Tips on Writing a Self Appraisal for Your Job

hello I'm Darryl Brown from Brown

consulting org and today we will discuss

tips on writing a self-assessment for

your job when it comes to a

self-assessment of your performance on

the job the person who can best write

your assessment is you yourself

the supervisor sometimes have difficulty

really truly assessing the overall

amount of impact you're having on the

job to ensure that your performance

appraisal is at the level that you

perceive yourself to be it's always good

to do a self-assessment first and

foremost or a self appraisal here are

some tips to assist you in doing a

proper self appraisal for your

performance on the job tip number one

look at your goals employee goals are

very important because it's good for

your supervisor as you're discussing

your own self-assessment to know what

goals and what direction you are going

what are you seeking to accomplish on

the job what are you looking at to

improve upon your ability to perform

whether it's by virtue of acquiring new

skills by cross-training or by your

education or other elements that can

really help you to be acknowledged and

also determined as a person focused on

becoming a better employee tip number

two look at a skills assessment of your

work what are your strengths and the

things that you are doing that make you

a good employee look at all of the skill

sets and even those that you are not

utilizing on the job and how you can

bring them in to help you to become more

productive and to become a high

performer it's very important to know

exactly what your skills talents are and

how you can contribute more and more

especially in the workplace where it's

calling for many of us to do

more with less and the demands of the

job are increasing so how can your

skills help you to do things better

smarter and faster that's where your

skills assessment comes into play tip

number three areas for improvement now I

know many of us when we're thinking

about areas of improvement that we're

probably just perfect and there are no

areas to improve but if you're realistic

it's always good to know those areas

where you can become better because they

are training opportunities and a variety

of other opportunities out there that

can help you to become better and also

it can open the door for the supervisor

or your employer to also assist you in

your journey to becoming a much better

employee and also contribute greater in

a greater capacity in the workforce I'm

Darryl brown from brown Consulting org

and these are tips on how to write a

self appraisal for your job thank you

for watching