DIY Gift Favor Bags Cutouts Tutorial

hi guys welcome back to my channel I am

so happy to have you guys back this was

actually a highly highly requested video

it was a question that I posted on my

Facebook page who would like to for me

to do a tutorial for them on how to do

DIY goody bags gift bags party favorite

bags for any event that they're hosting

so I got so many great feedbacks

and people wanting to see this tutorial

so here I am bringing you this DIY

tutorial I'm so happy to have you guys

back as you can see I am in a whole new

different setting and the reason is is

because about a week or two ago I made a

post and my elegant creation group axing

about who would like to learn how for me

to do a tutorial on doing gift bags for

any event that you are having so this is

my elegant creation group I know I do

that mentioning a lot in my videos so I

thought I'd take you guys into this

group if you would like to learn how to

do DIYs if you do the core if you wanna

if you're big if you're a baker and you

love to create cakes treats whatever

that it is networking this is the goof

for you so please you guys don't

hesitate to join this group

it is super amazing super awesome and

you will be able to network with so many

different like-minded people like you so

as you can see I say who would like for

me to make a video tutorial showing you

how to make these bags I remember

creating this bag for my daughter's

birthday and everybody was complimenting

them it was super beautiful it was super

cute but let me ask the members who are

in my group if they would like to learn

how to create this as well as learning

how you can also sell these gift bags on

your if you want to create an Etsy store

as well so here's the post that I made

and you can see I got over a hundred

people who wanted me to show them how to

create these little gift bags everybody

was saying me me me yes please yes

please thank you for sharing yes yes yes

so I was like okay so I'm will do this

video and here we go today and I'm gonna

go ahead and get into the tutorial so

please stay tuned watch the

video on how I go ahead and put these

little gift bags favorite party favorite

bags together I am going to first go to

Pinterest ok Pinterest I love Pinterest

there's so much ideas you can get from

Pinterest now if you see here I have the

present the Princess Jasmine pulled up

so you want to type in you know Princess

Jasmine free printables because you want

to be able to get a free printable from

Pinterest there are so many so it's up

to you to choose whatever kind of

printable that you would like so I have

a few already that I had already saved

I'm going to take you guys here now if

you see here you're going to see that I

have the little mermaid printable you

can go ahead and print that if you're

having a little mermaid thing I have the

shimmer and shine little cartoon

characters I have Mirena cartoon

characters I have I forgot this little

cartoon character I forgot the name of

it but I know it was a popular little

cartoon show so I'm sure if once I think

of the name I will put it in the

description box below but I see as you

can see I have all these little

printable cartoon characters so you want

to be able to save all of them for

whatever theme that you're trying to go

for so once you picked out the character

or the theme that you're going for you

click onto it first I'm going to show

you guys how to do the Princess Jasmine

already kind of had it pulled up this is

the main one that I can honestly tell

you guys that I am selling on my Etsy

store this character right here but you

can get any characters that you choose

that you like ok so as you see I have it

pulled up now all you have to do of

course is to print it now once you're

done printing it you could print it at

the size that you see that it's n now

once you're done printing it and then

you can go ahead and start I'm gonna go

ahead and start showing you the tutorial

on how you can put go ahead and put it

together okay



also you want to make sure when you are

printing whatever theme or character or

whatever printables that your you're

going to be printing you want to make

sure that it is cardstock paper okay it

has to be hard cardstock paper you do

not want to use regular print paper

because it would not work it'll be too

soft and then for the look that you're

trying to go for it would not work so do

not do not use regular print paper you

have to use cardstock paper so it can

look and feel hard then regular print

paper just about everybody in the group

wanted me to show them so I thought you

know what I definitely have to show a

video on how to create these little bags

for any event that you're having and

also if you want to sell them you can do

so as well

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