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do you want to write an email that will get you an interview in this lesson I'll

teach 8 magic keys when emailing your resume and other resume emailing tips +

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email and grab the attention of hiring decision makers

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when i post another video here are the eight magic keys when emailing your

resume magic key number one always use a professional email address that means

never ever use an email address with sexual references or body parts such as

and career ears fat booty cutie 69 or long dong silver 21 or with coarse

language such as biatch goddess or with a non job-related hobby or sport such as

deer hunter 85 use your name if possible or your name and your career area such

as first name last name nursing at gmail.com or first name last name

marketing at gmail.com magic key number two choose an irresistible subject line

preferably less than 60 characters now if there are specific instructions in

the job posting about elements that should be included in the subject line

such as the position or job ID then be sure to follow those to the letter

if someone known by the hiring decision maker referred you then include their

name such as referral by john smith christopher robin PhD for research

scientist otherwise keep the subject line as short and simple as possible

while still piquing the interest of the reader such as strategic analysts with

20-plus years experience and then your name or a bolder approach top three

reasons to hire me as a fashion intern very important you will create a much

more compelling subject line and email message if you follow the step by step

process in the attention-grabbing cover letter lesson this lesson helps you

identify the specific evidence why you meet or exceed the job requirements

magic key number three start your message with a personal greeting that

means never ever using the generic dear HR manager or any of the other interview

killing generic greetings if the company is more formal start your greeting with

the appropriate term of respect such as mr. or miss or mrs.

or doctor or professor followed by their name if the company is less formal you

can start your email with deer or greetings or hello followed by their

name what should you do if you can't find the name of the hiring manager

watch my big cover letter mistake video so you'll know how to avoid the five

generic interview killing greetings and what to use instead now that you have an

email template what's the next job you would use it to apply to I'd love to

read your answers below magic key number four write your opening hook think of

your hook as the headline for an advertisement it can be a single

sentence or a two to three sentence story any of the following ideas can be the

focus of your hook a passion you enjoyed that offers an important reason to

consider you for the job for example my recent experience volunteering in

Argentina with the medical surgery team sparked a deep desire to serve in health

care a story about your relationship with the company that shows your genuine

love for it I spent hours playing with Lego as a kid and still enjoy building

Lego structures as an adult a specific skill experience or accomplishment that

shows you'd be a great fit my experience riding a bicycle across America will

make me a great tour leader for other cross-country riders a quote by a leader

in your industry such as if you build it you may still need Google AdWords a

deeply held belief or value that you hold that ties to something that's

important to the company serving the young is big thoughts mission it's mine

too a single sentence inviting the reader to engage with you by showcasing

the top reasons to hire you such as below are three reasons to hire me as

administrative assistant magic key number five following the headline

briefly explain the top three to five reasons to hire you for the position the

most effective way to create your list of reasons is to take the job

description of the position you want and match each job requirement with evidence

showing why you meet or exceed each requirement then pick the top three to

five areas you think are the most important to highlight my attention

grabbing cover letter video teaches a detailed step-by-step

strategy to help you with this process so be sure to watch it once you have

your top three to five reasons list them as separate paragraphs starting with a

brief bold subheading and followed by two to three sentences describing your

evidence magic key number six write your invitation to action in most cases you

will ask the reader to invite you to an interview by giving them a good reason

to do so my passion for serving others especially

young will make me an asset to name of company when can we schedule an

interview you can reach me at list your phone number magic key number seven use

a professional signature line I recommend you include your phone number

contact details and a link to your LinkedIn profile it may also be

appropriate to include a link to your website online portfolio and social

media icons you may also consider adding a professional photo as part of your

email signature magic key number eight unless the company has said specifically

not to send email attachments I recommend you attach a one to two-page

attention-grabbing cover letter and resume as one PDF to your email

including an attention-grabbing cover letter as the first page of your

attachment gives you an opportunity to show the reader more than the three to

five reasons in your email why you meet or exceed the requirements for the job

once everything is ready be sure to send a test message to yourself before you

send it to the hiring decision maker one more thing

wouldn't it be magical if there was an email template that you could swipe to

help you write your very own magic cover letter email well there is and I just

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