hey guys how's it going it's January

can't Jeannie sweet and first communions

season is right around the corner so in

this episode I'm coming at you with a

tutorial on how I made this super simple

First Communion cake so if you want to

learn how I made this keep on watching

so I'm starting out with a seven inch

cake that I have covered and just white

fondant and I'm using a stitching tool

just to create crisscross patterns

around the cake now I'm pretty good at

gauging how far apart I need to put them

but if you're not you can definitely

check out my breakfast at tiffany's cake

I give you a little bit more

instructions on how to make this if

you're not familiar with that pattern so

I'm just putting some JA J's all around

where the crisscross meets and I'm going

to dowel the bottom tier with just my

fat bubble tea straws I'm going to cut

them to size and then I'm putting some

gum glue on the bottom tier just so that

I could put as a top tier on it now the

top tier is a five inch cake and I

decorated it the same way now I found

this mold on Amazon and I will link it

for you guys below in a description box

and it is a rosary mold so I'm just

stuffing my fondant in there and then

using a lot of cornstarch so that it

doesn't stick in my rolling pin I am

going to just form the little cross and

then the chain and the little brooch at

the in the middle so once you take it

out this is how it's supposed to look

like and then it also has this awesome

chain mode


and I'm just gonna remove the fondant

from there very delicately and then I'm

going to take just a dry paintbrush and

luster dust gray luster dust and I'm

going to brush it all over the Rosary

now this mold or not the mold but the

product that comes out of the mold is

going to be very delicate because these

little bees are super super thin so be

very careful when handling it because as

you could tell it's gonna break on you

so moving on to my board I'm just

rolling out white fondant and I'm going

to cover my board with it I just put

some Crisco on the board so that the

fondant can stick to it and then just

using my rolling pin in my hand I'm

gonna roll the fondant

onto the board once I'm done I'm going

to cut off all of the excess with my

knife and then I'm also going to cut out

a circle in the middle just so that the

cake can adhere to the board and not to

the fondant once I was done I'm going to

use my hot glue gun to glue on my ribbon

I'm just using a white ribbon here


once I'm happy with how my board looks

I'm going to then put that ribbon at the

bottom of my bottom tier and also at the

bottom of my top tier just so that the

board does not show once I was not I'm

gonna start gluing on my rosary that

should have dried actually you don't

want it to dry overnight you kind of

want it to be still be soft because you

want to mold it into whatever shape that

you want

so you're just using some gum glue I'm

just gonna put it at the back of the

rosary and then stick it on to the K

cascading down to the board now I have

this letter mold if I can find it I will

link it for you otherwise any letter

mold or any letter cutter will do I'm

just gonna write out the message and as

you can tell this is how fussy it is to

create the letter so I don't actually

recommend this particular one but the

letters actually come out really pretty

if you have the patience to deal with it

so - my board I'm going to add some gum

glue and then I'm going to add my

letters to it after I have brushed it

with that silver color now I made this

cake for my cousin First Communion and

his name is Lucas so I wrote out the

message god bless Lucas but you can

leave the board blank or you could put

whatever other message that you prefer

on there


now once you're done this is how the

final cake will turn out I really really

hope you've enjoyed this tutorial if you

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so this is it for this week's tutorial

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