planning a baby shower then you need to

check out our baby shower favors that

your guests will love favors or small

gifts that are given to the guests to

thank them for coming

not only do favors show that each guest

is special but it can also give anyone

who attends a reminder of a special day

one baby shower candles the candles have

been personalized and have the date of

the baby shower you can have candles

created like this for your shower and

you can choose a different color scheme

- baby and bloom if you want to give

your guests a favor that they will love

and that will last long after the event

then consider a plant here we have a

small succulent plant that has an

adorable baby in bloom sign these signs

would look so cute with any flower or

plant we love this baby shower favor


three from our shower to yours the favor

includes a bubble bar and a lip balm

which have been placed in a bag with a

tag that reads from our shower to yours

this is a fun idea and the smog if not

only looks nice but can be used too you

can have classic colors like pink or

blue or maybe try something neutral like


for champagne favor idea a new baby is

cause for celebration this next baby

shower favor idea is the perfect way for

your family and friends to celebrate the

new arrival here we have many champagne

bottles with tags that read pop it when

she pops these tags can be put on many

champagne or other drinks the guests

take them home and drink them when the

baby is born

five baby shower cookie favor ideas you

can't have a celebration without

delicious treats here we have beautiful

baby shower cookies these would be

awesome favors to give out to family and

friends because they look and taste good

you can buy cookies or if you like to

bake try and make them yourself for an

extra special one-of-a-kind gift

six beautiful soap favored idea a great

favor idea that everyone will love a

soap it smells good

can be used and looks great too here is

a beautiful example of soap to give out

at any event including a baby shower

you can buy one kind of soap or for

special family and friends choose a

scent that is personal to them

seven ready to pop popcorn looking for

low-cost party favors that will be a hit

with everyone then this next idea is for

you here we have popcorn that has been

placed into bags with tags that read

ready to pop there's such a simple but

awesome idea

you can recreation more bags to these or

you can even have pink and blue pop



my baby shower gift bags you may want to

put your favors in little gift bags if

so then you could choose bags like these

the paper bags have cute baby grows on

the front you can buy bags like these or

you can make them yourself also if you

have quite a few bags to give out then

you can personalize them too

nine blue or pink treats one of the

easiest favors to give out our sweet

treats you can be very creative the cost

can be low and everyone will love candy

here is a great example of a delicious

party favor small bags have been filled

up with blue sweets you can create these

with any sweets and in any color if

doing a gender-reveal try pink or blue

or if you want to keep things neutral

try yellow

ten succulent planned idea earlier we

featured a planned idea and here is

another way you can give a plant as a

favor these succulents have been

finished off with a personalized sign

this is an easy and fun favour that

anyone will love you can recreate the

succulents or use another plant or

flower that's all for now

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