guys welcome back to my channel today

I'm going to share how I'm using my

Cricut machine to write out addresses on


I am currently putting together

Christmas cards and I'm using my machine

to write out my addresses for me so I'm

just gonna do a quick tutorial on how to

do this so I am going to click on text

and then we're gonna go up to fonts here

and when you're using writing with the

Cricut you want let me click on all so

you want a writing font you can see here

they show it says cutting writing right

here so it just says cutting then when

you keep going down it'll just tell you

if it's a cutting writing or I can do

both and there's an easy way to filter

this so if you go over to filter and

click on writing it will show all of the

writing fonts in cricket the only bad

thing is that you have to pay for

crickets writing fonts I don't think

there's a single one that is free and

they're all about $4.99 but I have found

a few thin fonts and they actually have

worked so I'll show you which one I'm

using but the other thing that I wanted

to show you was if you just use a

regular font I'm just gonna click on

system okay so if you just use a regular

font I'll show you what it looks like

really quickly so if you switch it up

here to a writing font this is what

happens to it it almost looks like

bubbles it looks like bubble letters and

it's not filled in so I don't really

like that I like just a single line

fonts so that's why you want it to be a

writing font but I have found a few

fonts in dafont.com that are thin fonts

and they and they don't do this bubble

shape so let me delete this and I will

just show you which font I'm using so

I'm gonna click on font and type

Keiji beneath your beautiful and this is

one that I found and you can see here

it's a very thin fogged because it's so

thin and actually works for a writing

font so then I am just gonna select that

and I'm going to type in mr. and mrs.

mrs. Smith and I'm just gonna type in

here like a pretend address or I really

like this fun um if you are looking for

a more elegant font for your addresses

you can kind of look around on the fat

calm or you could buy the fonts that

Cricut has sometimes it's just easier to

do that if you find a font that you

really like so I'm going to type in the

rest of the address here


okay so now I'm just gonna make this

smaller so then I might just do the line

spaces a little bit closer together okay

so I like that so this is gonna be your

return address and then next you would

go to text and type in your address that

you're sending it to but I am just going

to hit duplicate and just use the same

address even though obviously you would

do an address whoever you're sending it

to but so now the next thing that I'm

going to do is I'm going to go to shapes

and I'm going to select a square and for

this I'm going to make this the same

size as my envelope which is four by

eight so it's eight inches wide and you

also want to click the unlock button

here or you can click it here so then it

will let you switch this one

otherwise it won't let you switch it so

eight by four and then I'm gonna change

this to a white color so you can just

visualize this better and now I'm gonna

right click and I'm going to hit send to

back and then I'm just going to adjust

these how I like it I might make this

just a tiny bit bigger and then for this

one I'm just gonna move it kind of more

in the center


okay so then I'm just gonna have this in

the center I might make the line Center

okay so then the next thing I'm gonna do

I have this all lined up how I want it

to right I might move this up a little

bit so then the next thing I'm going to

do is just delete this box and then I am

going to select all and I am going to

attach it I'm not going to weld it

because welding it is permanent

and I have a lot of addresses that I'm

going to write and I'm going to be

retyping this in so I just want to

attach it so now I'm going to click this

it is still on a writing font since you

can see the little scissors so you want

to switch it to right and then I'll do

that for this one as well and I'm using

a zero point and I'm using a zero point

four tip black pen it's one of the

cricket pens and it says it right on

there so I'm going to select that I'm

gonna go back to this one and select

zero point four tip okay so now I'm

going to click on make it I'm going to

hit continue and I will just show you on

my machine how I do this I'm using my

blue cricket mat this is a light grip

mat and I like to use this on all of my

paper projects

I place my envelope down on the mat and

I load it into my machine I'm using my

black cricket marker to insert this into

the machine you put it in the side that

says a and you push the pen down until

you hear it click


then I press Start and the cricket will

start writing I have so much fun

watching the cricket right this will

take some time to type up each address

and for it to write so I'll probably

just do a few everyday and I just think

it's fun to have the neat handwriting

look on your envelopes also if you would

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I also just made some cute Christmas

stickers to seal the envelopes and I did

a tutorial on this a couple months ago

so I will link that in the description

box here's how it looks in the end I

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