hi guys and welcome back to my youtube

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today I'll be sharing with you guys how

to make DIY bracelet I have been selling

these over on my Etsy for the past year

and I get so many questions about how to

make them so I figured I'd make a DIY

video for you guys to share how I make

them they are on my Etsy which is listed

down below in the description box in

case you guys just want to check it out

over it there but I thought this would

be a fun DIY type video to share with

you guys and something fun to do during

the summer especially if you are at home

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but let's just get right into the video

it's pretty simply you don't really need

a whole lot you're gonna need a pair of

scissors these are just little safety

scissors that I've had forever I love

you and I'm just because they're tiny I

love bringing this stuff with me to the

park or if I go to the pool or something

I love having all of the stuff with me

they're just having small scissors I

think it's really convenient then you

are gonna need some ponies ooh ooh that

was noisy I got these shipped to me from

Amazon I will try to have a link for

them down below in the description box

for you guys there's so many different

types of beads you can use they're super

inexpensive which is so awesome and

there's just so many colors which is

always so much fun so I will show you

guys a little bit more in depth of these

but I will have them listed down below

and then you're also going to need some

elastic band

string I think that's

I don't know if it's training it's just

like elastic bracelet material which I

will try my best to have a link down

below as well no I've seen a few

tutorials on how to do this on YouTube

but I want to show you guys how I make

them because I think there's a simpler

way and also if you guys what you might

want some letter beads which these come

in little bags and I bought so many of

them for my Etsy shop that I have them

all categorized in each letter so

they're just trying to organize by some

letter which is easy when you are making

tons of bracelets but I'm going to show

you guys how I make these biggest tip

for this is how you start making the

bracelet and at first I was like oh my

goodness is so hard because if you take

your string and you usually want to

measure your wrist and this is what I

saw on the tutorial so you'll like wrap

it around and then you cut it and I

found that so hard because if you cut

the string you just have a string and

put beads on it the beads start falling

off as you're putting them on so I don't

cut the string until after I put all the

beads on it so if you get the same bead

kit I do it comes with this lid and this

is how long I make each bracelet because

it fits the rich perfectly so I will

take the little lid off and lay it down

in front of me and then I will lay the

string on top of it I am right-handed so

I hope that like strengthing onto the

left and then I start over here with the

side of the string and then today I want

to make an orange bracelet I'll start

putting the orange beads on but if I

want my bracelet to say something I'd

like to lay it out on the tray so I will

pick the color that I want or if you

guys order it on Etsy that's the color I

like I'll find it and put it on the tray

so I know which one to use

I feel like Kelly will be fun so we're

gonna make a Kelly bracelet so we got a

K and E and then you need a Y and I do

have these little heart so I'm gonna put

hearts on the end and you know what I

hang I'm gonna spice it up I don't think

I'm gonna do orange I think I'm gonna

make it like a yellowy white color I'm

going to go for just like pearly light

which are seriously so pretty so I lay

it out like this and then I'm gonna take

my string I have it ready and I'm just

going to start putting the beads on to

the bracelet it's pretty simple and I'm

gonna show you guys how to do this and

then I'm also gonna show you guys how I

tie my knots and everything cuz I get

ton of the questions on how to do that

so once I get like five or so beads on

it I'm going to start putting the

letters on because it doesn't matter

when you put the letters on because it's

gonna roll easily and so I'm going to

get them all on there you want to make

sure they're on the right way like all

the right way I like to put the little

hearts on each side I just feel like it

adds a really fun touch to it and then I

put the other bead on and then I'm going

to fill up the rest of the tray lengths

of beads these are so much fun

to make for friends for family you can

wear them yourself I think there are

perfect summertime three there seriously

just starting and cute and I kind of

feel like they're like a fun youthful

vibe as well and kind of got really

trendy with the whole disco girl trying

last summer so once I have it oops no

once I have it the length of the tray

sometimes I like to add an extra one

just to make sure it's like not too

tight I will make sure there's about

three to four inches on each side of the

bracelet so the beads are laying in the

tray and then I will cut it off over

here like that and then I pick it up so

all the beads are in the middle and I

will take the strings and match them up

and drag the beads down and then I'm

going to pull them and wrap them all

around my finger a little bit and wrap

the bracelet inside of it and make a pun

on I think that's what it's called I'm

not really sure and then you just kind

of tighten it down and then once you get

to this point you're just going to make

those little four knots that you do when

you make friendship bracelets so I like

to make two of those so that way it's

kind of tight and then I will do the

same knot that I did before and I've

never had any issues with this no one's

ever told me like the bracelet broke of

course you do want to be like more

gentle with it because it is like a

handmade bracelet but it's pretty

durable for the most part I've never had

one break on me and so we'll just do a

few more and then once that's done you

have like this extra string which is a

lot but honestly I'd rather have too

much on top of it than having the issue

of the deep following off and then I

just kind of cut it and then that is

your bracelet it's seriously serious and

well you guys and it's so much fun and

these are so much fun to give a little

gift for just

like mail to people so such a super cute

accessory and you can make them

completely custom to you you can add all

the different colors if you want it

doesn't have to be one solid color I'm

sure to check out my Etsy shop witches

will sit down below I have tons of

bracelets tons of inspiration over there

and there are only $3 and if you buy

three you get one free plus a little

Kelly prepster sticker so be sure to

check it out I do write like little

handwritten letters and everything with

it it's so much fun but thank you so

much for watching this video I hope you

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