BEGINNER'S CRICUT PROJECT: Mother's Day Subway Tile Plaque

all right let's start designing this

thing so I've taken measurements of the

actual tile and even though I'm on it

said that the tile is 3 by 12 it's

actually 2.75 by 11.6 but before we even

get onto that we're going to need to

download our fonts okay so the two fonts

that are being used right now that you

see all over Facebook is Times New Roman

for the mom font and a font called love

glitter so if we search for a love

glitter it's this one here at the bottom

and I just wanted to font calm and look

for a love glitter and we are going to

download this okay now this is only free

for personal use so if you are going to

be selling this on Facebook or Etsy or

whatever you will need to buy the

commercial license which I will link

down below so once we've downloaded that

if you double-click on this if you have

a macbook if you double-click on a zip

file it should automatically unzip for

you if you have a Windows computer it

should also be built into to your

computer but if for whatever reason you

aren't able to unzip a file because your

computer doesn't come with it for

whatever reason search for a program

called 7-zip this is a third-party

program and it is completely free okay

so I highly recommend this it's very

small doesn't take up that much space on

your computer or anything like that I'd

go ahead and grab that one now we've got

our love glitter here so let's go back

here so we can install it I'm gonna use

the OTF this is the open type font this

is the true type font I like using the

oak Oh tips personally I find most of

them are more compatible with deletion

purposes so we're gonna go ahead and do


and it should automatically bring it up

awesome now here's a trick if you've

never really played in here before okay

this is the font book on your macbook

you can pretty much type in this box so

for example if I wanted to type my name

I can see what it looks like so it's

kind of fun in that sense because if you

want a preview text and

you just want to see what it looks like

before you select a font when you're

using it this is a really good way to do

that so let's go back where'd it go it's

called I love glitter all right guys

it's under i na tell all right I love

glitter now you'll notice here there

there are not the swashes okay the

swatches are like those little like

swirls that you see on the end and you

can find this washes under this tap here

on your font book and if you scroll down

you'll notice that there's all of these

fun little glyphs look at all these

hearts and stuff that you can add so

feel free to play with that these look

really fun there's like triple Hearts if

you want to put triple hearts in the

middle instead of a single heart so take

a look at that or you can always go back

to diff'ent and just type this in okay

this is kind of a cure chord key here

but there's tons of fun stuff included

in this font that's not even listed here

on on diff'ent so take a look at that

now how you would use something on

diff'ent you would just type the letter

so for example this is the the bar here

but if you say you wanted to use that

triple heart that you can find in your

your font book what you would do is you

would select the one you want to use so

let's say I want to use this one and you

would put command C which is basically

copy and then you're gonna go ahead and

paste the font in Cricut design space

and all you'd have to do is press

command V okay so let's say we had this

if I press command V and I'm gonna

highlight this I love glitter that'll

show up there okay so let's go ahead and

continue making your design now before

we do anything else if you just

downloaded eyelid glitter you are going

to want to exit out of crooked design

space and reopen it okay this is key if

you do not do this the font will not

show up and then you have to save your

project and do it again anyways so exit

out of crooked design space right now

just just do it

reopen it back up and check if you have

the font I know I do so we're gonna

proceed and we're gonna go

and start by creating a guide so I'm

gonna select the square here and the

first thing I'm gonna do is uncheck this

lock button okay this lock button

basically what it does is it it makes it

it makes it a fixed square so I'm going

bigger or smaller and it's always going

to remain a square but we don't want

that we want a rectangle so I'm going to

uncheck that and I'm going to change the

size to what I'd measured which was

eleven point six by two point seven five

for the tile that I have and that to

view awesome I'm gonna make this a

lighter color so I can see my black text

so that I want to put on top of it and

I'm gonna go ahead and start my reading

my text so we want mom and this is gonna

be in Times New Roman so let's go

Times New Roman awesome let's move that

on there and resize this you don't want

to go all the way I've done one all the

way and let's just say that it didn't

look as good as I thought it did it just

it was too close to the edge and it

didn't it didn't look very nice so I'm

gonna do a little bit smaller and let's

do two mmm let's do two 20 I think

that'll be pretty good that'll give us a

little bit more room to play with so I'm

using 220 as a size font here okay

Times New Roman and the next one we want

to do is the names so I'm gonna go ahead

and start typing this just so you can

see what this is gonna look like okay

that's in Times New Roman and then we're

going to go to I love glitter that's the

one that everybody is using for for the

script font now if you are going to be

using this for commercial purposes if

you're selling this on Etsy or on face

book marketplace you do need a

commercial license okay so please please

please go buy that you don't want to

loss it on your hands and I will link

that in the comments below so here we go

now if you want the quick keys these two

brackets here are the two swatches on

the end and this line is a filled in

heart in the middle okay

if you want the empty heart you can do

underscore and that'll give you the

empty heart but I'm going to do the

filled in heart so I did the bar now

when you type a font use a font in

Cricut design space it will default the

letter space here to 1.2 okay we don't

want that because we want our letters

touching so we are going to make

adjustments to this and I'm going to try

I believe the magic number was negative

0.5 from when I was playing with it

yes so this is perfect so they're just

touching but not not causing problems

either and my swash is giving me a

problem here what's going on there I'm

not sure why that's not touching this

was fine before oh it's because I'm not

using capital letters that's right I do

want to use capital letters so I'm going

to keep it like that and before we do

anything else because we don't want to

forget this step it is absolutely

critical a you want to weld this okay

and the reason why you want to weld this

is it's because otherwise it will cut

all the letters out separately now if

you're not done designing this because

you want to see what the size of the

clegg let's say you've got three or four

our names you want to add on here and

you want to see what it looks like if

you want to do one row two rows then

don't do this step until you're just

about to make it okay

but I'm pretty satisfied with the two

names so I'm going to go ahead and weld

and I mean it changes to white because

that's what I'm going to be printing

that's what I'm going to be cutting I

mean and let's strike that on there that

looks pretty good and I'm gonna resize

that a little bit all right that looks

pretty good

this doesn't look centered it won't

matter because it'll just it'll depend

on when you actually cut it out but just

to see for sizing purposes that looks

pretty good all right so we've welded

everything looks good to go so we can go

ahead and make it now when you go ahead

and make it you can just make this layer

invisible that way it won't try to cut

that layer out okay won't even show up

in the pop-up box so let's go ahead and

make it and I will show you how to put

this together

okay let's start cutting our designs so

what I've got here is is premium Cricut

vinyl okay this is glossy I've got white

and black here those are gonna be the

two colors I'm going to be using for

this project the boxes so they could

stay wound up and looking at Cricut

design space it looks like our white

letters are actually only about an inch

and a half okay so I'm gonna go ahead

and cut that out now the great thing

about the Cricut the Cricut vinyl is

that it's got a grid on the back which

is awesome for for things like this so

let's see here one two three I think is

good I'm gonna do four for safety

they do for to be safe okay


now to avoid bubbles guys I've learned

that whenever you lay any vinyl down

whether it's to place it on a mat or

even on your blank a blank is basically

what you're gonna be attaching the vinyl

to for your final project you want to

start with one corner and just lay it

down slowly and kind of press it down as

you go to help with the bubbles so let's

cut this all right

you probably can't really see it on the

camera because it's so thin but it's got

a good cut there it definitely does

let's take that off and when you take

things off the mat you always want to

pull the mat away from the material okay

that stops it from curling all right

let's cut the other layer so for this

I'm using what it looks like we need to

be we need about three inches to be safe


awesome you can see mom on there okay

now let's leave this off a little bit

that's looking pretty good

we've got mom you've gotta weed this one

too just pick out the little bits

awesome now transfer our image to our

tile okay so I'm going to be using the

Cricut transfer paper here this is from

the dollar store you can also use this

to transfer your paper and you can also

use painters tape these are kind of

transfer paper options that a lot of

people are using so I will show you the

painters tape with the white text here

and I will use the transfer tape from

mom so you can see what that looks like


okay now to use transfer tape you're

going to peel off the backing

and you're going to carefully place it


your tile here a little finicky now the

best way to do this okay is typically to

lay it down like this down in the middle

okay what I'm gonna do just bring over

my ruler because I want this a Center as

possible so I've got an 11 in half all

the load and a half block so you're

looking at ten and a quarter so this is

about the midpoint right here so let's

see if I can get my oh right in the

middle there of that

that looks really good now it's pretty

good don't you think

awesome now let's use our painters tape

for for the white one

and you can kind of see through that so

I'm going to Center the heart right in

the middle there we have it I think it

looks really really nice that's the back

there some people have put scrapbook

tape on the back you can buy stands at

the dollar store that the picture frame

stands to keep it standing if you are

selling this or gifting it or people

have also put in picture frames at the

back they you can glue so you can

actually hang this I will probably be

using it with a stand and then yep I

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