DIY Coffee Mugs ❄ #DIYDecember Day 9

I hope you guys are going to make

something because for today's DIY

December video I am going to show you

how you can customize your mugs so this

one right here says I heart coffee on it

but you can write whatever you want you

can draw on these they're super super

easy to make all you need is a sharpie

marker and a mug so it's a really great

budget gift idea but you can also make

these for yourself but you do have to

make sure that you follow the

instructions very carefully because

these are easy to make but they're also

easy to mess up so there are some

specific steps that you need to follow

but I'm going to be showing you how to

create this and it's permanent

dishwasher safe it's not going to wash

off as long as you follow all of the

tips and instructions so let's go ahead

and get started you're gonna need a mug

and I got this one from Target and I'd

recommend going with a cheaper mug

rather than a more expensive one because

if you get a more expensive mug it's

going to have a nicer glaze on it and

when you put this into the oven you

actually want a glaze that isn't so

great so your design stays sealed onto

the mug so I would go with something

that's definitely on the cheaper end so

this was like a three dollar mug at

Target and then I have some white

vinegar but you can also use acetone

make sure it's pure acetone you don't

want a nail polish remover with like a

moisturizer in it or you can also use

rubbing alcohol and then I just have a

cotton pad here and of course a sharpie

and I would recommend sticking with a

black sharpie if you're using the

sharpie brand because if you try to use

like red it's going to turn a weird

yellowy orange color once you bake it in

the oven so stick with black or go with

a marker brand that's not going to fade

when you put it in the oven I'm just

starting off by getting a little bit of

the vinegar onto this cotton pad

and I'm just going to take this and

clean the surface of the mug you're

basically just wiping off any oils that

may be on the mug so after you clean

this you want to make sure that you are

not touching the area that you will be

drawing on with your fingers because

that is going to make the sharpie

rub off so you do want to make sure that

this stays nice and clean so now it's

just time to start drawing and I am

making sure that my handle is on this

side because I'm left-handed and I want

my design to be on the outside when I

hold it so it would be over here and I

apologize if my hand blocks my drawing

because I am left-handed so it's kind of

blocking the camera but I can't put it

on the other side because there's just a

wall here so I have to keep it on this

side so I think I'm just going to keep

this fairly simple and I did make a

little mistake here so you can come in

with your cotton pad and erase it if you

work fast enough so I'm actually just

going to erase my heart too because I

want to do it over again but you do have

to erase it pretty soon after you get it

down onto the mug so you kind of have to

make a quick decision whether you like

it or not and if you're working with a

rounder mug this one has a flat surface

I would recommend using like a painters

tape or something as a guide but since

this has a flat surface on it it's a

little bit easier to work on

I think I'm pretty happy with that and

it's not super perfect but like I've

said before I just really like the

quirks in hand-written things I kind of

like how that looks because it looks

like it's scribbled in so I heart coffee

just keeping it nice and simple but you

can also write like your favorite quote

something that's motivational something

that's cute funny you can make a pair of

mugs you can make one for your boyfriend

there are a ton of ideas so this is just

mine because I really like coffee and

tea you could also do I heart tea you

can even write something along the inner

rim it you could draw like a little

heart there's an endless amount of

things that you could do with this but I

just figured I keep it nice and simple

for this demonstration but yeah now we

can go ahead and pop this in the oven

alright so I am putting this in to my

oven now and it hasn't been preheated at

all it's totally cool inside so what you

want to do is you want to set your oven

to 425 degrees I'm going to go ahead and

let it start and then I'm going to come

back in 30 minutes so it's been 30

minutes and the oven is off now so I'm

just going to open up my oven a little

bit like this I'm just going to crack it

so it can cool off you don't want to

take the mug out immediately after

having it in the oven because that could

make it crack so you want to leave it in

there until it's cool to the touch so

just kind of let it chill out and then

come back and check on it okay so I

think this guy is ready and when you're

finished your mug is basically gonna

look the same as it did before you put

it in the oven but now your design is

permanent it's not going to wash off and

you can enjoy this for years to come by

the way I want to show you

cuz I mean another one I put one of my

favorite quotes on this month it says

there's something good in every day and

I think this is a great thing to put on

a mug so what I'm drinking my coffee it

just kind of reminds me that even though

things may feel like they're going wrong

on some days like everything is going

wrong it's all about the little things

and just remembering to pick out at

least one good thing from every day to

make you smile because there's always

something no matter how terrible the day

is and that's how I get through rough

day so I think this is a great thing to

have on a coffee mug I'm sure you guys

know I'm going to ask you to send in a

photo if you try this out yourself but

serious please send me a photo on

Twitter or Instagram

use the hashtag DIY December because I

love seeing your photos and I want to

see your mugs whether you're making one

for yourself or if you're going to make

a bunch and give them away as gifts this

holiday season I love looking at your

photos it has seriously become a part of

my daily routine at the end of the day

I'll go on Instagram and Twitter and

just look at all of them so thank you to

everybody who's been sending in photos

and I hope to see more other than that I

will see you guys tomorrow and I hope

you are having a fantastic day bye