How to Countersign the Application Form and Photo

hello from British passports we created

this video to help you complete the

counter signing section of the passport

application form and give you guidance

on how to count assigned photos to

countersign a document means to sign a

paper that has already been signed by

someone else in the case of a UK

passport application the counter

signature can only be executed by a

specific person and is required to vouch

for the authenticity of the application

section 10 of the passport application

form must be countersigned for a first

adult passport a second Passport

a passport renewal for a child under 11

years or if their appearance has changed

significantly for replacements for lost

stolen and damaged passports and

passport extensions the counter

signatory must have known the applicant

for two years and be able to identify

him or her for child applicants the

counter signatory must be able to

confirm that they have known the person

with parental responsibility for two

years and must be able to identify the

child they must live in the UK and have

a valid British or Irish passport if you

are applying from abroad an EU us or

Commonwealth passport is sufficient but

they must include a colour photo copy of

their passport they must be working in

or retired from a recognised profession

such as a teacher bank officer police

officer or accountant and must be

willing to be contacted if necessary the

counter signatory must not be related to

the applicant by birth or marriage and

cannot be living at the same address

they also cannot be an employee of Her

Majesty's passport office once the

applicant has completed the application

form the counter signatory needs to

check the details are correct and then

complete and signed section 10 in his or

her own handwriting by signing and

completing section 10

this confirms that the applicant and

countess signatory have known each other

for at least two years the applicant is

who he or she claims to be and as far as

the counter signatory knows all the

information on the form is true the

counter signatory will need to write the

following on the back of one of the

passport photos I certify that this is a

true likeness of the applicant and

insert the title and full name of the

applicant the counter signatory must add

his or her signature and the date below

this statement please note that the

passport office will check the counter

signatory is genuine by checking their

identity and profession or professional

qualifications please inform the counter

signatory that the passport office may

contact them and that they will be doing

these checks if the passport office are

not satisfied with your choice or cannot

get hold of the countess signatory they

may ask you to send in a new application

form with a different counter signatory

we hope that these guidelines have

helped you with your application process

if you have further questions about

counter signing or need help applying

for a British passport urgently visit

our web site www.kpbs.org/news/evening