DIY Save The Dates

hello so today I am going to be making

our save-the-dates well the first stage

of the process we're going to be going

back to southpaw and my sister is going

to help us by taking the photos that

we're going to use on our save the dates

and I'm going to talk you through the

process of how we make them in case you

want to do it yourself so the balloon

won't float so we're having to carefully

blue suck it to the wall that's a wrap

on our save the date and I'm really

quite pleased with some photos of GARP

had loads help from a more Becky Lois so

fingers crossed some really really good

ones when we turn them into our actual

save the date so it's been two weeks

since we took our pictures for our save

the date and what happened next was I

went away looked at all the photos and

then between those we picked our

favorite eight so I then send them off

to get printed and I use bonus proof to

get them printed very hard that you sent

off code on and they're common the

really quality and I'm really pleased

with them so here they are I can't

believe we've actually got to this point

where I've been in favor days over

absolutely major so I'll just show you a

couple close up easy they've got

different pictures on them and we've

just talked a bit of text on as well so

we've gone for look out for the invite

just the keys are quite casual but you

could do things like formal advice is

follow or put your wedding website on

there I did like the idea of putting our

website on there but I just have we've

got it finished yet

and also another fall is ready for all

the hassle of people asking me about

accommodation and so as much as I lock

these and I think that's beautiful

obviously so proud and I thought that

they might be a bit disappointing if

they just go out in a boring old

envelopes so a saw ice ice on white a

six envelopes which is a perfect size

for these Polaroid and then jasmine off

with an envelope liner

which is just some paper that I bought

from Paige Chase is Becca polish paper

and I printed out an a6 envelope

template liner template online and then

I just put them out I mean they just fit

that easy and free envelopes I also

bought this this is amazing this is a

wax seal and it's got J and H on it and

I just love it because we can use it for

all our wedding stationery and to the

office Christmas cards birthday cards

I'm going to get the most out of it I

mean it was any 11 pals from Etsy but

it's a really nice personal touch and

then I bought some wax and obviously new

wax and to seal the envelopes with so

just going to quickly show you how to

make these save-the-date how I've done

them so you get your white and blue this

one's a six and just slide your cut out

envelope liner into it and then it's

just about positioned into wherever you

think best so then what I do is just

fold this over to the natural crease of

the top of the envelope that where your

envelope line is kind of in position

nicely and then I bought this

double-sided page glue things and from

page choice as well and I just put some

glue down that side and this side of the

envelope liner on the long side and then

you just simply glue those and then once

you've got glue on there I just shot the

envelope so strap it down your creases

will follow and then you've got a

beautiful envelope liner I really love

these cushions esummary

and obviously we're sending them out in

June so it's going to be quite nice then

all you need to do is grab an invite and

then pop it

then just lick the top of the envelope

don't lick all the way around otherwise

the envelope liner will be able to be

opened nicely so people might rip into

it and don't get the same effect so you

need a slave I thought of these because

I am rich at using matches or any or

lighters so I have this to lie all our

candles in the house and then you just

like the wax now this is it we have to

be careful and quick so just make sure

that you've got the wax over the place

that you want it to fall and you need

about six strips and forget the perfect

seal if you do any more it can get a bit

clumpy and then the seal from actually

gets taught so I'm just on six now then

quickly blow that out I have a bit of

scrap paper as well probably to pop that

onto the wax doesn't run then you get

your stamp and then just make sure you

go the right way and push it out put a

couple of seconds it should peel off

quite nicely this one's not completely

circle but you can get the idea and then

you just got a lovely wax feel just it

different when people get it in the post

so all you see now is a name and address

understand and then I'll get posted it's

going to post my favor day supposed to

go boom