FAX Coversheet Template

this tutorial is to help you complete

the facts template assignment if you

look at the instructions and ask us to

create a template using a fax cover

sheet that will go to the financial aid

office at UVU to access those templates

we're going to go ahead and open up

Microsoft Word 2010 and then we'll go up

to the file tab across the top then

we're going to go down and choose new

and then that opens up a template window

over here now we're required to use a

specific template we want a fax cover

sheet and it says we're going to use the

template titled fax cover sheet and then

in parentheses professional design now

we can do a search here and type in fax

cover sheet or we can click on this

category taxes let's go ahead and click

on faxes and then we're going to look

through and we see fax cover sheet and

the one that we want to choose is

professional design and it looks like on

my computer it is down here it may be in

a different location on yours be sure

you look at the preview and make sure

it's similar to mine before you choose

that one once you find the one you're

ready to use go ahead and click on the

download button right here and it comes

up here on our screen now we're going to

go through and change some information

up here across the top it has a company

name a company address phone numbers

back at those lines we're going to get

rid of those lines since this is just a

personal fax so we just highlight those

let me show you that again come out to

the side you'll have an arrow pointing

back to the right see if we're inside

the margins we have an i-beam if we move

out to the left we have an arrow you'll

click on the top line

dragged down to the third line and then

press your Delete key on your keyboard

now we're going to update the

information that shows up here in our

other fields now this is going to be

sent to the financial aid office at UVU

so here where it says - we're going to

put in you financial aid office and then

for the facts we're going to put in the

number that's given to us and it is 801

eight six three two three three four and

you do need to put the parentheses

around the 801 and the - between the 863

and two three three four there general

office number which we'll put here next

to phone is 801 eight six three four

nine nine eight now we are going to send

two pages to over here where it says

number of pages we're going to put two

and then when you have two you usually

put a comma and then put in a statement

that says including fax cover sheet or

including cover sheet that just lets

them know that you'll have the fax cover

sheet and another document included now

here where it says from we're going to

highlight that and put in your name


please don't type student name type in

your first and last name then you're

going to come here to the date picker

and you can choose today's date simply

by clicking on the today button

and then for our subject we're going to

include our UVU ID number which I'm

going to give you one to use and then

we're also going to put the word tax

requirements so let's use the number

that's listed in the instructions one

zero five seven zero two eight eight and

then put it space and put in tax

requirement and then it might be good to

put a little - after the student number

there on the Carbon Copy where it says

CC we are not going to include a Carbon

Copy name so we're just going to

highlight that field and then press your

Delete key to remove it we need to

choose a box secure one of these five

options we have urgent for review please

comment please reply please recycle

let's go ahead and mark urgent to do

that you're going to move your i-beam on

top of the box and then double click

that opens up a symbols dialog box here

and then we want to find the one that is

a box with an X in it and it happens to

be wing-dings character 120 and that

should show up in the list if for some

reason it doesn't you would click here

and change the font to wingdings

and then you would scroll down until you

see this box with the X and then you'll

go ahead and click on insert and then

you can close then it replaces that

there on your fax cover sheet now the

last thing that you need to do is put in

some comments now it says in the

instructions that you must write several

complete sentences explaining what you

are sending and asking the financial aid

office to communicate with you if they

have any questions

and if we look at our instructions again

it said you're sending these documents


says the financial aid offices let you

know that you need to submit more tax

documents to fulfill federal federal aid

requirements you are sending those

documents following this fax cover sheet

so what we're going to do is type in at

least three sentences explaining why we

are sending the documents so I would

write a sentence explaining you asked me

for more tax documents and then another

sentence explaining that those documents

are included and then probably one last

sentence telling them to contact you if

they have any questions so I would say a

minimum of three sentences and all you

have to do is click to highlight that

and then you would be able to type your

text here and make sure you have at

least three sentences explaining the

purpose of the template all right the

last thing we need to do at this point

is to save this and then to convert it

to a PDF and submit it to canvas to save

this we're going to go to file and save

as then make sure that you go to your

student drive under computer and then go

to your computer tech folder and this

one is going to go inside our word

folder and then the name of this is FAQs


click on save now if you get a message

about the file format being a different

file format just go ahead and click on

OK it just means that we're using a

template that was written for an older

version of word but it still works fine

in the newer version as well next we are

going to convert this to a PDF to

convert to a PDF we go up to the file

tab then we're going to go down to save

and send then we come over and choose

create PDF XPS document and then come

over again and click on PDF XPS now it's

going to generate a name automatically

that's the same as the name we gave the

file and it should show up here in our

path that it's already going into our

computer technology folder and inside

the word folder so we shouldn't have to

change any of those we just click on

publish then it will take a minute and

it will generate our PDF you'll see it

here we can go ahead and close that and

then at this point we're ready to go

into canvas and choose the file to

submit be sure when you go into canvas

and click on choose file you want to

choose your PDF version not the do C

version make sure you choose the PDF