How To Write Insurance Policies With Facebook, Wufoo, and DYL

it's Chris over here at D while we got a

fantastic presentation for you today

Josh Roman is an honor ring winning

Allstate agent he has probably the

coolest marketing technique that I've

seen since I've been here he's going to

show you how to use one of the most

popular websites in the world to

generate free leads which is Facebook

and Josh has got is screen up here so

Josh feel free to take it away no

problem thank you very much I hope

everyone's having a wonderful day I've

got to have some meetings this morning

and so I'm all fresh and ready to go

through this just to give you guys a

heads up I'm actually training a couple

of team members in my office right now

so we're going to go through this just

like I have new team members so

hopefully we'll look at it as Dave

Ramsey says from a teachers heart and if

you have any questions feel free to type

them in the chat and at the end we will

see if we can get to all of them keep in

mind that when I went to generate this

webinar I started putting some of our

topics down how we deal with Facebook

how we deal with LinkedIn and what I

found was that it was just too much

information to cover on one webinar so

what we're going to do is today we're

going to cover all of the free tactics

we're going to cover everything you can

do if you wanted to for pretty much no

cost so it's it's going to be I want to

say exciting I don't want to overplay it

but if we just get the blocking and

tackling straight we'll go through the

paid next time and you'll have a great

foundation so let's go ahead and get

started all right so first of all I want

to start with my story so you'll see me

down there in the bottom right hand with

my wife and two girls pretty much the

whole reason why I'm here doing this my

background is as a financial advisor so

I've gotten I came into this thing a

little over five years ago

with very little you know PNC very

little home and auto knowledge I was a

financial advisor and just by the grace

of God was tired of working 70 hours a

week and felt like I could you know do a

little something on my own

when my friends recruited me into into

Allstate and I started talking with uh

with the depth of cells and everything

they said hey there's three agents that

are getting ready to possibly leave I

didn't know that they received letters

and they were in fact out the door

because of underperforming I just looked

at the income that could be made and

said let's go for it so they gave me not

gave me I bought three agents that were

being terminated for about 2.9 million

that first year and first probably 15

months was just a whirlwind storm of

trying to get my feet on the ground

probably a lot of you out there feeling

the same way but the two years following

that that first 15 months we were able

to hit chairman to the National

Conference because of that I thought I

knew everything and and the region

allowed me to open a second location

again I probably you know knew a little

bit more than I do the first time and

just wanted to be part of that awesome

you know startup compensation package so

I took anything they would give me I

took a jest you're reading it right an

agent that after his 15 months in the

business was able to have a hundred and

fifty thousand dollar book of business

now keep in mind he had a little bit of

service income as well that didn't hit

the CSR P so it had about a two thousand

dollars a month coming in so not enough

by any stretch of the imagination to pay

the bills so we had to get working and

2015 you know wasn't the best year

didn't win any awards what we bounced

back in 2016

very very tough year and one honoring

we're now right at or over four million

dollars combined the whole reason for

their stories just let you know where I

am some of the ups and downs that I've

been through but also notice what's not

on here you notice I didn't talk about

you know the education or the the

different committees that I've been on

you know things that typically he would

look for in a corporate resume you know

I spent a lot of time building a resume

to climb the corporate ladder and then

one day by the grace of God was able to

jump off that ladder now only one thing

matters and that is whether or not you

can grow the business and so after 2015

as you saw up there

got to be pretty tough I was used to

buying just a ton of Internet leaves

nothing wrong am I still like internet

leads to to some extent if you work them

properly but I was spending a ton of

money and the plan was each year that I

got these great bonuses I would just pay

off the money that I ran up you guys

probably are in a similar boat well

where I am now is that I learned that I

pretty much can't afford to buy enough

leads to grow as large and as fast as I

want so I looked for team members that

had some driving passion like I do and

they're willing to put in some of their

own work in order to generate their own

leads now like I said this is the free

and organic part part one so we're going

to talk what can we do to help a team

member generate their own leads

so first of all we've got to start with

some foundational tools these are things

you're going to need in your tool bill

if you want to accomplish what what I'm

going to talk about today if you have

nothing else is required so anything

outside of these foundation tools here

we can talk about another time but in

order to accomplish what we're going to

go through this seminar or webinar on

you've got to have these basic tools of

course dy l so we can do campaign

dialing one to one that's you know we've

got texting we've got a CRM we've got e

agent for drips we've got a LinkedIn

account I notice here that there's no

need for upgrading because as you'll see

these are very basic blocking and

tackling strategies that work well

Facebook hopefully almost everybody has

a Facebook account you may not have

heard of sniffly but you will by the end

of this webinar and of course a woohoo


so what is roof ooh I've mentioned it to

my wife I mentioned to some friends and

they kind of look at me at me crazy a

roof ooh what is a roof ooh it's a basic

easy to use form it's a form builder

nothing else some people try to use

Google Forms in the past some people use

instapage regardless of what it is I'm a

simple man so I tried to find the most

simple tool I could to build a nice

high-quality page again you'll notice

that as I said everything can be

accomplished free on roof ooh they have

the ability to build three free forms up

to a hundred entries so you can try

these strategies out for yourself put in

the work and see that they work that

once you do you're going to want the

magic to happen and the magic is going

to happen once you get unlimited forms

here's the thing unlimited forms can be

bought for like 30 bucks a month or $250

a year

yes that's it so this whole strategy is

going to be creating I wanna say

unlimited leads I want to oversell it

but create as many leads as your team

can work for for about two hundred and

fifty dollars a year so the cool thing

about roopu is that it's dyo compatible

each form is going to be ratted to a

specific dy l user so when you create

this lead it can come in just like any

other internet lead it can go directly

to a producer it can be round robin

whatever you want to do inside you'll

notice also the the slideshow that I

prepared for you today I tried to put as

much information as possible on the

slide so that you can take a picture of

the slide you can write down the the

notes directly from the slide I want you

to be able to have exactly what you need

in order to get these strategies

implemented if you choose to do so so

you'll notice that I put in exactly how

to get your DL compatibility built user

settings manage lead sources add lead

source and then in it I'm sure there'll

be some questions about that so we'll

talk about it and again the magic

happens whenever you get a direct user

using their own lead source

and then you guys probably already know

but each of your lead sources once you

put them in the oil they can be instant

called or that or you can check the know

box and then not be instant called

so there's some people or some forms

that you may want as you create the form

and create the leads are going to be

called automatically right away can we

think of some that might be called

automatically right away an internet

lead right or there may be some direct

response lead that you want as soon as

they come and to be called right away

that would be an instant connect but

there may be some that will go through

in this presentation that you want them

to kind of sit there for a minute you

don't want you want to prepare for that

well you can do that with dy l as well a

lot of people don't realize that when

they think of dy L and the tools they

think of oh the phone's going to ring

automatically I may not want that to

happen with particularly well that's

completely up to you

so the first thing we're going to do is

create a roof root form and again this

training is for my team as well so what

are we going to do to go through the

steps to actually create a roof inform

you'll notice at the bottom I've got an

example I'm going to go ahead and click

to that and hopefully you'll be able to

see it on the screen

that way as I walk through how to create

it you'll see exactly what it looks like

while it's coming up

it goes


I guess GoToWebinar doesn't like too

many things at one time very slow down

but let's see what happens

well that's loading up for you I'll just

steal the presenter Oh real quick for


and just so people can see because I

know some people might be new to dy l

what what josh is talking about this is

this phone system that will call these

wufu leads for you

so you've got a phone system that be

similar to any you know VoIP phones

you've got you also have lead management

tools you have that lead dialing and

texting if anybody has any questions on

that feel free to give us a holler but

this would be what context these wufu

forms instantly so if you are using you

know finality or blitz or call fire any

of those you get all those features

wrapped up in one plus this woo

availability and see hopefully you can

get this back over to Josh and see if

this pulls up for you all right can you

see it yeah all right so perfect thank

you very much yeah so this is the roof

reform so this is a form this is just

one example so I'll put this in

different areas throughout the

throughout the knit and I'll try to get

people to fill these forms out so you'll

see here as I scroll down I put cell

phone in here to make sure that it's

textual but that's an example so and

this is just a leave form you'll notice

that I put as little information in here

as possible because I want to make sure

that one they feel comfortable filling

out you'll notice they'll try to match

up exactly what the form says with how I

try to get them to fill the form out and

I'll also add social proof in here as

well some people if they don't feel

comfortable filling the form out I don't

mind putting a text able phone number in

here and again because I used eyl this

my main phone number for my office is

actually text enabled so they can text

right into the office so I will close

that and so now that you've seen the

example how do you actually create a

blue fruit form so we go to ruku calm

and if you click unlimited forms you can

customize it as much as your

like there's about six or seven

different customizing options on the

free but just click a new form you'll

get all kinds of options like name email

ratings drop downs but the magic happens

when you add notifications so this is a

little bit technical hang with me but

team if you're listening when you go in

and add notifications I want you to use

the webhook option the reason why I want

you to use the webhook option and I went

ahead and wrote in here exactly what the

webhook is for Dee while on the right

side the reason why there's question

marks is because when you go to add lead

source in dyo you will be assigned an

email address that that the leads will

be sent to but the pro tip is to use the

web hooks because if you use the web

hook it will save the text and the email

feature so now you'll get a notification

on the LSPs phone that when this form

has been filled out bill note to go and

take a look at the form as an agency

owner I'll be able to get an email and

say wow this guy is generating leads

this girl is generating leads and I'll

be able to have a way to go in and see

if it was called in a timely fashion now

some of you guys may be tech geeks out

there so I put down here that that you

may be thinking oh this blue food form

is too basic for me know if you need to

integrate it into your website via

JavaScript or iframe or WordPress it can

do all of those things but again all we

need is the basic copies link just like

I have on the bottom of this page that

is the only copy link you need now once

you go into Wooper and you grab the copy

link they're going to ask you whether

you which type of copy link you want do

you want the title for the permanent

they do the exact same thing so for

example you'll notice I'm using the

title link down here if I wanted to

change some names inside the inside my

form it'll actually change the name of

the form but the permanent makes it to

where regardless of any changes you make

to the form that

the link will stay the same so that way

if you go to the free service and the

reason why this is important is you if

you use the free service and you only

get the three forms you can actually

change those forms to match your

marketing you don't have to want you

don't have to keep the form the same

forever and the reason why I like using

the free service until you get up and

running is because each LSP could

actually have their own rule account so

it's pretty cool we'll keep going I

actually have got the unlimited service

from my office because I like the idea

of being able to control where those

leads are going and the forms so I'm

sure there's some questions but we're

going to we're going to keep it going

and so so now that had any yeah I'm

sorry to interrupt real quick just an

visit we didn't have any questions on

the wufu stuff we do have a little

tutorial on this I'll put it in the chat

window for later if anybody wants to

view that that will be there for dy l

customers - how to do that so don't feel

like you got to learn all this stuff

right when josh is saying that you will

get some resources to you that's perfect

I appreciate that so we we haven't

gotten to how to actually generate the

leads yet we just did some some basic

housekeeping of what we're going to need

and the roof roof form is prevalent so

one to make sure that we had a basic

understanding of the leaf report but

what we're actually going to cover today

the five free ways to generate leads are

email generating referrals using a

LinkedIn strategy and Facebook direct

message and the news feed so if if your

team can handle these five basic

strategies you're going to pretty much

have the blocking and tackling down pat

and you'll be able to move to some of

the paid stuff at a later time again

using a looper forms so let's jump into

the first one

all right email so when I say email

every no I often get people that roll

their eyes and say oh um and email are

you talking about just sending out a

blast sometimes we get responses

sometimes we don't know I'm not talking

about a blast emails are often

overlooked and sometimes you know

they're taken for granted but we've got

to take a step back and think about why

are we sending emails an email is just

like a letter that comes in the mailbox

or it should be but instead it's coming

electronically so if it's a letter that

comes in the mailbox accept coming

electronically that means it's personal

it's intimate I mean it's cheap it's

dirt I mean it's free right and because

of if it is all three of those things

and it's definitely going to be

effective so I want you to think about

that when I look at the agent alright

and we think of bulk mail so the entire

book of business it can work and I've

got some strategies where we use roof

reforms when we are sending bulk emails

out but the reason why I want you to

focus on single emails or drip emails is

because I have found that the bounce

back rate or the return rate on when we

send a bulk email through agent very

high which means that they're not

getting read I'm sure many of you guys

have I'm sure many of you guys have seen

the same thing so because of that I'm

focusing on drip and single emails so

again so that you would have all the

information in front of you the basics

of building out a drip campaign if

you've never done in any agent before is

just go to the setup section next go to

drip campaigns once you're in drip

campaigns they're going to only go into

asking for questions what is the trigger

happy when do you want the person to get

the email is it based on the X date that

you put in is it based on a birthday

what exactly is it based on a renewal

you can you can figure all of those

things and I tell you to get creative

because there is nothing wrong with

having multiple triggers there's nothing

wrong with having multiple drips I had

the question presented to me when I was

in Atlanta last week how often do you

email your lips well some of you may

follow you know Gary B or or you know

some of some of the big email names out

there and they say that in order to

fully work your list you need to email

it four times a week four times a week

most of us out there would think that

that is a crazy number but I'll tell you

that you never know if weathers going to

go to spam whether they read it what

mood they're going to be in if you only

got one email a day as long as it was

useful information

you wouldn't be annoyed so I tell you

don't be afraid to have multiple

triggers and multiple drips set up so

then you go and set the email template

up which we'll talk about next

and the reason why the key agent

template is important is because that's

really our only option guys our only

option to email out customers is doing

it through the all-state system or

through the agent so because of that

we've got to learn to master the e agent

template and again this is for single or

drip emails so first of all as I've got

it up here in the top go to setup email

templates and then add the plus sign is

there a new template now like I said you

can have unlimited templates we can

create them for each user why is that

important to create a template for each

user as opposed to everybody using the

same you guessed it because a rule for

forms if you're able to create a

template when it's appropriate for each


and they can generate their own leads

they're now going to email friends

family claim follow-up we've all talked

about getting that green sheet actually

finished you know we can do something

very similar to a green sheet in a

roofing form send it out individually

let them know that the email is coming

to look for it next thing you know we're

generating our only again these are when

they're sent individually so just that

information alone if you think about the

number of inbound calls each ten each

team member takes the average on my team

is only about twenty a day but out of

twenty inbound phone calls a day how

many route group forms do you think you

can get back as a lead and again you

know you can check whether or not you

want them called instantly in this case

I'd probably say it's not the best idea

but that's up to you so next we'll take

a look at different drip campaigns now

the solute form is probably for the

whole office because when it's a drip

campaign you can't assign the drip to

the producer hopefully if anybody's

Allstate's listening that would be a

great idea to do for example if I could

somehow make it to where I could input a

different template based on their

birthday and it get assigned to the user

that would be great but right now we

don't have the ability to do that so

keep that in mind these are going to

come back as office wide but I put down

five you know probably six or seven

different options here for you some of

you are doing to ensure your love for

life insurance right now how are you

actually creating those leads when

you're posting on Facebook we are

sending out the emails what are you

doing to capture that lead are you

saying just called the office is there a

better way of doing that I think the

ruku forum would would help you there

happy birthday for life insurance you

know just a little form at the bottom if

you're interested right again we tried

to not sell during our happy birthday

moments but you know if they click on it

then that's up to them X date went back

aces feedback insurance review

permission to contact have you guys been

dealing with how to actually collect the

ability to text somebody to text their

their cell phone well you can have them

fill out a permission to contact form as

part of your onboarding process and now

you've got it on file forever my

favorite and this is kind of given some

of the secret sauce but I'm okay with

that because somebody else gave me the

secret sauce emergency contact

anytime you write business as part of

your onboarding process ask them if for

some reason we can't get a hold of you

who that does not live with you can we

contact you never know they could be in

the hospital and their life insurance

needs you paid up yeah the good the

house could have burned and they somehow

need access to the insurance that we

provide because we provide a very very

valuable product but we cannot get ahold

of them I mean it makes sense right

because usually it's in their most dire

time of need they'll use what we offer


and it could be a time where they're

incapacitated so again we reach out let

them know that they've been asked as a

merge ensue contact as it's a something

that we do in the office and if they

don't mind you know if we'd be happy at

at their convenience to quote them and

see if we can bring them into the family

so I'm sure there'll be some questions

about using emails but keep in mind this

is a very powerful tool and a lot of

times we phone it in and just do these

blast emails that don't get responses

I'll tell you drip emails and sending

them individually will get through some

of those spam filters and allow us to to

you know generate leads the second free

way is through referrals now we beat

referrals over the head with a stick

everyone talks about it but how do you

actually make it easy for your center of

influence to give you a referral how do

you know if they gave you a referral do

you have any way of keeping up with it

when we bring our candy your donuts or

smiling faces or whatever it is around

and talk to them how do we know who's

giving us your frozen who isn't one mask

is let me take it one step further if

you're trying to decide who to invest in

with direct mail money

who are you going to choose obviously

somebody that wants to support your

business so when I think of centers of

influence I think of Fellows loan

officers I think of my current customers

I think of real estate agents and I had

a gentleman out of I think it was South

Carolina and last weekend in a in

Atlanta that said hey have you thought

about using the strategy with leasers

he's like I do a lot of business with

apartment complexes and you know I could

just put this weaboo app on on the phone

of apartment complex leasers that's a

great idea so how do we get this on

people's phone you have to agree with me

that the one thing that we all have that

we carry around with us everywhere is

what it's our phone so if our phones

always on us we want to make it easy for

someone to send us a lead now keep in

mind this is the free version there's a

lot of differ from 30 bucks a month to

60 bucks a month up to five or six

hundred dollars a year to generate an

app that makes it easy for them to share

their information me personally I really

like the Allstate app when it comes to

take care of the customer so I asked a

customer to put the Allstate app on

their phone then I also asked them to

put my referral app on their phone and

the way I take a room form and turn it

into an app is you'll notice step one is

create the room form and have it geared

towards referrals now again if you're

using the free one I would say this is

probably the most important one so use

one of your free ones chair towards

referrals now again the magic happens

when every team member has their own

referral one you can't do that with a

free service however if you're doing it

just for yourself

definitely using when your free ones to

have a roof reform geared towards

referrals so next thing you do is you

share it how do you share it well bring

it up bring the webpage up on your phone

okay now this works for iPhones I

haven't tried it so much on the Android

but I'm sure you smart folks out there

will figure out a way to do it so on an

iPhone you will pull up

the webpage if you scroll to the bottom

kind of tap the phone you'll see at the

bottom that there's a box with an arrow

pointing up that box with an arrow

pointed up basically means download

download this website when you down when

you click that box it's going to give

you some options and the option that I

suggest is add it to your home screen

and then name it name it whatever you

like keep in mind that they're only

going to see so much of the name and

they're only going to allow you to take

up so much of the real estate on their

phone name it all state name an

insurance guy Josh the insurance guy

whatever it is make sure it shows up

good on their phone now when it comes

time to refer you what do they do rather

than going to a website they pull out

their phone tap the icon that they've

created looks just like an app on your

phone and now they can share you easily

I don't know about you but we're able to

generate substantial leads each month

and we're able to figure out who invest

time energy resources in who's filling

these out so I've got a bowl annoyed I

mean because you basically created a

like a referral machine at this point

because it makes it so easy for them to

refer business to you you don't to say

hey here's Josh's business card or hey

write down this number they just hit a

button they fill out the contact info

and now with you that information will

immediately go to your phone and in your

dy l system that's I mean that's

probably a million dollar idea right

there well it's fun because when you the

thing is is when you walk around with

candy everybody gets candy right but

when you're walking around talking about

you know doing some some joint marketing

together and you've got specific people

you talk to because they're the ones

that are sending you leads

now everyone looks around and says well

why didn't I get that deal as well well

it's because you know we don't have the

same vision or goals and we can talk to

them about what those visions and goals

look like and reintroduce them to our

referral lab so hopefully that is very

helpful and you can get a lot out of

that so we've covered two three ways to

that you know probably in your mindset

oh that's pretty easy to do the third

one is less easy you've got to know a

little bit about LinkedIn so if you're

familiar with LinkedIn out there you are

already ahead of the game

you're probably like most people though

when you use LinkedIn you used it for

one of two reasons you were either

looking for a job or you were trying to

bolster your resume a little bit or

somebody said hey this is where

everybody that has a good job is you

want to be on there regardless of what

it is let's think about what is LinkedIn

LinkedIn is basically a database of

people that are putting you know their

best foot forward every day trying to

come up with ways to further the

conversation in their field so they can

be viewed as an expert right or if like

I said they either have a really good

job where they're looking for work so

why is that important step three well I

kind of gave the answer there it's

because we offer a premium service that

requires a good household income

I mean sometimes we can be people on

prices about price but most times I'd

say 99% of time just as we learned in

Atlanta it's all about value right so

we've got to build the value and more

times than not who are the people that

are going to see the value well it's got

to be something somebody that has

something to lose well if you have

something to lose most likely you've got

a pretty good job right so LinkedIn is

where those people hang out so this is a

super simple strategy I'm going to

challenge you not to think that it's too

simple to work because it works one is

endorsed people just go around giving

people exactly what they want feed their

ego or if they want to be looked as an

expert if you know them and you think

they do good work just endorse them

you'd be surprised that that endorsed is

a LinkedIn term and it basically just

means that hey I know this person and in

their field of banking there I know them

to be a good banker but keep in mind

even if they're in banking they could

have 10 or 15 skills within that banking

subset so you could actually probably

endorse them 15 different times you can

congratulate them everybody puts

milestones on LinkedIn because they want

to put their best foot forward when they

get a promotion when they change

companies when they here's the cool

thing when they've been there another

year how funny is that

because LinkedIn is giving them what

they want by giving them recognition

LinkedIn it will actually tell their

friends when they've been there an extra

anniversary the cool thing is that gives

us another reason another milestone so

stand out and to like it there post or

most importantly send them a direct

message send them a message that says

hey I noticed that you've been with ABC

company for two or three years now feels

like just yesterday you got the job good

work and then guess what

don't say anything about interns and sit

back and wait if you know this person at

all and keep in mind this is social

media so after you've liked their posts

of four or five times they're going to

feel like you're friends right so once

you actually send that direct message

sit back and wait remember this is a

business website so what does that mean

most conversations are going to be about

business so inevitably you're going to

get the response back after you have gym

after you have created the response by

congratulating them or endorsing them or

maybe making a comment about their post

you you did not even mention insurance

they're going to come back with house

business or you can do one of two things

you can when when they say house

business you can say hey it's great call

me if you back if I could ever help you

or you can say I'm glad you asked I

would love to compete for your insurance

business I'm in the insurance business

you each of us probably have our short

one or two sentence that describes what

we do we protect people you know from

everyday risks we protect their assets

from every day risk now we we talk about

all the different elevator pitches that

we have but what do you follow it up

with I would challenge you to follow it

up with a rule form or some way to

easily get their information so now when

they click on it they'll have a decision

to make

do I want Josh or whoever is out there

do I want them to compete for my

insurance business if they don't fill

out the form then you know they don't

want you to compete if they fill out the

form they give you a green light to

compete for their insurance business and

we know that the compete means a lot of

different things right it doesn't mean

I'm trying to get you the lowest price

it means that I'm going to evaluate your

insurance position and give you the what

I believe is the best package educate

you on that package and hopefully you'll

see the value there because you have

something to lose so hopefully that

LinkedIn strategy can generate some

leads for you as well and again the

magic happens when each LSP has your own


they have a roofing form through your

office so now keep in mind each of these

LSPs everyday through all of these

strategies are just dropping little

easter eggs out there waiting to be

picked up

so we've now covered one three years

over about a little over halfway through

and now we finally get to Facebook so

keep in mind that even though Facebook

drives in the jury of the conversation

when we talk about generating leads

because we can do so much with the

targeting on Facebook we came up with

three ideas between email referrals and

LinkedIn that had nothing to do with

Facebook so I would challenge you to get

to obviously do well on Facebook but to

build a foundation of other strategies

as well so like I've mentioned on

Facebook there's two different ways of

generating business there's free or what

we call the organic and then there's

paid today we're going to cover what I'm

doing from a free point of view to

generate leads again each producer needs

to have their own roofing form if you're

going to do this right you can do it in

a free way for the whole office but what

I'm going to suggest is going to try to

get a little bit more personal all right

now keep in mind this requires a lot of

work this isn't just going on Facebook

for ten minutes a day this is an active

strategy this as you know what I can pay

$15 per Internet lead or I can take that

same 15 dollars and pay for an extra

hour for an employee to be on Facebook

for an hour do you think your employees

wouldn't mind being on Facebook for an

hour and actually looking for reasons to

interact with people they know like and

trust and know like and trust them the

answer is most likely is going to be yes

so each producer has their own roof roof

form geared towards Facebook it's easy

to track the ROI

if you hit here's a great idea if you

are on if you have a roofer form that

you know basically is geared towards

that producer in Facebook and you named

it that way and they're not getting any

leaves off of Facebook you can track it

and you can tell them you know what I

actually down Facebook for an hour day

because we were hoping to generate leads

for it we agreed about that we agree

that that was the goal but guess what

it's not happening so there's nothing

wrong with it some people that's just

not a good fit for but I need you to go

back to the phone dialer or I need you

to go back to

knocking on doors I need you to go back

to whatever that other option is so just

keep in mind that the cool thing about

roof ooh is that you can track the

return on investment the return on time

the return on energy pretty easily so so

the very first part of organic that a

lot of people take for granted or forget

about is a direct message I wrote down

here that it goes down to DM because it

does you know whatever you post you know

for the whole public to see that's

that's the whole public to see but when

you send a direct message that is like

sending a letter that you hand rook

right and now they have facebook

messenger which makes it even easier I

mean you'll be surprised people a lot of

to get messages on Facebook because

remember what are we there for we're

there for validation we're there to

connect with people

we're there to just kind of you know

take our life and make it a little bit

forward or the only way we can do that

is by connecting with people and

clicking like I would submit to you is

not connecting so instead of clicking

like on a post send a message about it

and just like we did in LinkedIn wait

that's the strategy connect with people

and let them connect back with you and

we know that people usually ask is one

of two things because they want to size

us up right they want to size us up

where you live and where do you work

well guess what if we already know that

they're going to size us up and try to

ask us those two questions after that is

start to know that's the surface level

we know we're going to get those two


the third question we have no idea about

and sometimes most of us don't even get

the third question it's hey how's it

going oh where you living now where do

you work okay well great take it easy if

I could ever help you let me know well

because we know they're going to ask us

where we work or what do we do let's

have a roof roof form ready for it again

just like we said in LinkedIn I love to

be I'd love to compete for your

insurance business who says no when you

ask them to compete for their insurance

business if your acquaintances at all so

pronounced your friends list could be

200 people could be a hundred people

could be 2,000 people print it out pick

out ten a week and come up with a plan

like their stuff comment on their stuff

and just sit back and wait that's a

strategy that should be very fruitful

for you here's a pro tip as you're going

through your friends list see how many

friends they have that you guys do not

have in common there's several that

means guess what you made a friend

outside of your network

that's valuable that is very valuable

that's somebody that you want to look to

as an influencer if they're in your town

within a 30 40 50 mile radius and they

know a thousand people you don't know

and they can influence those thousand


gosh darn it is time to come up with a

plan and that plan is going to include a

roof reform that's going to generate

leads and it's going to get those leads

in your inbox so this has brought up a

little bit of controversy when you know

through hiring but I would tell you know

as you're looking at hiring people then

go onto Facebook take a look at their

network so who they know not for the

sake of you know just hiring people with

a bunch of Facebook friends but looking

to see if they're active if you know

that this is one of your strategies and

you're going to expect them to generate

their own Facebook lead well you know

you kind of want them to have a little

bit of familiarity with Facebook so I

would tell you to take a look at it so

now that we've covered the basic of

direct of direct messaging we're going

to kick it up a notch

and we're going to take a look at

sniffly all right some of you may have

heard it simply before and some of you

may not have heard a snippet before

sniffly is basically the ability to

hijack a news feed and put a free ad on

that on that news column so I'm going to

click on example here and just like

before it's probably going to take 20 or

30 seconds to come up so hang out with

new likely example

it's always the fun of GoToWebinar while

loads up and actually I while he's doing

that real quick I know there are some

folks new to dy l I'll just steal the

screen back for a moment just so you can

see what this would look like so

basically like you know if you are doing

these these wufu leads what we can do is

actually automatically have this call

your phone so whether you're doing it

from that Facebook ad like say if this

this lead comes over through a wufu

you'll see that automatically comes in

here rings your phone all you got to do

is press one and all that information

from that wou Fouad it's going to show

up here so you'll see name phone number

email anything you're asking for will

match to it and since it syncs in with

the phone system you'll also be able to

record any call text the person you know

you can do your text messaging right

here and you can even have a text

automatically go back so say you know we

had somebody for mu foo you know want to

test this out so we actually talked to

them and it'll put their name in so

we'll say hey John thanks for filling

out the form I really appreciate your

business and it'll go out to them right

away and then now josh is going to show

you this snip li app which is really

neat and i think you're going to love

this one as well and then to this pull

up for you Josh on the year at your web

page yes it pulled up so perfect just

like over to you cool so just like when

we took a look at the roofie form

sniffly has the ability to be free if

you use a free version of snip Li you

can do what are called three different

profiles you'll notice one of my

profiles is Roman all state agency now

this is marketing on Facebook in

people's news feed so I want them to to

one be able to quickly understand who I

am but again what if snipping so you'll

see here that this is an article off of

the Washington Post that was in one of

my friends and news feeds I saw that it

was getting a lot of likes that people

wanted to find out about what's going on

with Tony Romo where he's going to go in

the offseason so

said you know what let's see if we can

get some juice off of this great article

so i went to washington washington post

i copied the link I went over to snip ly

we call it snip Li and all I did was

enter the link and it gave me another

link back so what that link back did was

it added my ad at the bottom of the page

keep in mind this is free of charge so

now I have the ability to go into

somebody's newsfeed take a look at an

article that would interest them and put

an ad on the bottom of that article now

keep in mind this isn't going to be the

return rate that we might get on direct

messaging it's not going to be as

intimate but if you've got two or three

LSPs team members family members that

are working in the office and each of

you are posting two or three times a day

and you're posting content that is

trending on Google or articles that are

trending people are going to click on

this and over time you're going to get

an impressions and after a while you're

going to get your leaflet form click

because once you click right here I'm

not going to do it here because it'll

probably take another 30 seconds but

once you click on here again I tell them

exactly what I want I'd like to quote

your home insurance they're going to

look at me and say you know what I like

Josh or hey I like his wife Ursula

either way I'm going to give them a shot

at my home insurance click here and it

will take you to a ruku forum designed

for home insurance so hopefully that was

a good example keep in mind as you

scroll down this article article people

could be about anything these days as

long as you know as long as it's an

article that allows frames framing in it

as you scroll down my

ad will stay there and at any point if

they say they click on it it's going to

take them to a roof reform and what

happens when they fill the roof who form

out in this case my phone will ring

because I want them now that they're

thinking about home insurance right now

I want my producer on the phone come as

quick as possible this is an internet

lead and this is internet lead that you

know exactly where it came from

it's going to take more time and energy

yes it is going to take more time and

energy but you know exactly you're doing

it with so the free account will give

you five thousand clicks per month five

thousand clicks per month and up to two

brands so again if they bear pro account

as they call it is like fifty or sixty

bucks a month and it will give you

unlimited clicks and unlimited brands

but in this case I've stuck with the

free because the the two brands that I

have I think will do will do the trick

so simply find something that


and just wash it in simply infinitely

yep ly there's nothing else to do do

this for every time your team member

shares anything just go through your

team members Facebook page and see how

many times they shared something and

each of those could have been a

potential lead if they were liked and

looked at I'm trying to find out how we

can do this on the bottom of pictures so

when we post a picture you know if

someone clicks on the picture and looks

at it you know we can still have that ad

on the bottom of a normal picture having

to figure out how to do that yet unless

I use the the share the hosting site URL

but regardless I'll figure it out and

when I do I'll share with everybody on

the all-state dy l Allstate Facebook

page so for the Facebook page so again

individual forms if you name them after

your LS p you'll know that which LSPs or

which team members are actually using

these forms you'll find out what's not

this is a good use of their time but

more importantly you can make it to

where that form goes directly in byl and

cause that individual producer now

again you've given them the ability to

create their own leads in the newsfeed

that's exciting but that's incredible

and and you'll be able to track this in

dy l2 so if you go to your reports tab

and your lead sources so you to see how

well your snip Li ads are doing you know

you can break this out for each form so

you know hey this form is doing really

well this LSP you know has a ton of

referral business so you can know to the

dollar amount how well this is going to

work for you that's awesome

now keep in mind today we're only

talking about freeways when we talk

about the paid version they'll talk

about how to boost this who to boost

this - you can pick out an article

that's designed for a particular person

to read it and then you can boost it to

that that particular audience

it really gets powerful if you build out

a Facebook network of centers of

influence for example loan officers and

you subscribe to some some Google Alerts

and get some information that those loan

officers would like put it through

simply boost it to the loan officers

they'll all see it and they'll all see

your ad at the bottom anyway we'll talk

about that another time so again why are

we talking about newsfeed because it's

relevant it's important and most of all

it's free if done properly Facebook will

promote you for free Facebook needs

content keep in mind that there's a

reason why Facebook is pushing video

right now there's your reason why

Facebook is pushing

live video and photos because that is

all content that they know that the

people are most likely to see so do you

think Facebook is going to reward you

for going out and finding a cool article

that people want to read yes they are

going to reward you that means they're

going to keep you on people's newsfeeds

longer so when they do that that means

your free ad is going to stay up longer

so again I create weekly forms for time

of day so that so that I can know what

time of day is best for my LSP or team

member to actually be on Facebook I do

it the LSP Facebook

am/pm so then I can go to my lead

sources and figure out when is most

effective not just for my LS PB on there

but when is there network of people most

likely going to read what they're

posting that's a big deal so we track

time of day and we can by using whoohoo

forms and by using lead source

breakdowns - DL we can figure out what

we're getting the most bang for the buck

because we're talking about newsfeed I

do want to share with you something

that's been shared with me and has

worked very well mess face are the three

four-one posts so basically repost for

business and one for money or three

posts for fun and one for money so

whether you post four times a day or

four times a week it doesn't matter you

don't want to overstep your boundaries

more than 25% you don't want to be that

guy that people are always checking

Facebook and you're always asking for a

quote you're always giving something

away you want to be the person that's

getting to know them getting to their

family they're getting to know you and

every now and then post something for

business here's the cool thing with some

of these other ideas that we talked

about we did not push business at all we

waited for them to come back and say hey

what do you do

articles cool I'll click your ad at the

bottom they think you're paying for that

how much do you think they think you're

paying for your ad on the bottom of Tony

Romo Washington Post they think you're

paying a fortune

so because of that they'll think oh man

I want to help this guy out

so remember you can target a particular

audience with your organic posts build a

friends list of COI

and when you post your organic posts you

can tell them which audience you want

them to see it

national acquaintances friends family

and center of influence if you've built

that out so take some time do the work

nothing that I've mentioned today is

quick but it's all easy it just takes a

little bit of time well this has

definitely been a game changer I got a

couple questions popping in Brad's

asking could you snip Li with these

hearsay social posts as I'm guessing

that some sort of app I haven't I

haven't tried I don't see why not keep

in mind that hearsay social is its own

little world

so once you click for a hearsay social

post to to go into your news feed it

doesn't go anywhere else so to use

sniffly you would have to take the URL

that is given to you through hearsay

wash it through simply and then bring it

back to here so here say if they will

alight do that then yes you're good if

they want to lie do it then you'll have

to take this just do it yourself keep in

mind if the idea of hearsay is one to

find content that's approved but it's

also to make it easy for you to post to

where you can schedule your posting

throughout the week or month or year so

once you find good content there's

nothing wrong with putting an ad on the

bottom so I would tell you if they don't

allow you to do it through hearsay just

grab the URL for the content that they

want you to promote wash it they're

sniffing and just do it yourself that's

fantastic alright so let's let's recap

so I'm telling you if you went through

this through this webinar you've said oh

my goodness what what does each of my

LSPs need in order for me to have the

strategy keep in mind most of them are


each LSP needs to have personal email

templates go into the agent build a

personal email template using the link

it's in the upper right hand corner just

a picture of a chain by using that

you'll be able to put in a web address

and that web address can go to your roof

roof form and of course create your D yl

ad lead source do the same thing for

your list of center of influences get

your list together either email them

call them do whatever it takes to get on

their phone once you get that referral

on their phone I would tell you to go

ahead and create the roofing form name

for that person so you've got Johnny

loan officer name the form Johnny loan

officer and then in dy L name the lead

source Johnny

loan officer so now that person's got

their own form they've got their own

lead source and D while it's going to be

very easy to track who's giving what

girls and who isn't that's fantastic and

not to turn this into too much of a

sales pitch here but you know if you are

using these other systems if you're

using finality your blitz you know

you're not going to have that ability to

call these wufu forms so what you'll be

able to do is cut out all these other

systems that you're using your phone

your lead manager you're texting all

that goes into one and your pricing as

well it's going to drop I mean the

typical person if they have that you

know old-school finality blitz setup you

know kind of spreadsheet from back in

the day they're going to be saving a

couple thousand dollars a year with Tyl

you can type in interested in the

webinar chat box or call us here email

us and we'll keep an eye out for you

sometimes the phone gets a little busy

if they're in the first couple minutes

after webinar so if you wanted to type

in interested we'll have someone give

you a call I just let us know your best

contact number and yeah if you guys and

if you have Josh if you ever have time

to do talk about the paid version we'd

love to have you on and any final

thoughts or anything you know you wish

you had known when you're starting this

process just just how much work that it

does take I mean as long as you go

through and set up the processes keep

them on these are assets once you set it

up one time you don't have to set

again so just as Gary beating other

people talk about your creating digital

assets that once you create them we'll

pay you dividends month after month

after month so take the time and create