How to write Instagram captions that will get you comments

do you want to generate more likes and

comments for your Instagram photos

simply by writing amazing captions keep

on watching I'm gonna share with you my

five tips for writing engaging captions

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captions are such an important part of

Instagram it honestly surprises me how

many people are still sleeping on this

Instagram is so much more than pretty

pictures I think actually captions are a

great opportunity for so many creators

to add extra value and people are not

even seeing it here's the thing I am NOT

the most amazing photographer on the

planet and chances are maybe you aren't

either it's very very hard to stand out

on Instagram with photos alone

especially if you are the one taking

them and not the one in them so instead

of trying to compete on the plain of

just how amazing can your photos be

think about trying to add value with

your captions is this something that I

think is a lot more accessible for most

people and depending on the niche that

you're in you might actually be able to

add more value to people through writing

than just through images ever since I

started implementing these five

strategies I'm about to share my

engagement has grown a ton for reference

now I have about 3.6 k followers and I

get anywhere from like a hundred to 200

comments on an image and somewhere

between 300 to 700 likes which is an

engagement rate that I am very happy

with most importantly I get to have

really awesome conversations in the

comments of my photos because people are

inspired to give me feedback on whatever

I've said in the caption so if you're

looking for that kind of interaction and

engagement keep on watching here are the

five steps to writing a killer Instagram

caption step 1 come up with a topic this

could be something that you've been

thinking about for a while normally this

is like an idea or a conversation that's

just been on my heart lately that I want

to share with people but depending on

your niche it could also be a how-to

maybe it's something that's been

the news lately maybe it's a destination

or a restaurant that you want to share

whatever it is come up with a topic that

you're gonna write about you just want

to make sure that your caption actually

has a purpose and a focus so this is

really bringing out my English major but

you maybe want to come up with a thesis

for your caption at least have an idea

of what the reason behind it is number

two write a headline now I know that

Instagram captions don't technically

have a headline but if you're scrolling

through you will notice that any caption

over like two or three lines long it's

gonna have a little seam or button well

you want to focus on writing first is

the part that is going to show up before

see more now I know it might sound kind

of counterintuitive to write your

headline before you write the body of

your caption but the reason why I do

this is because I want to make sure that

any caption I write is gonna have a

super engaging and captivating hook at

the beginning because if it's not there

unfortunately people just aren't gonna

read the rest so you can spend all this

time writing a beautiful long story in

your caption but if the first three

lines aren't interesting enough to get

people to click see more no one's ever

gonna read it so once I have a topic in

mind I try to think about captivating or

interesting ways that I can hook people

into what I want to talk about for

instance at my most recent post I wrote

there are so many dishonest people

online and I'm trying hard every day not

to become one of them I think that's

pretty interesting right people read

that and they're like hmm dishonest

people how is she gonna become one of

them you know it prompts the reader to

ask some questions and makes them want

to keep on reading another example would

be I wanted to seem like I've got my

together but honestly I'm

overwhelmed as heck these days again

maybe aunt Ising maybe you want to know

more about that these are all examples

of hook lines to really like bring

people in to the rest of your captions

so some people might claim that this is

kind of like clickbait tea but I

honestly don't think that its clickbait

as long as you deliver on what you're

promising in your headline are the first

couple lines of your caption this is

just basic writing you don't I mean you

want the beginning of your thing to be

very interesting to prompt people to

keep on read anymore I would encourage

you to spend most of your time coming up


headlined because this is gonna be the

most important part of whether or not

people read the rest of your caption

once you've got that figured out it's

time for number three and that is

writing the body of your caption and

making sure to add lots of line breaks

honestly I wouldn't be too afraid to

make this as long as it needs to be for

you to get your point across

I mean don't write like 12,000 words or

anything like that but I think like 250

to 500 words is suitable like it's gonna

look pretty long but if people are

really engaged with what you're talking


don't keep reading it but it's really

important that when you have that many

words you're breaking it up with spaces

you want to know how to add spaces to

your Instagram captions go check out

this video that I made about it it's

really straightforward process and it'll

work every time so go check that out but

I would encourage you to write no more

than like two or three sentences before

adding a new paragraph break because

that'll just make it look a little bit

easier to read when someone is first

skimming through it if you have a long

block of text that is just basically a

big flashing sign that says skip over me

because people see that and they feel

overwhelmed by the amount of text

they're gonna have to read through so

they just don't want to bother step

number four is to read through your

caption and make sure that throughout

the entire thing you're writing the same

way that you would talk to a friend your

followers on Instagram feel like they

know you personally and you are friends

with them right you're engaging with

them you're DMing them commenting back

and forth to them so make sure that

you're not writing as if you're writing

an essay or a school paper write it like

you would actually speak to a friend

about it this is something that I find

pretty easy because a lot of the stuff

that I write about is stuff that I would

talk to a friend about you know I talked

to my friends about oh I'm feeling

overwhelmed or oh I don't want to fall

into this trap of being like a dishonest

creator these are the kinds of things

that I talk to people about so then when

I go to write it it feels very natural

to do that so just kind of read it

through and make sure that your tone

feels like you and isn't overly formal

finally step number five is to leave

them with a call to action for the

people who read all the way to the

bottom of your post you want to leave

them with some inspiration to comment to

you chances are there are people that

are going to leave a comment even just

from reading

playthrough because they'll find

something that they relate to and want

to speak to but if people get to the

bottom of your caption you don't want

them to just keep on scrolling you want

them to leave you a comment or the very

least alike so I like to end every

caption with a question asking someone's

opinion or saying like what do you think

about this like let's talk about it in

the comments and that seems to do really

well for getting people to share their

thoughts and respond I think the call to

action is sort of like a superficial tag

on the end because really if you write

something that is thought-provoking and

engaging people will probably respond to

it whether or not you have that little

question at the end but for some people

who kind of feel like oh like should I

say it or not leaving a question at the

bottom is gonna be that final push to

say yeah leave me a comment I want to

know what you think so don't be afraid

to do that pretty much end any caption

with that and you'll find that that will

increase your engagement for people who

weren't really sure if they should leave

a comment or not so those are my tips

for writing engaging Instagram captions

like I said I think this is probably the

most important part of an Instagram post

for most people but if you do want to

improve your Instagram photos check out

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