How To Write Poetry For Instagram | Instapoetry - 3 Tips For Getting Started!

so you're looking to get into the into

the poetry while you spent hours typing

out your poems and now you're ready to

share in the crazy world of Instagram

thankfully there's always room for fresh

voices but be warned it's a vast chaotic

place so where do you begin

don't worry I've been in the insta game

for a little while now so I can give you

a few pointers to get you started so

here's my three tips to help you find

your feet


I know what you're thinking Oh true

there are bigger accounts out there but

they're not making videos like this to

help you so you're stuck with me I'm


so let's get started with tip numero uno

tip 1 understanding the genre in Capote

tree has become a genre anyone that says

it's just a phenomenon has clearly not

realized how much it's caught on so

understand the genre the key to means

the poetry is that it's short concise

but it is still poetry if you do it

right in my opinion if you don't know

what I'm referencing I did put out a

video called interesting poetry good or

bad I won't go into too much you can

just click here or here I don't know if

this camera is mirrored or I leave it a

link in the description so in support

tree you have I would say about

literally two seconds if you're

scrolling through the home screen you

have two seconds to capture your

reader's imagination so it has to be

short I'm not saying well I'm not saying

ask me I just did say it's has to it has

to be there are exceptions of course

whether you get poets that post longer

pieces and it still does well but the

general rule of thumb with instapoll

tree is you want to keep it short to

capture your readers imagination

that's what how it works that's what

I've noticed with my profile the short

of the pieces the more engaged people

are tip number two mmm this is one of

the tips that I wish I knew when I first

saw it out curating your posts there is

a website called canva it's a free

software of course there is a paid slide

to it but I just used the free software

where you can design your own answer

stories into the posts and it kind of

sets out the dimensions and templates

for you I will quickly switch to my

laptop and we will run through some bad

examples okay so this is the home screen

of Kanda as you can see we can create

design animate it social media this is

new actually

Instagram post Instagram story YouTube

thumbnail etc etc so we're going to

quickly go onto Instagram just for the

sake of showing you how to use it as you

can see it's already set up with the

correct dimensions for an Instagram post

whilst editing this video I don't know

if you noticed in the intro when I was

scrolling through I actually missed a

poem I didn't even register that I'd

gone past it because it only had a plain

black background so it didn't capture my

attention which is why I only stopped

when I came across James storms so this

is what I'd recommend doing find

something you can just Google free

scroll background or whatever find

something with lots of colors and

texture that will really grab your eye

as you can see down here what I usually

do is post my poems straight from the

typewriter but I might change it round

because actually the ink gets smudged in

my typewriter it's hard to see so even

I'm still learning but let's go with

this now add some text this is where

you'll put your poem in obviously your

poem in this is just a little joke but

please do because I need validation


there's your poem bla bla bla if you

like you can throw in other elements but

be aware this isn't Photoshop this is

the free version I don't know what the

paid version will be like but you can

put something in there if you like or

throw in some graphics that's cool peace

man you know do whatever you like you

get really creative I don't know let's

try it out there and then you just click

download and upload and that's as easy

that's easy that's it that's it so yeah

let's go back to the video

tip three I appreciate your readers in

this day and age of social media and

everyone becoming a influencer and

whatever there's so much around and you

know just appreciate your readers they

take the time to comment and like on

your posts

personally I have the best fan base in

my opinion I love them very much they

always comment they always send me

inboxes messages of support and stuff

like that they've been through it thick

and thin with me and I think it's very

important that you nourish that and

create community because there's so many

people who just don't want to know

really and I don't think that's right so

tip number three nurture your readers


okay before we get into the next two

bonus tips I just wanted to let you know

about a free pdf that I'm giving away so

if after watching this video you're

ready to make something of your into the

ground and start sharing but you don't

feel too confident with your writing

technique I might say you don't know how

to write a sonnet or you don't know how

to write a haiku or even free verse the

first link in the description will take

you to a download link where you can

download a free free pdf which people

are usually paying for on my website but

because you're here on my youtube I want

to give it to you for free so head there

it'll explain everything about being a

poet including writing sonnets haikus

free verse and other little things as

well and I wrote it simply and so it's

easy to follow easy to read not too

academic so with that being said let's

move on to the two bonus tips

bonus tip number one hash tags know yeah

bonus tip number one hash tags a big

part of Instagram and of course social

media in general is hash tags

unfortunately this channel isn't about

growing social media or anything like


it's a poetry Channel but

do have a friend of my mentor Dominic

who has made a very in-depth video about

hashtags and his whole channel was about

social media anyway so that link will be

in the description to his hashtag video

so check that out

bonus tip number two that's for two if

you're a regular viewer now you would

have hopefully seen my other two videos

so far about finding inspiration and my

flag tips for rights and poetry

the first tip in both those videos is

reading and dissecting the work of

artists I'm sure you're tired of hearing

me saying that this is no different

follow poets that you enjoy and you

admire and try and learn from them as


my to go to poets on Instagram are

bronze the poet it was an amazing guy he

has sent me messages of support for

quite a while now he's a really nice guy

really genuine guy his works great he's

also got a youtube as well where he

posts poetry if you don't know what the

poet tree is it's sort of like a music

video for poetry sort of thing is that's

a very inspirational stuff on them too

so check out bronze I like bronze I know

if you're watching this brother I really

appreciate your messages of support the

second poet but I want to feature I

guess or share with you is the poetry

bandit again I love his work he is

really nailing the hole in stories onra

short concise is what's sold to it and

he's very popular so thank you for

giving if you're watching this thank you

for giving me permission to share your

profile yeah

also someone to check out is James Storm

I again I really love his work he's got

the similar style to me and very soulful

work so those are free profiles for you

to check out and those are my two bonus


thank you for checking out this video if

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