How to Fill Out a Deposit Slip - Carousel Checks

welcome to carousel checks how to fill

out a deposit slip step one you will be

able to find your deposit slips in the

back of your checkbook behind all of

your checks your name should already be

pre-printed on your personal deposit

slips if you don't have any deposit

slips then request one from a teller or

you may find one in or on the writing

stand okay today the lobby of your bank

step to fill out date and sign if less

cash received

step three notice that on the deposit

slip there are lines or a column

designated to list your deposit the

first line says cash this spot is for

any cash you're depositing count the

cash you're depositing and write the

amount where it is listed cash step 4

look to see that the next line is

reserved for a cheque you want to

deposit if your deposit contains checks

then go ahead and list the one cheque in

that spot to enter a check enter the

check number in the blank and the amount

in the boxes

step 5 realize the next line may be

reserved for cheques or total from the

other side don't let this scare you if

you turn your deposit slip over you'll

see that there are more lines to add

more checks if you have more than two

checks you can list them on the back and

total them on the back as well once you

have total the checks on the back you

can list them where it says total from

the other side step 6

the next line says subtotal this is

where you add up all the cash and checks

that you have listed step 7 check out

the next line and notice it says less

cash received this spot is reserved for

the amount of money you would like to

get back from the deposit

step 8 now you just subtract the less

cash received line from the subtotal

line to get the total for your net

deposit thank you for watching our

how-to video tutorial for more videos

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