How to write a good self appraisal

The appraisal season is around the corner,

and you are soon going to be asked to write a self-appraisal.

Scary, is it?

Well, after you watch this video, it won’t be scary at all.

We are here to guide you into writing a good one.

First, let us understand what is a self-appraisal?

It is a form or a document in which you are required to fill in the details of all the work you have done for the company you work with for the entire year.

This determines your final appraisals or any salary hikes.

Why are self appraisals so important?

Your manager will be writing one for you, then why should you do it?

Your manager might have an idea of the things you have been working on throughout the year

but you can’t expect him/her to remember everything.

You know your progress better than anyone in the office

and so, you can write an appraisal for yourself better than anyone.

Don’t write your appraisal directly a day before it’s due.

Keep a track of all of your achievements for each month.

You can create a document or excel sheet for every month that clearly specifies your progress for that month.

Make sure you are able to collect as much statistical information as you can.

Things that are measurable go a long way.

A few bigger companies have a customized portal with not many features.

In such a case, it is recommended to write a separate e-mail to your manager

Start with a good summary

This is a brief about your roles and responsibilities in the company.

Mention all that you have done in 4-5 lines.

Write it in the third person.

This will make it easier for your boss to use it, first hand.

Next comes the most important part!

The goals section!

Mention every specific detail related to every goal.

How much of it have you accomplished?

What all proficiencies were needed for the same?

What challenges have you undertaken?

Try to specify the extraordinary things that you might have done apart from the tasks assigned to you here

Maybe you finished it way before the deadline

which helped increase the revenue

or you helped some other team with the escalation of a project.

Write it all down concisely

Also, don’t forget to add numbers.

In fact, add as much statistical data as you can.

And keep evidence in place.

Did you take up any new courses in order to assist in a new project?

Mention them.

Did you put them into some major use?

Write all about it.

Any additional skill that you have learned gives a whole new meaning to your credibility.

Valuable customer feedback

extraordinary numbers

or anything that shows your contribution in addition to your core role needs to be highlighted here.

It would be better if you had e-mails as evidence for the same.

Never give yourself a bad rating.

It shows underconfidence and is not appreciated.

If you are not confident about giving yourself an excellent rating

you can go with a good rating

but not below that

Thanks for watching