you can update the information

and ensure everyone has access to

exactly the same details and there's

nothing that gets lost in translation

websites a super easy quick and cheap

step up and you've got a couple of

options with how you want to do it

starting with the most basic and the

most cost-effective one and this will be

going to a wedding website company and

there are loads of them out there to

choose from you can do free ones and

they'll have a few things that you've

got to fill in and they're fairly

template based or you can do one which

you pay a small fee for you'll get your

own personalised and web address to send

out your guests and you can access a few

more of the features I'd say it's well

worth paying for the little upgrade is

not too much of a cost usually and

you'll get so much more benefit with it

this is the sort of format that I

normally recommend a wedding website go

on there you can choose from loads of

different designs and it's really easy

to use even someone who's a basic and a

novice like I was for my started setting

them up can access these and do it

really quick other options you've got a

more traditional website building

companies this can be things like wicks

and Squarespace but they're a little bit

more complicated they don't tend to come

with so many wedding related

you've kind of got to work out how to do

them but they are fairly cost effective

and you can put more of your own

individual style on them the next step

up would then be designing things like

WordPress and building a website from

scratch now I am never going to commit

to doing this because I don't understand

doing all that coding and everything

behind it and unless you know how to do

it yourself you would have to have a

designer on board if you've got the

budget to do it great you can get a

designer on board give them everything

you want and they can completely tailor

it to your theme your style and be

completely bespoke

but for most people I would imagine that

you're going to be going down the

website template style and that'll be

going through a wedding website company

although everyone's website is going to

be different there's kind of a set list

of things that I would expect to find on

most websites and things that would be

useful for you and your guests and this

starts with number one the most basic

information you need on there you need

your names you need the date of the

wedding and you need the location of the

wedding so I think all that's pretty

self-explanatory you and your partner's

name what time your wedding ceremony is

and maybe a few details about things

happening on the day and where the

wedding's likely to happen and if the

ceremony is at a different location I

bet in there as well often you can put

addresses in they'll bring up maps of it

people can then I dip that to Google

Maps and they can find out how long it

will take to get to place and find all

the details they need to know but that

in your basic is the number one bit of

information you need only website number

two it's adding a bit more personal

detail to it and this can include a nice

little message to guests as they land on

your page you can password protect these

websites usually so no one else can

access them unless you give the password

so don't worry about anyone finding

anything about your wedding that you

didn't want on the material so you can

add a little love story on their highly

met things that you've done together you

can add a little gallery if maybe

travels and holidays you've been on you

can also extend this to include your

wedding party so you can give a little

bit of spiel on all your family members

you made if one of your bridesmaids and

your groomsmen and best man things like

that it just brings the wedding to life

so when people attend your wedding they

know a little bit about each of you and

they feel more included in the wedding

day number three on the list is breaking

down all the

the day now I touched on this a bit with

0.1 but what you'll need to do is list

up all the different things about

happening on the wedding day where they

are what time will be happening and how

people get between the two in terms of

them directions it can be really nice to

add some maps in here you may wish to

add direction so if your iron if the

police is particularly difficult to find

or maybe the Google Maps that comes up

doesn't actually pinpoint the right

location so you'll need to check that

out and make sure you that you're not

sending your guests on a completely

different direction it's happened with

me when wedding venues in the past

postcodes especially in rural locations

don't tend to take you to the exact

place and people can end up getting back

in field and back ends of places and

down little narrow lanes so make sure

when you look at this that everyone's

got the right directions and you're not

going to be on the phone trying to find

out where everyone is when you're trying

to get married it can also be really

nice to add some pictures of the

locations people know what to look out

for when they're driving off it builds a

little bit of excitement for the day

people get to see where you've chosen

and really look forward to spending time

there on your wedding day

no before now this won't apply to

everyone but it's getting really popular

to turn the whole wedding day into more

of a wedding weekend now this may not be

at the same location you may only have

booked your wedding for the one day or

you could have the wedding happening at

an exclusive event and an exclusive

venue even where the all the guests

would be attending the night before and

the morning after so whether that's at

one location or different locations you

may wish to add some kind of dinner or

pre drinks the night before and where

that's happening and what time it's

happening and then maybe a brunch the

next day to catch up with everyone and

say goodbye before their and head on

home again you can have pictures of the

locations you can have directions there

and all the details that they need to

know to make sure that they find their

way to this place next in the list

number five would be some helpful

information to help your guests know

what to expect on the wedding day and

this comes everything from dress code

but so letting them know whether maybe

it's black tie it's cocktail it's a more

casual affair you could let them know

that it's summer dresses and chinos or

that it's black tie ballgame and it's a

really good thing to know if you've got

a specific scene my theme in mind even

even if you haven't it's good to let

people know what they're expected to

wear we all know as a wedding guests

that it can be awkward to work out what

you want

you don't want end up matching the

bridesmaids or anything like that so

letting guests know what the theme and

overall style is will really help them

in determining what they're going to

wear on the day include details for

transport for the guests and this would

have include if you are providing any

transport for the guests on the wedding

day so whether you will be offering a

bus service to pick them up or there is

a shuttle service at the end of the

night to take them home if there isn't

anything offered you don't necessarily

need to include those people presume

that they've got to sort themselves out

and leading on from this if you're not

offering transport people will need to

know about parking restrictions and

where they're to park

specifically if you're getting married

more in a city location or maybe your

ceremony venue doesn't have that much

parking letting people know we're in the

village they may need to park let them

know if there's any cost of parking and

we're the best places to go are and if

it's a little bit far from the venue and

they may need to walk to to bring flat

shoes umbrellas things like that as well

but it's always good to know people can

prepare also check with parking

overnight if guests would like to leave

their cars whether they can leave them

there and come back the next day or

there's any charges to this or

restrictions from the venue I think all

this information just means you've got

less questions you're going to have to

answer throughout and everyone has the

same information so it's really good to

add it all on there number six on the

list and a new thing that we don't have

to answer weddings is details on social


some people totally cool you do not mind

whether they post things straight after

the ceremony post pictures when they're

getting there anything like that some

couples prefer that photos are a little

bit more limited it's really popular

nowadays to make an announcement before

the ceremony that says no pictures

during the ceremony this has come

because there was a bit of a wave of

people taking photos at ceremonies and

the photographer trying to get their

shots and there was just too many phones

in the way and people for doing the

bridal entrance or the virus or things

like that so a lot of people choose

nowadays not to have phones during at

the wedding ceremony but are quite happy

to have them for the rest of the day

some people may decide that they don't

want anything posted on social media

until they do and they make

to make the first announcement some

people prefer that you don't post

anything to the evening so evening

guests are coming they're not going to

see any of the details until they arrive

so they still get to have that wow

factor so whatever you decide to do this

can be a really good place to kind of

make it known and so guests know what to

expect on the wedding day and equally if

you're looking at having a wedding

hashtag which is super popular for

collecting all those pictures on

Instagram or maybe that you've got a

website sharing sort of program that you

want to use something you want everyone

to send the pictures to after the


everyone can download that before the

wedding and it's easy to upload them to

during the wedding day so everyone gets

to see everyone else's images number

seven on the list this will be the most

important reason the you set up a

wedding website and this will be to

plate your RSVPs it's usually really

easy to empower ones names and all your

guests into the backend of the website

you'll have like a dashboard that you

can then monitor and see if people reply

all they've got to do then when they

have their invite log into the website

write their name and then you can add a

series of questions you'll want them to

answer this can include everything from

who's coming with them what choices they

want for their meal if you've got a

choice menu if there's any dietary

requirements if they've got any song

requests you can get them to fill in

some guest book details as well and this

can also be really useful because you

can limit the number of guests that they

can reply for or only say that they can

only reply for each guest at once this

means that if there's any unexpected

plus ones that you haven't invited or

maybe children that they presume are

invited they won't actually be able to

RSVP for them and this could send a

subtle note that they're not invited

rather than you have in that local

conversation I can't promise you it will

stop it but it is another way of trying

to avoid that and that kind of moment we

don't really know what to say to people

number eight on the list is if registry

now this is quite a tradition that

people would buy items for the couple

that they would request nowadays a lot

of couples live together and they don't

want to be given lots of different items

but if you do want to do gift registry

then these wedding websites make it

really easy for you to add a

wish lists and stuff like that up until

your website and then guests can just

click on that and purchase for you

equally if you don't want gifts and

you'd rather have more of a monetary and

gift given to you then you can put that

on there and put a nice little message

about what you plan to do with the money

and the most popular one that's coming

through is honeymoon fund so you can add

up on the website little activities you

want to do on your honeymoon and people

can actually purchase or donate towards

these activities for you takes a little

bit of a cost away then when you're

trying to plan a big holiday after the

wedding and it's really nice that people

can see what sort of activities they

have donated for you and what you've got

up to and your honeymoon then everyone

gets to feel a little bit part of it so

I hope you enjoyed that video it was a

little quick a short one for me from me

even I can't talk today and for a change

and but I hope that's given you a good

idea of what to do with your wedding

website what information to load up on

there and how it can make your life so

much easier and that it doesn't actually

cross the earth to set one up I did this

regularly I am NOT a tech genius in any

way and if I can do it I'm sure you can

as well so I hope you enjoy exploring

there are so many lovely websites to go

through and so many lovely templates to

pick so if you've done a wedding website

where you're looking for some further

information pop a comment below and I'll

happily give some responses to that and

hopefully some other people will be able

to share what websites they've used and

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