Transferring a title from a private sale




during this video you will learn what

information you need to know when buying

or selling a vehicle from a private

seller the seller of the vehicle is

required to complete the certificate of

title for vehicle in order to transfer

the name on the title the sellers name

and lien holder are listed on the front

of the title if the lien is listed the

lien release portion on a title must be

completed if the lien release portion is

not completed a lien release letter will

be accepted if the title is issued in

more than one name all owners listed on

the title must sign as the seller if you

are signing on behalf of a company you

must state your position on the back of

the certificate of title under the

seller information box the seller must

complete signature and printed name of

seller date of sale selling price trade

in price if any and total price paid the

seller will also need to complete the

purchaser information box they must

complete the name of purchaser and their

address information along with the lien

holders name and address information if

applicable the seller is also

responsible for completing the federal

odometer statement if the miles for the

vehicle are the actual miles no odometer

boxes on the title should be checked

after the seller has completed the

required fields on the form the buyer

must sign and print their name in the

applicable field we recommend the buyer

to check the odometer mileage odometer

brand and title of the brand located on

the front of the title before signing to

ensure all the information and mileage

is correct the seller should remove the

license plate from the vehicle at the

time of the transaction the buyer is

responsible for obtaining a new

certificate of title registration and

license plate they can do this by

bringing the completed certificate of

title for vehicle along with all other

required paperwork to any B&B branch