DIY Drunk UNO Game


hello hello hello and welcome to my

channel today we are going to do a video

on those who note some drunk

uno games everybody be talking about it

even though they've been out for a long

time but once it hits the internet it's

sold so I'm going to the easy way out

I know I saw a video on YouTube I can

probably link that video below

I'm just lady she did on drunken the


uno game she did it step by step she

shows you how to make those cards

step-by-step by googling finding the

things that you need and everything

inside CreateSpace so she did it step by

step up to show you that but me I took

the easy way out I basically bought the

SVG to UM which may which um we came

with the letters who know letters to put

on the shot glasses and the card already

made okay yes I took easy way out okay

and I got it from Megan customs calm she

has it for sale on her site so you can

go ahead and check her out

but let me go ahead and show you'll make

this video it's gonna be long cuz I did

do everything but I'm go ahead already

got the images right here under my

recently uploaded I'm just playing

around with it just to see how it came

so she gives you a lot of files okay she

gave you these and PNG SVG s and

different kind of um different to give

you a lot of these files okay she gave

you the birthday file she did you want

to say graduation or senior she could

you a lot of files for the money that

you pay for this okay so go here they

picked it up from her site is really um

much easier to do and be still instead

if you unless you want to do it um step

by step let me show you real quick what

I'm talking about

go ahead and move this over so I can put

everything on the same page so just

right here it comes in a file and this

right here is basically what I'm the

video I see on youtube just lady show

you step-by-step how to make this card

okay putting their birds in here shaping

up putting the shapes in there okay but

look it's not really done for me on to

we're about doing it because it's

already done cuz I pay for it so if you

want to spend your money

how much it cost would you check her out

on Megan customs comm check around see

what the price is but it wasn't that bad

for all these files okay she gives you a

lot of files so I'm gonna get these work

these out of one of the words that you

put on your own glasses okay you're

gonna size this card the size you need

to put your box I don't know what kind

of bucks you're using but I'm just in

the box from Dollar Tree let me show you

I'm gonna measure the size that I want

um sticker to be on top of this plastic

box and I'm gonna make sure that it fits

uh shot glasses and it does perfectly

okay Dollar Tree yah I got these from

Dollar Tree I got these mugs I mean

these shot glass you from Dollar Tree

okay so I'm with the measure decency

besides I need it to be the stickers how

big of a sticker go on top of this

plastic container and I think i'ma go

with 8 by 7

okay by 6 and a half okay I'm gonna make

this um sticker eight by six and a half

this my sticker gonna be right here okay

bring this over to make sure all this is

flattened so when you print something

out you want to make sure it's flattened

so imma bring this me make my screen

little smaller I'm sorry yeah okay there

we go

okay so what I'm gonna do now is just

basically um make sure that this is all

flattened so just we're gonna use to

stick a paper for this okay

I'm gonna use sticker paper use whatever

you want you can use um if you want is

there all this you can use regular vinyl

we probably can cuz these glasses aren't

here but I'm just gonna use my print and

cut feature for this and I'm going to

use sticker paper for that I'm go ahead

and flatten it

my computer's been acting real slow know

if it's my internet cuz it's raining I

have no clue but Creek has been acting

really slow today okay so right here I

have just eight by six point five and in

this car I just want to make sure it

fits inside the container okay nine by

six okay and then should work we're

gonna flatten it just go check them off

at the Flint cuz it has a lot of words

on here some of the Deaf later okay

clicker that's being really slow so I'm

gonna go ahead and do it's going to exit

this and start over and when I get done

figuring out why my Cricut is so slow

I'll be right back hey y'all I'm back

and create spaces give me a really hard

time basically um as you see I was

trying to resize this to make it eight

by six for my um for the rules but you

see how many layers to see is and Cricut

cannot handle this

so basically want me to do is I'm in

Capri nice

these words right here with vinyl on

cricket but I'm gonna take the car and

then the sticker that I'm gonna use for

the top of the box the container

whenever I'm gonna take that I put in

this other way because I've been working

and working on this and it's just not

it's not uploading because of so many

layers on here okay like I said I've

apron on this for a long time and it's

not working so I'm gonna do is I'm gonna

close out it is um close this out is

basically it's froze its frozen I can't

do anything and I make one Becca for for

cricket I'll call Cricut and Fergus is

too many layers basically so I tried to

have this whole video to show you how to

do this wiki but I'm not gonna be able

do it okay I'm gonna close it so kick it

out alright so I'm sorry about all the

back-and-forth but I wanted to get this

up with everybody trying to do this

Oh No drunk oh no and it's so easy are

if you let me I'll get those on the card

from UM the website I'm gonna put down

below for you it's easy this do is print

them out one on cart put the car on

cardstock paper and then the other part

on sticker paper so you stick it on the

container seen quickly skin the money

downloaded this new beta point on v5

because I guess it's a new desktop or

whatever I don't know just get them

they're good time I turn on creeks

getting hit one actually got one

download I'm going down gonna get out

the way but now I was just however you'd

like you okay so I'm gonna night mean

you think Morgan C is there but it's

froze something when do a new project

there's just too many letters tween

layers are a blow let's go ahead and do

the words and cut those out and bind

them using using basically 651 vinyl

permanent vinyl and I have the colors

already blue yellow

I'm also stepping up now okay what I'm

doing is I'm go ahead and do it make a

smile like this and then wanna do is go

ahead and group it up here sound group

and then get one word right here bring

it over so I'm gonna just run group them

so now they stay still group now now

what I'm gonna do is make them all two

points - bye - okay I'll take it and go

to - okay it's a good size for my

glasses okay two point two we have all

those together so that's going to put

them up closer

because I do it everything else on

silhoue I think I tried to do so though

I think so the weight is much quick

faster than it can handle more layers on

silhouette damn cricket you know okay

that's one each one g one layer so I'm

gonna go ahead and wield it together


some click on it and weld it so can be

one see now is just one cut okay go to

the next one and we out this one make it

one cut okay and there we have it so now

we have one cut for each one of them and

I'm weird and make it you see not had

all its own the only sheet of paper and

a yellow I'm sorry yeah put it on my

mouse pad green blue Maria okay so now

i'm google here and turn my Cricut or my

colors and stuff it I'm gonna use it

show you that in a second and the easier

way to do this let me show you out real


the easiest way to do it so what I'm

gonna do is I'm gonna make all these

black right so make this black even

though make a big I'll make it blue but

you see what I'm in the mini black black

black black

today what I'm gonna do take it right

here I'm sorry yeah so twelve by twelve

Matt and I'm just basically showing you

our charter do this with a new trick I'm

a trick that I've learned you under

we're about changing your mat if you

have you put all the colors on one man


all the vital on that if you have small

projects like this it's easy to do it

like this okay if you have big projects

no more than no five inches and it's not

a good way to do this a good idea to do

it this way but got some small pieces

that you got a cut like this you wanna

change it many times just go ahead and

do it this just make sure you have your

your um your items your images where you

want the color where you go put the

color right on the mat okay good by the

way on the man okay you see how this is

you sure when you twirl by 12 Matt and I

had this over here in this corner he had

this one on this corner and I can put

the colors on on my mess let me show you

right I'm gonna show you real quick how

man do this okay yeah I have all of my

own vinyl here see how I measured it I

could have cut the smaller but I just

always do it bigger just so I can make

sure I have enough vinyl but see how

that word is only them and it's those

two boxes three boxes right there I'm

gonna do the vinyl on the same way but I

just do it bigger just because okay so

the same way for their box see how I was

doing that Matt just like that one is

and it for the last two at the bottom

just like that so Monsieur you have

enough vinyl to UM to UM cut for the

size of the image on your screen okay

okay so let me go here and push continue

we don't have to mirror this let me not

putting heat on it I just push continue

so now did you see it's on vinyl and I'm

gonna load it into the machine it goes

just like this and I'm gonna show you

how it's gonna look after I um print out

okay I'm gonna show you how it's gonna

look at that Cuddy with the easy step so

you'll have to worry about changing the

Mets four times for four different color

vinyls you can just cut it to the shape

and size that you need it so that I'm

image you can fit on it with no problem

and it all cut and one

time on one man okay someone cut it and

I'll be right back okay I'll go ahead

and read this out right now put on my

glasses because I'm gonna this one I'm

gonna down


yeah for y'all that do not have

silhouette got can print those out


you know what that someone do I'm going

to put print out a word instead of using

um to the way I like I'm so used to do

the silhouette when I'm printing out

bigger things but I'm go ahead and put

it on um Microsoft Word so I can show

you how to do images on Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word does cost and you can

also do it on silhouette and silhouette

is free what you want to use what you

want to use to do your um to print it

out because you're pretty not on

cardstock and you print it out one two

sticker paper okay so it's up to you

maybe I can try to do both show you both

ways because people have used Microsoft

people use to the with so I'm gonna show

y'all both ways okay I'm gonna do a

video anyway on how to print be in

Microsoft Word so I'm gonna show you do

both on this tutorial okay I hope you

don't mind and I knew I saved my scraps

and a little closer than you okay

I serve you here my son in the

background you know it is winter break

so he's home hang his brother here

okay just out and say it's just some

extra little pieces of vinyl okay I'm

gonna beat this out for y'all even

though I already had videos on how to

weep I'm go ahead and show you I'm gonna

have new loud beginners just new to

cricket on my arm Facebook group if you

don't know about my facebook boosters

cabron girls crafted cricket please come

and join us well they actually do is

answer all the questions before you join

to be approved you can do this any kind

of way you can make these words stick

you can make them um

damn like I'm doing them you can do my

however you want to do but I just liked

it I'm with this door like this with the

arm its outline okay you can have the

thick font that's how you want it this

is how I'm going to do it today so all

them is the same size it's different

colors of course okay so you see me wait

this out so I'm gonna meet the other two

out the other three one more so you can

see it okay but when the house it's

gonna work though I could have made a

little smaller than that it's kind of

big for this glass but oh well this time

I know I'm gonna be a little bit smaller

I made this two by two so let's go ahead

with this one the other time I do by

myself and I'm gonna bring come back to

you at that finish be because I went

this way they'll be too long okay and if

you want if you want to see more weeding

videos go to my channel I have more

videos tutorials show you got a weed

different things okay so I'm gonna go

ahead and show you how to use the

silhouette so the way does it free you

can get it to the bed for free if people

got the cambio sleep I've been asking me

to do more videos on camp I'm sure the

way it's imma do I'm gonna show you that

like I said Microsoft work we do have to

pay for it okay but I people do use were

to print bigger

now some started doing that to start

instead admit to different videos on

different oh it's gonna making two

different videos on different tutorials

I'm just go ahead and do them both

silhouette and um cricket on the same

video if it's not the video I don't take

that long if you don't there's nothing

wrong okay

okay so I'm go ahead and finish weenies

two out and I'll be back okay I have

them all weeded out as you can see right

here all four of them and I did I use

black instead of green green so I don't

have any green um vinyl I don't use

green vinyl for nothing so I'm not gonna

go buy a whole finger green vinyl if I

don't use it so I just chose to use

black for the other colors for the

granny okay so I'm gonna spring my own

gonna spray my class and clean them real

good so it's gonna be easier for the be

sticky vinyl on them

hey many glasses you want I was gonna do

it one was sick something because I was

going to a New Year's Eve party

I'm gonna just take it with me but I

think I'm gonna do for four right now

they're not probably mix them before

6:00 you can do however you want to do

it whatever floats your boat

okay okay so now that I have that I

already have my content paper cut out

already I guess I mean it just makes it

count on a plastic like calm paper back

like this and I just took it off and I'm

gonna skew on using this I just put it

on over and over for all four of them

lay it down so I won't get on bubbles

remember the scraper

let's go here Center our class time you

wanted just lead in my hand it might be

better for me to cut this this is the

way the UM glasses made might be easier

for you to cut slits in is vinyl so long

gimme bubbles I'm just make copper cooks

it on matter how you do it you want to

use this again for the other ones to do

try to save it if you don't if you don't

work you can use somewhere by now put

above right here don't get it so close

the lips the lips on here and I'm just

gonna hit it move it down that's a nice

size I got a bubble doggone it freakin

Fugees doggone it

okay I'm gonna try to do one at a time a

little bubble it's the way this cup is

made I'm trying to rope this close right

here didn't lift it up and didn't track

that down um Ian on here do to you first

okay right here do to you first dang

dude an Ian after I get there you want

in okay pull it off and then I can go

ahead and straighten it up a little bit

so that it won't be a lump in the end


okay now I'm gonna do it all the way

I'm gonna finish paper rips oh I can do

it all and there we have it our first

class nice huh yes you can't see it okay

wait one get the contact paper back on

here let's do this video please

subscribe and keep their red bail he

could be gonna five when I do new videos

tutorials up the Mission Creek it's um

silhouettes you know paper crabs

journals fine check me out yeah sup

tomato number losing everything

I just love crab crafting okay check my

other videos out trying to put it the

same way the other one just did one

later at time okay we have to worry

about anything can do that you first

bring it on down warm it up a little bit

he was ready yes it is

oh no it's not a little bit more about

your finger okay it's better now we're

getting to the end it's easier to come

from the bottom to the top okay pull it

from the bottom to the top I haven't

been having dinner vinyl wire I'm so

used to I'm so in love with this up the

mission I'm getting how to do my final

cuz I'm having did come on over and over

long in a while your honor okay so now

I'll go ahead and do oh you do one

letter at a time just because I'm doing

one later because it already this glass

is shaped and you wanna bubbles but you

had a flat surface you can do all at

once okay so you know it's been to the

paper and cause bubbles you can do one

letter at a time

look at that nice okay people you are

all the different um it's also make a

little bit bigger than your image you

can see where I want it not too close to

the lips I'm do to you first end up

forming it you know you would make sure

you guys because it was easier to come

free not ready air this contact paper

works it works it works really good so

you can do it more than once you do it

once and throw it away

see save your time you know it's gonna

be a dollar in battery just save your

time will clean all that kind of stuff

okay there you go

you got one more to go guys I would be

done with this and I'm gonna go ahead

and go to the home microsoft word and

show you how to print those cards and

stickers out you know while I'm going

through this with some dentists I'll

have any more final to do so I'm gonna

show you all the glasses together


okay yeah I got my Microsoft Word

already open I'm ready to do is go ahead

and go to insert and go to picture and

pictures from file and I have a lot of

files you're also probably a while for

me to find this okay right here so I

think I told you earlier in the video

basically all this all these files come

with the UM when you purchase this from

the website I'm gonna leave below making

customs I believe I'm gonna need a link

below and she gave you all these files

okay just a PNG I'm go ahead and push

insert okay and here's all the rules and

now you need to do is right click on it

then you go to right wrap text in front

of that right wrap text or front it

takes some go right here rep tix in

front of takes this just so you could be

able to move the UM move it around

before you couldn't move it around okay

now you can move around and now you can

go ahead and arm size it so I'm gonna

just to be the size of my container with

something be showing you in a minute

it's 8 by 16 I'm go up here and just put

the height to be 8 then I want the UM

the width to be 6 no am i doing but no

see okay so now when I was gonna make a


so now what I'm gonna do is we're gonna

put this on my printer I'll go to prints

and I don't have to I do have to um no I

don't so now putting this on written a

paper I'm putting it on cardstock paper

I don't have to worry about me release

okay so I'm just gonna go make sure all

of my settings are good I'm going to go

to my 77

tn printer and I'm going to be like this

and see copies of pages I'm going to lay

out let media media quality I'm go to

best quality and I'm going to go to high

quality plain paper okay and I do have

to do this every time people some people

say they want to do this every time I

have to do this every time to make sure

my settings are correct okay I'm going

to go to print paper here I'm using the

cardstock paper so it could be thick

paper I'm just using regular white

cardstock paper so we're gonna print

that out then I'll be back okay yeah I

changed the size the other side the idea

was too small it's like I said it's my

first time doing it so what I'm thinking

on I'm tired

yeah Chinese the size and I made it as

you can see a pit stop

I made it eight point two seven by seven

point five five okay so it's up to you

how you want to do it depends also how

big your box to you okay and I'm gonna

show you my box everything after I get

finished with everything delete this I'm

done with that so now I'm go ahead and

bring in the sticker that I'm gonna be

using okay I need to do again I need to

go ahead and um

right-click it wrap text to front so I

can get a move it around nothing move it

around now okay

let me make this bigger also size the

way you want it

what size is this now this is the 8 by 8

bring it in a little bit 7 I still gonna

make it that's 7 I'm gonna bring this up



okay I'm gonna put this right here

basically the height is six point nine

point two and there's seven point nine

one and I say just measure your box and

you can go from here I'm left with a

sticker in there that I'm gonna be using

I got a sticker paper from Ricky I think

it's pretty um no it's the paper studio

everything below okay I guess I'm gonna

show you how to do it on silhouette real

quick let me show you guys it also Lube

it real quick if you don't have word cuz

we're perfect does cost we're gonna show

you how to do us in the wet real quick

I'm not gonna print it out also the way

I'm just gonna show you how to import

all the images you need for this okay

and I'll go ahead and go to file merge

Oh anyway go back to you know I'm just

showing you how to do it on silhouette

if you don't have Microsoft Word which

is Microsoft Word you get to pay for and

um silhouette is you can download this

version for free and it don't you have

just for free don't you want to have a

quicker cameo you just basically

printing from this okay but if he went

to cameo you can get UK me I have a

cameo I have a silhouette I have a cameo

and I have um um Cricut explore too okay

but before I bought my cameo I had this

version for free and now I have the

business version and I love the business

version with silhouette okay so now I'm

go ahead and go here and do the PNG this

is so easy to do it but I'm gonna show

y'all people are still learning and they

want me to do one video the silhouette

okay so miss you just take you you'll

item sorry click on it and move it and

you can size the way you want to size it

okay take it and just pull it

I don't know anything right there I said

I told you I'm still working on how to

use this silhouette and until you the

size right here so right now it's 10 by

10 and tell you right here also what

size of it okay so if you would ever

sign you wanted you just stretch it out

how you want it okay and you print this

I'm gonna show you how to print them how

you can print it but you can move it to

the side long as it's not in the white

page you know whether it's not gonna

print okay but just on this white page

it will print out some because we're

over something get the other one file

merge and I'm going to go to UM way with

the PNG and I'm gonna go ahead and take

this over why is it doing this okay

bring it over sighs it I'm gonna want it

I need some whatever size you want to

make it and keep it on this white paper

right now this is living by little

brothers wouldn't want that baby just

bring it on up this way use just to make

it bigger or smaller or you know go up

here and print it up and you know write

it in right here okay right there okay

I'm sorry right here okay so now let me

show you how to print this out um you

know I'm we're gonna print this out

because I'm going to make more anyway so

we're here to put this out for y'all so

you can see how it looks so I'm just

making sure I got the right size I need

I need an 8 by 8 ways I'm go to the

paper so it's no besides this

paper here so I can know how big the

image is so I just go over here and go

to Hey

point five you know go by eight point

five by living it's a paper but it's not

paper gonna be let make sure I can throw

my paper so that's cool so now I'm gonna

head and print this out the measurement

stairs is 7 point 7 by 8 points ooh ok

so I'm going to show you how to print

our silhouette you go to file you go to


I'm sorry you go to file print page

setup then not the regular papers didn't

have by 11 which I have any printer I'm

going to my 7720 ok then I'm going back

to prints and the same way I did before

with Microsoft Word I go to um medium

quality media quality I'll go ahead and

put this media type I put a high quality

plain paper now I'm gonna push print at

that put my car oh it's for the rooms ok

let me show you all this cuz you got two

different rooms on your job I spin out

two different ones they different this

one right here this is the one shot

start the game with you says draw two

one shot draw force we shut the sick

when I printed out it's a totally

different you still drunk

uno official rules everyone takes one

shot to start the game just saying so

she just printed up oh it's a little bit

too for what's the same the same he's

just it just look different okay she did

pretty she got two different types so

that's good to know

okay to a different um way she designed

the rules but they're the same rules

okay okay I got okay I'm Becky are there

didn't cut out um you can I didn't use

the cutting praying features as far as

let Mike wicked cutting out or mice

little bit cut out because one thing it

would not work just did not work on

silhouette because I mean on quickie

because it was too many layers so this

would not working quickly so but if it

did I would have cleaned up a quickie

but I use my scissors okay and

silhouette I'm stuck I seen it before

I'm not

- I'm still learning to the way even

though I've done a pretty cut before

before the way I haven't Danny with all

these layers now I want to miss anything

up so I'm still learning how to lose to

the way so yes I did use suit and on

them go here to show you when I had the

car is it's the car just fit inside the

box you can make the car bigger this is

the size I chose we can make a little

bigger to fit in the box

okay laminate this I have a little mini

machine blender go through all this on

this video well I'm gonna do a my

machine later and it's just sticker

paper sticker paper that I got from but

I said this paper studio virgin paper

sticker paper I'm sorry I'm gonna go

ahead and take this off now

and put on my tater I don't think I hate

about this is so hard to find the UM how

to peel this off every has some good

sticker paper with it it causes pain

right now everything I spend apparel

basically give you a crease in the

middle of the show to help you with the

arm to pull it off much easier than this

book didn't give me too much trouble

this time okay or just I'm shredding

paper from the Dollar Tree car just put

them right in the middle I have the

cards here I got these cars from Dollar

Tree Dollar Store here way too much

money but I didn't tell me this video

out the way but I'm gonna advise you to

go to the diamond store because there

was like six dollars for the dollar

store I've been looking the warmer I

didn't have any more Michaels gonna have

any more either

yeah face it guys city just this video

yeah get much I love y'all come on

behind on my videos I downtown okay so

then we have our jump little game like I

say it though you can cook it um put

then once you could put the

no you put it right here or you can just

put them they live on top it's like uh

someone lemonade it lay it on top and WH

how you do it but this would be a good

thing to sail around holidays Christmas

graduations like I said just make sure

they're leaked they leave early go make

a be able to drink and don't drink and

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