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I'll be sharing with you guys all my

tips and what I'm due to freeze my milk

so I've got a lot of requests on my

Instagram on how I freeze my mouth how I

store milk and how I transport my milk

as you guys know I exclusively pump so I

constantly need milk to feed my baby and

I have to keep that milk fresh so it

doesn't go bad and I can use it for my

next heat so if you're interested please

keep watching first let me start by the

fundamentals which is storing the

storing time how long can you keep your

milk fresh so if you just pumped your

milk and you want to use it for your

next feed

usually the milk fresh on in room

temperature would be good from 4 to 6

hours so what I used to do is oh my last

pump will be at midnight and if I may

make my baby woke up at 5 or 6 that milk

I will store another in a bottle already

ready to go next to my nightstand so

whenever she woke up I just gave her

that and she'll finish it and she'll

continue sleeping up to 8 or 8:30 9

depending on whenever she wanted to wake

up so basically I own temperature fresh

milk will stay good for from 4 to 6

hours I really stretch the 6 hours at

times and it was fine just make sure

that you smelled the milk and they you

don't see any yum clung so you'll see

when the milk has gone bad you will

notice it so they'll be fresh well

second if she doesn't let's say she will

always eat from 4 ounces at each 3 to 4

hours so if I pump 4 ounces in one

breast the other four houses I'll put it

also in the fridge so to store in the

fridge that will go from I believe it's

2 to 4 days and I'm not mistaken usually

she consumes the milk with ended

de period so what I used to do is

whenever I had to fresh milk I'll pour

into one of these madela bottles then I

pop it in the freezer s or in the fridge

and then I'll keep it there for cool

from two to four days and what I used to

do is I'll put one two three so one will

be the amount that we will use on the

next feed and then the second milk will

be the most fresh milk that I just pump

and then the third and so on that way my

husband or whoever is feeding my baby

will know which milk to use first

because the milk that will be marked as

number one CH will be considered the

older the oldest milk so that would be

for the milk in the fridge milk in the

freezer can go from six to twelve months

it really depends on you if you have a

deep freezer you can go up to 12 months

what I did is I used it between the six

month period so whenever I knew I was

approaching the six-month period I will

start using all that milk just see my

baby with all the frozen milk and then

all the milk that was pumping I will do

another freezing batch so that well that

way it can have another six months

frozen milk uh so that would be

everything in terms of storing your

fresh milk in the fridge or stirring in

room temperature or in the freezer

okay so right now I just pump my milk I

have this medela bottle available and I

have enough that I just pump so what I

would do is if you have a will a pump or

a fini or whichever pump you God you

will just pour the milk into the bottle

so this smoke if I pop it in the freezer

now it will last me up to four days I

usually try to keep from for every four

ounces um

when it's in the fridge as you will see

the muck that I do if you have milks

like this in the fridge and you have 3.5

and one and four houses in the other

make sure they're in the same

temperature to mix it and keep it in the

freezer because if you mix cold with hot

the milk might go bad so what I would do

is if I have these two in the fridge and

the fridge already I'll just pour into

one the way a half eight ounces in one

and then this fresh milk I'll just pop

it into the fridge again and then that

will continue my batch from 1 to 3 what

I do to freeze my milk

I usually if I'm pumping into the

barracks or into a bottle I will make

sure that I have 4 ounces it's easier to

have 4 ounces frozen that way you can

pull two though that way you have a tea

for your baby whenever she is eating at

night or for example my baby she eats

eight ounces at night and during the day

she eats by for every four hours she

leaned four ounces for ounces for ounces

so I found it easier to freeze the milk

in the bags marked us or else's so right

now what I'm gonna do I'm gonna go ahead

and pour the milk from the fridge that I

know there in the sea temperature when

you temperature so right now I have in

one bottle around seven ounces it

usually goes up to eight ounces that way

I know I have two feeds right here and

now I'll pulp this back into the fridge

and it'll be good for another two days

this I just pumped it today so I know

it's still good just make sure that if

you have these types of bottles in your

fridge keep keep two or depending if

your baby because it seems a lot of milk

you can have three but make sure you

don't have that many bottles in the

fridge because then you'll get confused

you won't know what

because the olders the newest or

whatever unless you have a really good

system so what I do is exactly now I'll

have two milk bottles and if I see that

this one's kind of empty and it's in the

same temperature I'll just pour into the

big one that way I know I have to get

rid of this one whatever I can okay

right now I'm going to show you guys how

I freeze my milk so as I mentioned I

just pump this milk so right now I have

four ounces as I mentioned it's easier

to freeze the milk at every four ounces

so if you have it in the fridge two

ounces and then you have another 2

ounces make sure that it's in the same

room temperature pour into one bottle

then you'll make sure that you have the

four offices and they increase your milk

in one of these Medela bags or you can

use I believe it's called I forget the

name of the other brand I'll link it

down below

there's many brands that you can use

this one's still one of the works best

for me um it's really preferences

there's no long bag that's better than

the other ones I mean I've heard good

reviews from for some bags and they're

good too reviews for others this is what

works best for me this can hold up to

six ounces honestly if you pour six

ounces into this it's as approximately

it's not gonna fit all like I've had in

my beginning days beginner days of the

beginner I put six ounces into this and

it did not end well so that's why I know

four ounces is the best that way you can

remove all the air make sure that it's

correctly store and you can stock them

pretty easily so let me go ahead and

show you how I freeze my milk okay first

what you're gonna do is you're gonna

grab one of these clean bags you're

going to cut the top part that way you

will know it to clean a new bag and then

you're gonna write that date and the

month and then you're gonna write the

four ounces so I wrote it mine February

6 20 24 ounce that I do is open the bag

like so

and you're gonna grab the milk and just

pour it in just take your time because

you don't want to spill milk and if it's

your first time to-- right ahead and

place a plate underneath that we let you

spill you're not gonna regret it

okay so what I do is I usually press on

the bottom make sure the milk comes up a

little bit take air out like this and

then I'll push you to close it but not

100% because what I do is I hope I put

it on top of a table like this and then

I'll seal it the reason why I put it on

top of the table like this is because if

you have a big air bubble in the middle

it's because you have a lot of air in

the bag so what you want to do is make

sure to take out all the air again this

way up so as you can see this one

doesn't have really that much air and

this is how finish look this is a four


milk bag so it's pretty thin so how it's

gonna look after it's frozen it should

look like something like this

so what I do in the fridge I store them

like this I laid them on the freezer

like this that way to store this way and

that way I don't have any issues of a

lot of milk being in the bottom and it's

easier to stand also so make sure you

store your milk like that you'll have

more space so the way I transform my

milk I got myself from winners I think

over there in the u.s. called Marshalls

one of this lunch boxes right here where

insights can isolate it this way like I

have two of these ice packs that I got

with my medela pump which are shaped

this way that way the bottles will be

held inside properly so I have I usually

when I go out if I go out for eight

hours I have to make sure that I get at

least eight ounces of milk ready to go

because I'm exclusively pumping I know

that in those two hours I might I will

have to pump twice that way I can store

the milk inside my little mini cooler

that way I know I'll never run out of

milk because I'll have the eight ounces

here and then have an extra fresh eight

ounces that I could use so what I do if

it's a long trip I'll make sure to

having that 8 ounces in another 8 ounces

from out the whole day and it will look

like something like this so you will see

that there's space to add more things so

if I don't have enough fresh milk in the

fridge what I will do is I will grab one

of these milk bags that are in the

freezer and just pop it inside the


I'll just put it in the outer corner

like like so that way I know that it's

going to be cold but yet it's still

gonna be defrosting so when I use the

milk I'll make sure to eat this one and

then I'm just put in a cup a warm a cup

full of warm water that way um it can

warm up the mouth so I can feed it to my


also since in this lunchbox I will have

space here what I usually do if you have

a pump that has different parts to it

I'll just quickly rinse it if not you

can just pop it in here because it will

cook it will keep all the parts cool

that way you can use it for your next

mom it's kind of like the same technique

of popping everything to the fridge

whenever you're done pumping if you

won't if you don't have time to wash

everything do sanitize everything so

what I really liked about this little

lunch box and the system that I have

going on here is that I have enough

space to store my milk I have enough

space for extra milk that I will pump so

if I just pump filth like this one I can

just store on the side like this listen

like this and then I know my milk will

be kept cool and I can just store on the

other side all the pump parts so since

I'm using the willow I can just store

all the flanges and the flex tubes in

there if I don't have time to clean it

oh it's you

so I know I can store everything in

there and if I

how many things that need to be store

for my baby now that she's eating solids

for example I don't know I if I do a

apple puree I can just start there I

keep it cool her care she likes her

carrots cold so I keep it in that

lunchbox so it's a really cool system

that I got not only full of milks but

for my baby's food and and it might have

I don't know my iced coffee can just pop

it in there if it's a really hot day how

I be frost my milk or how I warm up my

milk what I do is sometimes when I get

the chance I will take a milk from the

freezer and then put it in the fridge

wait there a couple of hours until I can

see that has defrosted and then I will

pour it a little bit of warm water into

a cup like this I make sure that the cup

has enough space to fit the whole bag

and then I will just place the bag

inside the cup like so and I'll just

shake it like this that way the melt

keeps moving and it warms it up evenly

I don't warm up my milk that much

because first in my damage some

nutrients in the milk and second my baby

doesn't like really really warm milk she

kind of likes it not too much in room

temperature but kind of like going into

an iced milk I don't know why she likes

it that way whenever I give her warm

milk not hot but warm milk she does not

like it so I you get to know your baby

what she or he likes so what I do as I

mentioned if I have the back I'll just

move the back around if you're using one

of these como Tobin bottles the silicone

of these bottles are really really thick

so it takes a little bit longer to thaw

your milk defrosted milk I usually never

freeze it in these bottles so what I do

is whenever it's in the bags

I will make sure that the I've warmed up

enough the milk and then went into these

bottles if not if it's milk from the

fridge from the fridge I will pour it

into the bottle and then in warm water

I'll just place a bottle inside the car

wait a couple of minutes there I'll sell

the milk put it back wait a couple more

minutes and then the milk should be good

to go

when I'm in a hurry I usually warm up

the milk in these medulla bottles

because the plastic is thinner so it

gets warmed up much quicker than if I

was warming it up in her usual bottles

so that's the trick there if you guys

want to warm up milk really fast

use the medulla bottles or use the bags

which is the easier part you can also if

you don't have a cuppa vailable I don't

know you can run it into warm water use

warm water don't use hot water because

how long will kill the nutrient you know

okay guys so that is it for this video

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