Decorating My Grad Cap+DIY Day VLOG | 2017

hey guys I'm gonna be vlogging today

I'll explain why in a second I wanted to

start the vlog now so I can join my

breakfast because I made a bougie

breakfast so but I made bacon which I

already ate one and I took a bite but

this is an English muffin and it has

okay it looks kind of gross but like

it's really good

it has hmm dull laughing has brie cheese

and butter and blueberry oh my gosh Jam

so breakfast is served

Dylan is laughing oh all right good

morning guys

um it is about ten o'clock in the

morning and I am vlogging today because

I'm decorating my graduation cap so I

want to do this more like a vlog because

this is nod to toriel I'm probably going

to be using other tutorials and other

resources to do mine but I just thought

it'd be fun to kind of show you guys how

I decorate my grad cap and then my

glasses have such a glare I should take

them all then oh I was also gonna do

some other DIY things today so I figured

I might as well blog that as well I'm

gonna cut a pair of pants into shorts

and then I'm gonna cut a couple t-shirts

so yeah welcome to today's vlog I'm

going to get started on my grad cap here


I'm looking for stuff up right now so

this is the design that I want to do I

found it on Pinterest so yes this is my

inspiration for my grad cap I was

looking up some stuff like I'd have this

tutorial up in like how to paint well

these are Lilly Pulitzer inspired

flowers but I wanted to do like some

simple flowers like the ones that are on

the grad cap and I don't really want to

like just do it and mess it up so I was

looking at tutorials first and yes I

think I'm gonna get started now um I

decided to get a piece of paper to do

like the

sign on instead of directly on the cap

um I don't know for various reasons

anyways uh yeah I'm gonna get started

now I think I'm gonna measure this and

then go cut it yeah I don't know here we

go y'all this is going to be an

interesting process that'd be alright

for real now I'm going to get started

wish me luck guys I don't really know

how this is going to go we'll see

alright so I'm in my dad's office and I

found a paper cutter is all just called

paper cutter I think so

I found an exacto knife and then I have

my cap and I have my piece of paper so

I'm gonna measure and just like mark it

with a pen uh like how much to cut and

then I'm going to cut it yeah






so for this part okay my friend Ashley

is basically telling me how to do this

we're gonna FaceTime her later uh but oh

oh my gosh I'm scared I feel like I cut

it wrong I only bought one piece of

paper whoo okay well anyways she said to

mark the spot or like the button thing

is so I'm doing that and I'm taking the

exacto knife okay I'm gonna take it okay

I'm gonna like cut she's had to cut like

an X and then across

I guess so that you can like put it

through oh my gosh I'm scared okay it's

fine it's not the end of the world just

a grad cap right so I'm doing that okay

I just cut like okay I think that's a

shoe that's on I need it Carter Oh

someone oh I think I need to cut this

bigger look I feel like I messed up

already okay so oh my god I do I think I

messed up and I need another piece of

paper what am i doing what do you mean

okay but I feel like the papers not

gonna fit right I'm scared

with one end of what this thing yeah

your way around shoot or some Pleasant

okay so papers under on that side okay

and then oh shoot

okay papers on her on that side now oh

my gosh oh I see it's going look I'm

making progress

oh my gosh I think I did it it doesn't

look great though

alright guys don't worry I'm wearing to

grad cap now we're good also I can't

vlog with glasses on because the glare

is so bad I got it all situated it's not

completely perfect like as you can see


there but like from far away you

definitely can't tell so I just have it

like stuck under the button now clearly

so I'm going to glue down the corners

and then I'm going to start penciling

the design so for the rest of this I'm

probably just going to do like a time

lapse like a sped up thing because

otherwise this vlog will be about a

million years long but yeah I got my

tripod so I'm gonna go ahead and put

that up and I'm gonna get started

also just a time update it's 10:43 so I

think I started vlogging at like 10:00

or like 10 10 or something like that so

let's see how long this takes me I feel

like it's gonna take me like all day but

yeah just a time check-in it's 10:40 3








alright guys so it is now oh my god I

knew this would take all day

it's 11:40 and I have done a like aa a

rough draft of paint on a cap so here's

the rough draft I'm gonna do flowers

here and here and I still need to go in

with more paint and do like calligraphy

writing because right now it's just

persevere we're at um I think I'm gonna

do like a rap draft of the calligraphy

writing so basically I'm just going to

go in and make like some parts of the

words thicker um and then after that

I'll probably take a break and then take

Dylan out to lunch and then I'll come

back and do the flowers and touch up

anything I need to with the words so

that's just an update that's where we're











it is 1204 and here's what I have so far

I am actually really pleased with it I

wasn't at first but I think it's coming

together nicely and then like I said I'm

going to do flowers on the bottom in the

top and I'll do that after lunch so

lunch break and then I'll be back at it

alright it's 1:05 now and I'm about to

get back to work we had lunch and yeah

so I'm going to do a little bit of

touch-ups on the white paint part and

then I'm going to do the flowers and

then I'll be done and then it'll be on

to the next DIY project






okay guys it is 2:15 and I finally

finish I'm not like an artist or

anything but I'm really happy with how

it turned out so here is the final

product I also forgot to film myself

painting like the green things so I'm so

sorry I just forgot to press record but

yes that's it I'm happy with it

hooray the paint's still drying because

I just painted the middle part black

obviously it's not perfect like there's

a big fold in the paper right there but

like hello from far away you're not

going to be able to see that so I'm

happy with it and now onto the next DIY

projects I think I'm going to do the

jeans first

so yeah I'm turning a pair of jeans that

I thrifted into shorts so basically I'm

just gonna be cutting them and then I'm

gonna cut a couple of shirts that I have

in two tank tops so okay and you guys

can watch this is just a DIY day this is

what I do when I no longer have school

so yeah hope you guys enjoy okay guys so

I have on the pants that I'm gonna cut

so here's the pants I probably I don't

know yeah I think it's better to cut off

like not enough than too much so I don't

know I probably want them to like end up

going here but I want them to be folded

so maybe I would like start by cutting

them here yeah I'm just drawing my

sharpie you whatever okay so I'm just

gonna cut them there


don't have a new tamir oh yeah those are

cute okay I feel like I want them a tad

bit shorter though all right here is the

finished product I cut and adjusted them

a little bit more yeah I nearly killing

fit they were like seven bucks so I just

have to sew this down and then I'll be

ready for summer so um with graduation

coming up I have decided to cut up a

couple of my shirts okay not really I

just wanted to cut a couple of them I

got this shirt something we have called

Maison des it's just really plain like

it's kind of boring

so I'm going to use it as a gym shirt

and I'm just gonna like cut it into a

tank top and then this shirt I got at my

freshman orientation so I thought it

would be kind of cool to use this one

also it's honestly not my favorite shirt

so I'm going to cut it into like a cute

kind of like crop top with a tie in the

front and also make it into a tank top

and yeah so that's what I'm doing now




all right and this is the green shirt

that I did I ended up like pulling like

I pulled this up like I ripped it more

than I had cut it so that it would tie

he's more easily there's the back this

one's I don't know I'm happy with how it

turned out I'll wear it with shorts like

this or with like high-waisted jeans or

whatever I think it's cute and here's

the other shirt like I said I'm just

gonna use this one as a gym shirt so

doesn't matter I'll be wearing it with

like leggings or shorts but there's the

back and yeah that's that so I think I'm

going to go ahead and end the vlog here

the vlog whatever this has been I think

it's been a vlog I'll call it a vlog but

yeah I think I'm going to go ahead and

end it here because that is all the DIY

projects that I have for today so if you

enjoyed this vlog give it a thumbs up

and subscribe to my channel if you're

not already thank you so much for

watching and I will see you guys in my

next video bye