How to make open heart sympathy arrangement

hello today we're going to show you how

to make a standing wreath arrangement

out of flowers for a funeral we're going

to begin by taking this metallic


these are purchasable at any floral or

craft store these do come pre-made and

they will have the foam inserted into

the structure however we prefer to

assemble the foam ourselves this simply

helps cut costs both for yourself but

also save money for your customer as

well because they tend to be much more

pricey than just these basic shapes and

of course they come in a variety of

different forms and styles and they're

very firm and secure and they will allow

you to assemble your arrangement and

ensure that the foam is being kept

inside very securely but it also gives

you the option of choice so you can have

a cross you can have a traditional

wreath shape but today we will be

preparing a heart-shaped wreath and I'm

just going to show you how to insert the

foam into the structure and assemble

your arrangement and it's actually quite

easy to begin you have to ensure that

your foam has been pre wet and then

you're going to take the standard size

rectangle of floral foam and you're

going to visually estimate about a

quarter of the rectangle so here I'm

simply cutting about a quarter you're

going to take that quarter and then

you're going to cut it down the center

and this will give you the perfect width

and height to insert into the metal

skeleton that you're working with here

it's also a very efficient way to use

the foam because all of the pieces will

be uniform and you should not have any

access so that way it is very economical

for you as well as you see as you're

assembling you will notice that you will

have a bit of gaps especially in a

structure like a heart which has a lot

of different curves you will notice a

few gaps and you want to ensure that

those gaps are filled because if you are

inserting a stem into the arrangement

you might have the stem hit oxygen

instead of be from you firmly planted in

the Oasis so you want to make sure that

when you are cutting and putting these

pieces in that you trim them and you

might have to ensure that the shape is

fitting so as you see here at the very

top of the heart because the pieces of

rectangles you will have these little

gaps starting to form and all you need

to do is take a piece of excess floral

foam and insert it into that little gap

just to ensure that the stems when

inserted are not exposed to oxygen and

that they're firmly planted inside the

floral brick so as you see here it's

fairly easy it takes almost no time at

all to do this and you have the base and

you've saved yourself some money and you

have learned how to create something

from scratch so the next step is

securing these water foam bricks and

ensuring that they are firmly attached

to this metallic skeleton so we're going

to take some of this very elastic ribbon

and it's waterproof and it bears the

similarity to a garbage bag almost in a

sense but this will essentially allow

the water to be come trapped inside of

the structure that you've just created

that way you're not going to have the

water coming out of the structure you're

not going to have anything falling out

you're going to have the Oasis firmly

contained inside of the wreath itself it

will not dry out as quickly and it will

allow your arrangement to last a very

long time so this is a very essential


ensure that when you are wrapping it

around the arrangement you are doing a

very good job you're wrapping it tightly

since again this is a form that has a

lot of curves to it it is a hard this is

a little bit easier with the wreath

where it's just a standard round shape

you might want to take your time and

ensure that you're getting it right once

you have finished this step take a pair

of scissors and you can secure it with

some waterproof tape the ribbon that we

use this plastic this waterproof plastic

is green it does come in a black color

but Green is always better because it

will allow if there is any transparency

between the stems of the flowers it will

camouflage that so it won't be as

noticeable so and it will also mean that

you'll have to use fewer flowers to fill

in the gaps so it's usually just more

efficient to use a green ribbon the next

step is creating the ribbon I like to do

this as the following step after

creating the base and this will simply

help me gauge the dimensions of the

arrangement I'm creating because when

you insert the ribbon you can work

around the ribbon as opposed to putting

it last where you have already assembled

the flowers and then it becomes a little

bit trickier I am using a water proof

ribbon and this is ideal if you want to

leave very long strands of ribbon and

write a message some people enjoy

writing condolences some people prefer

to write their family names so that the

recipient knows who the arrangement is

from and you can do this with a simple

waterproof marker and you can write a

message if you have a really good hand

for calligraphy or very nice handwriting

you can do it that way and it helps

personalize the arrangement and I do

this as the second step before even

arranging the flowers because it permits

me to once again gauge the dimensions of

the arrangement

and ensure that I am not using more

flowers than necessary and that they

will won't be hidden underneath the

ribbon once the arrangement is complete

and of course you can determine what

size of ribbon you want what color what

you want to write how long you want the

streamers to be whatever your message is

that is entirely customizable for you

don't worry if you're struggling making

the ribbon this takes a bit of practice

we do have videos on our channel which

explain how to make a ribbon and if you

watch those closely and practice you'll

be able to make a ribbon in no time so

as you see here I'm taking a piece of

wire I'm securing the ribbon onto the

arrangement the wreath this will simply

ensure that the ribbon does not go

anywhere so I'm going to tuck the

streamers underneath the arrangement so

that they don't interfere with my

arranging but once that step is done and

once I have a sense of what space needs

to be filled I can proceed to inserting

the flowers I'm going to start with

these chrysanthemums and they are very

full and very long-lasting flowers and

this will as you will see just set the

pattern it is difficult to pierce the

plastic with a stem alone so usually

what I like to do is I like to take a

floral knife and Pierce the place that I

will be inserting the flower so that way

I'm not cramming the stem in it will not

be breaking it will not be prone to

breaking and it will just easily enter

the water sponge without me having to

force it in there and through the

plastic so do take your time to pierce

the plastic and insert the stem that way

you will not be damaging the flowers

unnecessarily so as you see here I am

inserting the chrysanthemums and there

are significant gaps we

between the flowers and this just kind

of sets the dimensions once again and

it's almost a paint-by-numbers structure

so it's actually very easy once you've

set this base up and this is a very

novice arrangement if you think about it

all you have to do is visualize the

pattern that you're looking to achieve

visualize the colors that you would like

to use and follow a very simple pattern

and achieve this symmetry so as you see

here I am putting the chrysanthemums

around the heart shape and I'm leaving a

very uniform gap between the flowers

that gap will later be filled with more

flowers as you will come to see the next

step is I'm going to take these blush

pink roses and I'm going to put it in

between the chrysanthemums you are of

course completely permitted to use

whatever flowers you like if you like

roses if there are other flowers that

you wish to use that is entirely up to

you since funerals often take a very

long time and the flowers are usually

sitting in a room in the funeral home

and then they are presented during the

funeral it's a good idea to use long

lasting flowers like chrysanthemums like

roses so try to avoid flowers that are

pretty exceptional II delicate and that

can be damaged or bruised white roses

are very prone to bruising colored roses

tend to bruise a little less easier and

just be a thoughtful of that as well

when you are picking the flowers that

you are arranging so as you see here I

am simply taking the roses and filling

the gaps

you do want to pierce the plastic once

again even with roses that have a very

firm stem it's going to damage the stem

if you're just cramming it in so do take

your time to follow these steps this may

all seem very nuanced it but it's very

time efficient and you really really

don't need to too much time to prepare

this once you get a hang of it so as you

see now I'm taking some ivory roses and

I rewrote this unlike the completely

white roses tend to be more long-lasting

and tend to bruise a lot less easier so

they are excellent to include in these

arrangements as well ivory roses are

actually very very lasting and can take

a little bit of I guess a little bit of

damage a little bit if you're

transporting it if you're leaving it in

a room overnight in the cold area

overnight they tend to handle those

conditions a little bit better so as you

see I'm inserting it on the side of the

arrangement and between the gaps I am

using some filler I'm using some baby's

breath but you can use whatever filler

you prefer some linoleum for example and

I'm inserting the roses on the side so

if you are looking at the arrangement in

your periphery that space is also filled

because you're not going to be looking

at the arrangement entirely front facing

all the time so you do want to account

for the sides of the arrangement as well

and the flowers that I'm using are all

very long-lasting flowers as you can

tell they are very lasting they will be

able to stand in a room for a long time

they will be able to be transported easy

easily and they will hold up just fine

so try to avoid flowers that won't

so here I am simply filling the gaps the

spaces and creating this patterned look

as you see there's a very obvious

pattern that starts to emerge I have the

chrysanthemums and then I have the blush

pink roses and the white roses on the

side filling in the gaps so this is the

finished product but before we stand

this up we will need to fill the

underneath space of the wreath with some

greenery I'm losing I'm using salaah

leaves and these are again very very

long-lasting leaves this is a very

hardworking greenery it's incredibly

multi-purpose and universal and this

will just help you fill in the gaps

between the flowers and the wreath

itself so that none of that green ribbon

that we use to wrap the foam peers

through you can also use some evergreen

if you like evergreen is also very very

very long-lasting and multi-purpose and

looks great when you are including it

with a variety of flowers evergreen is

not just for the winter Christmas season

it's incredibly multi-purpose and can be

used all year round

of course you have a lot of artistic

rein in this arrangement you can use

whatever flowers you like whatever

greenery you like as long as you have a

form that you're looking to achieve

so you see here I'm putting the greenery

on the outside as well as the inside

please do not forget the inside because

the inside can also look very sparse

very blank and you can have depending on

the angle that you are looking at some

of the green ribbon peer through so this

is the final arrangement and here I have

a very sturdy stand again this is

available in floral stores it's also

very helpful when you are arranging

something like this I have attached a

couple of pieces of wire to the back so

I strung it through the way I strung

through the ribbon and you can prop up

your finished product on the standing

metallic stand and I would keep it like

this for a couple of hours before

delivering it wherever I'm going so that

the excess water can drip out so that

it's easier to transport so it doesn't

damage your vehicle and so that it's not

leaking also I like to mist the flowers

with just some water just to ensure that

they are very well hydrated but this is

the final product thank you so much once

again for watching good luck in your

creation and please leave any comments

below if you have any questions and I

look forward to seeing you soon