Welcome Card Masking Sunburst Technique

hey everyone it's Wendy welcome today we

were going to make this fun welcome card

that I created for my new team members

joining my team during celebration so

and we're going to get started by laying

down this black mat it is a kind of like

one of those self-healing mats because I

needed to be able to stick stuff to it

and I'm using our new sunburst die and I

cut it out already I cut out the

sunburst die on a masking paper from

Simon Says Stamp and I have a piece of

four inch by five and a quarter inch

card stock and whisper white that I cut

to a mask so I'm laying it down and then

I'm just peeling the sticky backing off

or the release paper off half of this

mask and laying it down on top and you

can see it overlaps off of the cardstock

and it sticks to the self-healing mat

which helps keep everything in place as

I do my masking and coloring or sponging

I should say so now I'm peeling off the

other side of the release paper so that

I can smash the rest of this mask down

in place alright so now I'm going to get

busy sponging and the colors I chose for

the sponging are melon Mambo real red

and rich Razzleberry these make such a

beautiful color combination on a card I

just love how they look so it's just a

really bright bold color and the three

colors go to what go together really

really well so I'm just sponging here

and adding as I need and leaving it a

little bit lighter in certain areas so

that when I come in with the real red

then it complements that color really

nice so I'm just sponging and going over

the melon Mambo area just a little bit

to create a little bit more interest in

different colors and then I'm taking the

rich Razzleberry and adding that last

down at the bottom and I will go ahead

and all

so add it in a few places at the top of

the card and just to give it again some

interest and add some extra color as you

can see I'm going over areas multiple

times because I want to have a really

dark shaded area when I peel away this

mask and I want to make sure that I'm

covering every spot that has white so

when I peel away the mask it really

stands out okay so the tip for peeling

off the mask after you've gotten it kind

of wet with ink is you have to be very

gentle you start peeling and you just

have to peel really slow and steady so

that you don't rip the paper and I've

done this multiple times I've never had

a problem and then I can do it once and

if I go too fast it just tears my paper

to pieces so my card stock underneath so

you have to be really careful not to do

that so I'm peeling this away just one a

kind of sunburst ray at a time and it is

gonna leave behind this really cool

masked image so I wanted to say I am

creating these for my team members as I

said that join my team during

celebration because it's such an awesome

deal I have people purchasing the

starter kit it's basically you pay $99

plus tax and you get to choose a hundred

and fifty five dollars and product of

your choice so you're essentially

getting fifty six dollars and free

product which is pretty cool and the

shipping is free on the starter kit so

if you're looking to just purchase as a

hobby demonstrator purchase the kit and

get a good discount that's great and or

you can purchase it and do this as a

business so it's totally up to you how

you want to do it and we have lots and

lots of hobby demonstrators though that

just order their own products at a

discount okay so the next step and for

this card is I need a piece of one and a

half inch by five and a quarter inch

card stock to do my stamping on and

excuse me I'm just going to stamp the

welcome sentiment from this awesome

stamp set I just love this stamp set

it's probably one of my faves and it's

just got so many different sentiments in

it so that you can pair different things

and basically make your own sayings so

there's a welcome and back and year and

team so you can do all kinds of

different stuff so I'm just stamping

down the welcome in melon Mambo and I

also did some of these in real red which

is what you saw in the photo at the

beginning of this video and then I'm

going to go ahead and add some stampin

dimensionals to the back to raise this

up really nice and and get a nice solid

raised piece if you don't put enough

dimensionals it will kind of sag in

spots so that's why I add so many

dimensionals to the back of something

like this because I want it to have to

be really sturdy and have good

craftsmanship so in order to have that

happen you kind of have to add extras

and then I'm just going to layer this

down kind of right in the center of the

Welcome hardening of the sunburst so

that you can see like these rays coming

out behind it and then I need to just

add some dimensionals to the back of

this piece and again same thing I'm

adding quite a few because I want it to

be really sturdy and I don't want the

card to sag anywhere or the front of the

card just sag anywhere basically I also

used whisper white thick cardstock

because it's a heavier card stock than

regular whisper white and I just prefer

that so that's what I use on most of my

cards and I save regular whisper white

cardstock for creating die cuts and

other things like that okay so one of

the last few steps here I need to just

stamp to the team down in the lower

right hand corner so I'm adding

and I've already put those on my acrylic

block so they're ready to go and so now

I have welcome to the team and these are

just the cutest cards and then I've got

and some sequins from Lucy Abrams little

things she creates these little sequin

packets that are just so cute and I'm a

crazy person for sequins so and these

ones are really cute because they're

kind of like an unfinished they have an

unfinished look they're a little bit

they're gold but they're not all shiny

some of them are just have like a matte

finish that's the word I'm looking for

I'm using my fine tip glue pen here to

add my sequins and I'm using my quick

stick to pick them up and place them on

my card so the quick stick is not a

Stampin Up product that is something

I've had for years and years and years

you can get it on Amazon you can get it

lots of places but it's called a quick

stick and it has this little sticky end

on one side it's like tacky which is the

part you see me dipping into the sequins

and then it has another end that has

this little pointy tool basically to use

to help get things in place so that's

what I'm using here and I absolutely

love this tool it comes in so handy for

so many things so I highly recommend

getting one if you like placing little

small stuff because it works great so

that finishes off my card and I just

love how it turned out I hope you join

me again next week and I'll talk to you

soon bye bye thanks for hanging out with

me to the end of the video you can click

on either of these images to be taken to

those videos and watch them have a great

day bye bye